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I missed the arcade. The noise. The friends. The "Here comes a new challenjah". The salt. The fights. I mean actual fights :P

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Oooh I'd love to see the full art you had for 'Maternal Combat'

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I cant recognize two characters on left and right side of the roster. I thought the right side is Johnny Bravo's mother but not in right colors.

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Complete mom list (with help from Magicwaterz16 & Salem-the-Psychic):

Lois Griffin, Beth Smith

Nora Wakemen, Rose Quartz

Mom Droid, Dexter's Mom, Nicole Watterson, Mom Droid 1000

Marge Simpson, Torial

Brak's mom, Helen Parr

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Let's see, Nicole Watterson, Lois Griffin, Dexter's Mom, Nora Wakeman, Rose Quartz (Pink Diamond), Mom Droid, Mom Droid 1000, Toriel, Marge Simpson, and Elastigirl (Helen Parr) are the characters I recognize here.

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That needs to be an actual arcade game, right now :D

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Yes, yes it very must, in actual f**king deed, become a thing.
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I'm a Toriel main myself.

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woo Nicole Watterson!

- & dex's mom? is this about awesome cobate moms?

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Arcades are due to a comeback.
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awesome picture!!!

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Your colouring is amazing*0*
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I hope the devs of PPGD Battle of Megaville make a game out of Maternal Combat.

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An Arcade game of Cartoon moms battle, Awesome

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Get on salty bets <3

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oh wow yeah... arcades bring back memories. mostly good for me but i feel ya

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Lois Griffin, Francine Smith

Nora Wakemen, Rose Quartz

???, Dexter's Mom, Nicole Watterson, ???

Marge Simpson, Torial

???, Helen Parr

I wonder how Nora would handle~

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I'm pretty sure that's Beth Smith (from Rick & Morty) not Francine Smith (from American Dad). The one on the lower left is Brak's mom (from The Brak Show, a spin off from Space Ghost Coast to Coast)

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your right, that is Beth. O hello! Brak's mum~

thanks for that! who are the 2 on the sides?

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According to Magicwaterz16, the ones on the side are Mom Droid & Mom Droid 1000 from Dexter's Labratory.

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