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IZ Manifest Doom chapter 1 finale

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so sad this is dead i was really enjoying it

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Oh my god. Just before that girl is the almighty Tallest Miyuki, did she just kissed Professor Membrane?
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Also a little bit of twist, look at their reflection on the previous page, you will see that the professor is also not what he seems.

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Celebrating the new Invader Zim movie perhaps you could continue for a while this beautiful corpse?
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is this thing dead?
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Oh my gosh I can actually see what's going on now
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Uh.... Needs more green.
BLEEDMAN WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU D= we need more!! we need to know what they are half of i wanna see dib with the irken eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOOOOOORRRRRREEEE
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"NEK: And with this Invader Zim Manifest Doom comes to an End."

...Wait... what?... What the?.... no... NO... I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS QAQ

Can't wait to see more from you senpai ^^ You have plenty of cool stuff to look forward to :D
I know, on SNAFU, you said the comic ended but will there ever be a continuation or sequel. I honestly loved the comic. 
PROTEST!!! THIS CANNOT END!!!! We need to know what they're half of I bet Dib has developed Irken eyes what do you think?
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princess bubblegum
tallest myuki (?)
tallest spork
Bill Cipher Squatting GIF 
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Princess Bubblegum? Tallest Miyuki? Tallest Spork? :o (Eek) :o (Eek) :o (Eek) Markiplier - Overgrowth Zoom Type 3: 50-px 
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that one panel with glasses. she cute!
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thats hard to tell when they all have glasses even gaz
(visors count as glasses)
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pick cotton hair. X) and dots for eyes.
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princess bubblegum?
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i guess. i only saw this one page so im not exactly reading the entire thing.
i just think she is cute. X)
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she gonna die?
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has he been in love with an alien the whole time?
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no.... both membrane and his "wife" are Irken tallest
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Part of his glasses are missing.
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