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Happy valentine


Did I mention that Jr. has a crush?
Well it's valentines day so remember it's not just about giving candies and flowers, it's also about giving straight from the heart.

Happy Valentines ya all!
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Bro, this image has been saved as a wallpaper of mine for years, lol. Nice to see what the source was!

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Think this is cannon in the story
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Awwww this is so cute...
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Everyone deserves love!!:happybounce: 
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I don't know why this suddenly hit me now, but I was reminded of this picture while reading this gentlemen's recent comic strip:

I felt a one shot comic strip or something would make a nice cross over  xD
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not erma its the girl from the ring
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You know, it's kinda funny to look back on this since Erma was made like, 8 years later.
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featured here because its awesome happy valentines Valentines
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Is She ever gonna turn up in the comic and also will he ever be with her because I very confused with the his sister ?
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This is sweet, Sadako really needs a hug.
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Finally I know where this comes from! And it's still one of my favorites after many years
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Awww soooooooooooooooooooooo sweet
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I'm really afraid of Samara (the girl), but this is one of the cutest drawings i ever seen.
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look like someone in love. I don't think his sister will be too happy about it
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She looks like the girl from "The Ring"
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ive seen this everywhere on almost all these emo kids pages from back in 2011 on facebook XD finally i know where it comes from 
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I finally get those references to that girl from the well from Grim Tales.
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