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Grim tales ch2 p7_8


I felt a bit nervous when I started making these pages. And I can truly understand if I have made some people very upset over it .But at least hear me out..
I too am entitled to express my point of view.

I was just trying to find ways how I can relate the concept of the characters with our real world.
I guess we'll start off with Mandy. What I love about Mandy as a character is that she sees the real world, not some idealistic “only good and justice prevails freedom for all and love is everything screwed up”wonderland.
Although she's just a fictitous cartoon character, for me she's someone I can trully relate in our world.
You can’t really blame Mandy for what she did, she’s only doing her job as the Grim Reaper, sure she made the plans. But that’s what every Grim Reaper should do (remember the movie Final Destination) At the same time Mandy is a reincarnation of all evil, her existence is the source of humanity’s darkest and most cruel essence. While Billy on the other hand and is a representation and a source of man’s stupidity .And because mankind welcomes both evil and stupidity so willingly Mandy is able to carry out her plans.
In short, Mandy simply presented her ideas to mankind and mankind simply accepted it with open arms.
( Because we am dumb and bad humans.)
And as for the natural disasters she came up,
let’s just say she had an appointment with Mother Nature.
These things happen because I believe there is a Billy and a Mandy in all of us, we can be stupid and evil, and with it comes our bestest friend, The Grim Reaper.
We have no one but ourselves to blame.

A couple of themes I want to point out is…
”Will humanity ever learn?” …I guess not.
Is Mother Earth pissed ? I guess so.
That’s what I like about comics, add a pinch of idea based from our real world.
To help remind us of things and never ever forget.

Things like our wounds, and I’m talking not just America’s wounds, I’m also talking about Iraq , Indonesia , Sri Lanka
and every other country that’s facing hell.
So please look at it not just in your own nation’s perspective ,
but through other countries as well.
Try to look at the wounds through the eyes of the
whole world you self-centered bastards.
The wounds are painful and have yet to heal , well it shouldn’t.
Cause it’s only through these wounds that you can become Hard-ass.
It's the only thing that makes you stronger.
Pain and suffering is part of life, it's what my pappy taught me.
These things happen and will continue to happen so
you better get used to it and face it you bunch of wuss.

The images I used were not intended as a mockery or a tribute,
but a slap in your face to remind you that life is not all sugarpuffs and candycorns.
Life can be cruel, very ,very cruel. Life’s a bitch, and so is Death.

If you feel offended, angry or pissed right now….well ,you should be.
If you feel the urge to email me concerning this issue do so.
Emails, hatemails, flamemails. You have every right to.

Ok I was just kidding about the
“ Especially if you’re a wuss who whines a lot” thing on the warning page.
Seriously, speak up.
If you have something to say about these pages positive or negative, or that
I’m a heartless dick, say it. You wanna make a political issue out of this ,knock yourselves out.
Please comment and spare your 2 cents.
God bless America.
Allah bless Iraq.

I took a big risk making these pages, and if I so seriously give a horse shit about my reputation just so people can love me and praise me I wouldn’t bother posting this in the first place. But I don’t, so hate me, flame me.
However, I still give a damn about respecting other people’s feelings and opinions.
So I want to apologize to everyone I offended.
I’ll be posting a poll on Deviant art whether these pages should stay or not.
Technically the grim tales storyline can go on without it.
If Majority says to have them removed then so be it.
You people decide.
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Why is it so damn small? I can't read!
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I can not get it to work nor find page 10 and 11
...So is this the two chapter 2 pages or is there a link I'm suppose to click?
*claps* That's awesome.
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Teen Titan fan YES!
Clicking the image wont work for me, I'm not sure what is wrong.
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Life aint all sunshine and rainbows after all. Live and learn. 
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I read grim tales its online
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where's the pages
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the images are too small I cant read anything :(
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Sorry about that, they were bigger when I posted it. Here, try these links:……
Do you sell these comics? I'd buy them... Even if it's fanart, it can still be sold.
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I agree with your points but I take on a different interpretation of events. To be fair humanity is constantly relearning the lessons from the past. As our elders pass away it is up to the young to relearn the past.  I believe there is a difference between knowledge and comprehension; one can know something on an intellectual level but it is experience and critical thinking that brings true comprehension.  

Sometimes it is a good thing, the young are more willing to experiment and play with new ideas, and even succeed where their precursors had failed.  What people dismissed as nonsense it turns out they were not looking at the situation the right way, or maybe they didn't have the technology at that point. 

The downsides lead to the sins of the past constantly repeating. "It'll never happen again" "We are so much more enlightened" "What does history matter, the past is the past", "They are just [insert slur here]", etc. Humans are good at detaching themselves from events that don't interfere directory in our lives.

The patterns of how history repeat itself is very telling of human nature. It is unreasonable to expect a child to know what their elders did. Which is why education is important and explains how history repeats itself. We are a part of nature; neither good nor evil. I don't believe humanity is dumb necessarily, only ignorant and constantly getting collectively set back.

Keep your pages up. It is your imagination and creative expression. We all have viewpoints that will offend somebody. 
Love the evil plotting.
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okay all i see is mandy as the reape
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What happened to the pages?
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