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Grim tales cast


Grim cast is up!
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Three Little Ghosts

it's an old anime that would fit here

at least the three ghosts

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you have here  Dark Transformations…
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i love  this comic, my favourite character are Grim Jr, Mimi and Mandy.
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Are you okay with people cosplaying these characters? I'd love to cosplay adult Mandy or mini mandy <3
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I love this story, although I'm not a fan of Billy and Mandy, this story did something different with them and it become badass. Junior and Minnie are awesome characters and Mimi is no exception 
The story grew darker and darker....
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I miss the innocent minimandy and love mimi! Awesome comic! :thumb:
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Hwo esta hermoso nya
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te quedaron bien bonito tus dibujos
mil respetos
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I read the entire thing so fare last night, it's amazing, I love the story, the large cast (I loved seeing people from other cartoons in there) and your artwork^^
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This should definitely be in some Japanese game!
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I KNEW IT!!! That guy with the dark hair and the green glasses is Billy's cousin Nergal Jr.
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One of the awesomest things Ive eva seen since being on dA...!!! I bow to your skill!!
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Bleedman is the best Deviant Artist ever!!!!
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where the f*** is billy?
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Wait... HIM was in Grim Tales of Billy and Mandy? Or just someone suspiciously like HIM?
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him is in the comic. there's plenty of crossovers.
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So if the mom is Mandy, then what happened to Billy?
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Sorry for answering your year old comment (And you probably already know this but...)

Billy died already, but Heaven and Hell don't really seem to want him so, he is...somewhere...

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i know mandy/mindy is goign to hell but..
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