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GTFO sketch pages 2

2nd batch of GTFO page studies. No pages lost or "accidentally deleted" :P

Now go check out the newest page of
Go go!
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All your art's dope esp your comics (manga)
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-tsk- get out of here Bleedman don't NEED your BS.
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did I see Marcie's dad ?
AELETROX's avatar
Well is awesome!! \\|B |[◕ ◡ ◕]|//
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I love Mimi's face in the last panel in the bottom right hand corner
I-Dunno-7's avatar
Me too.. Hee hee :D
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Abadeer was right, you've messed that kid UP! Usually when I see a character suffer a tragedy, I just say 'Oh well.'

But Mimi? She's so messed up, it'll take the Namekian Dragon Balls to solve all of that mess!
ijustloveit619's avatar
I really tried to forget about "Grim Tale" but this made me remember );

Such a silly fic
SketchyDream's avatar
I like the last page more than the original
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Eres genial amigo enserio eres uno de los mejores artistas que he visto .. Me gustan mucho tu manejo de color digital, tus planeaciones de las situaciones que presenta a cada dibujo, tus comics y el guion, me pareció genial de tu parte de mezclar y crear una historia acerca de los personajes de cartoonnetwork, espero que hagas una historia de my little pony en versión furry jejejejejeje.....como el artista shepherd0821, espero que veas sus dibujos están chidos como los tuyos amigo.. Sigue delante de tu meta de deseo lo mejor…….n_n
TheDominator25's avatar
Im going im going. Very nice in all aspects with detail and shading. Another well done job
highlove10's avatar
amazing ;8; I wish I could be as good as you
Unage-00X's avatar
WHAT WHAT! DELETED! WHAT! WHAT! lol, yeah, of done that before. lol, sucks
lunelunastarsnigth's avatar
you are best artiste
compared to me
Neumatic's avatar
Hudson Abadeer?
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