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Welcome to Fairyland, motherfu#%er.

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This is so perfect. 'Brings to mind the issue where she had to be a queen, for what, one year.

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Ha, yes, I Hate Fairyland. A good choice of psycopath.

Scarim's avatar

Nice! Does this means you have read the comic!?!

EggmanFan91's avatar

Nice take on theses characters, good job !

There's not enough good fan art around this comic, so I'm always glad to see new ones !

joseph337's avatar

The best gruesome fairytale

miniskunk's avatar

Way too short a comic series.

Scarim's avatar

I've read shorter (Pretty Violent) but yeah I agreed, can't believed volume 4 was the last one!

penisnoise's avatar

Ending was a bummer too

Scarim's avatar

Yeah, wish there was another volume when she try to go back to Fairyland!

weird-coma's avatar

I loved this series.

HardwayBet's avatar

Bleedman and I Hate Fairyland sounds like such an obvious combination, when you think about it.


Tinkerbell,,,,, Ouch!!!

One of my favorite image comics. read every issue

LunaPrincessNinjato's avatar

I love that web comic,

Amazing work

purplelion12's avatar

aw poor tinker bell

someone's pissed!!!

awesome picture!!!

gamma102's avatar

Yesss, there's a fairy on the bottom of her foot.

OffensivenessMaximus's avatar

I loved that comic - one of the few things attached to the modern so called 'mainstream' ones I like these days. Just ridiculous, silly, over the top fun.

Note the artist Skottie Young also worked on some Wizard of Oz comics adaptations. A few GNs that were based more on the book than the movie - silver slippers, etc.

Yumoe's avatar

I didn't notice tinkerbell haha xDDD

lol the universe is so wierd, i watched the first book get dubbed on youtube a couple years ago-forgot about it, saw a youtube post about "image comics :gertrude"

So i bought the book collections for the first two, and now i see you make odd

DEMarq's avatar

I need to finish this comic..

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