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Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla

MG doesn't fight like a monster, he fights dirty. That's gangsta.

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JinWookHan's avatar

Poor godzilla 😢

shadowdotm's avatar

i have not seen the movie yet.

but really Awesome Art!

OptiMario94's avatar

Rise you up Godzilla and fight back that mechanicle monster to Mechagodzilla!

I feel sorry for gojira right now.

XenoTeeth3's avatar
Mecha G: You might be powerful, Gojira . But you don’t have robo claws
OmniGemerl's avatar

Godzilla: "Beaten up by Kevin.... how degrading."

Racetech1's avatar
Godzilla: I’m the most powerful kaiju ever.

MechaGodzilla: I’m about end this mans whole career.

Go, Grimlock, go!!!

LordMinillaStudios's avatar

Godzilla's fighting style: Laser Rage

Kong's fighting style: le monke

Meanwhile, Mechagodzilla be like:

aomnidroid's avatar

This new design for mechagodzilla is awesome I like it more the older designs for being radically different, even you don't like thats fine, nice art work man.

GalacticHypernova's avatar
joseph337's avatar

Godzilla try to fight Kong but cant beat a robot

dunkanbulk14's avatar

to be fair, Kong put up a good fight, it probably left Godzilla tired to fight a fully energized MG that was made specifically to kill him

Regolith247's avatar

Plus Godzilla blasted a hole straight to Hollow Earth shortly before that...

katiemae12's avatar

Truly the Nutcracker King.

agumon90210's avatar
I’m guessing this is payback for beating up Kong. The poor ape never wanted to fight.
Ninja-8004's avatar
If only godzilla had a bottle of liquid to pour on mechagodzilla...surely something as simple as that will defeat this killing machine
dunkanbulk14's avatar

almost all Mechagodzilla tends to be weaker when their controls get damaged

SomeKindaSpy's avatar

Original Mechagodzilla was beat by using a smoking pipe jammed into the controls.

andrewsallee's avatar

Mecha G grinning for the camera.

mayozilla's avatar

go kong help goji

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