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Dark Sid

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Happy Birthday :iconsilent-sid: For your gift you get a real live scorpion!

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XDXDXD aaaaaaawwwwwww <3

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Je suis sûr qu'il adore ce que vous aviez fait pour lui. Merci pour votre cadeau et ça mérite d'être en favori. Excellent travaille, comme d'habitude.

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I wonder Hell is Full of Live Scorpion?

Cloth-King's avatar

Got to scare with some scorpions.

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Awwwww, poor sid couldn’t handle making Red unhappy, that’s honestly the cutest thing on earth

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Fun fact, scorpions are apparently very shy animals :D

SpaceRaptor112's avatar

And Reclusive, they‘d rather flee then be forced to fight, but when they do fight it’s a spectacle to behold

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in that oufit he look like a girl..........cute =3

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What a makeover! XD

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O boy, a real life scorpion

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How about an encounter between Dark Sid and the Real Sid?


Silent-Sid's avatar

well , based on the final panel , that must be the Real Sid , just got dressed by Deegee as a Gothic Punk :D

Xelano's avatar

Ah, I see!

Now that you mention it, it does look like it!

Ouch, Deegee has to get ready for Red's...parental wrath? Or teacher's wrath?

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hmmm ... Red is only aggressive with adults ... but kids ? , he try to be gentle ... he'll probably say : " why did you dress Sid like this ? ... you can't dress a boy in a skirt , it damage his psyche and make him confused ... not to mention that the scorpion is dangerous ! ... if you wanna do fun dress up , at least pick something normal .... like a super emo goth boy ! .... like that Goth Lincoln Loud from ' space Invader ' episode ! "

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That makes sense.

Silent-Sid's avatar

Deegee would probably say : " but he look good in a skirt and girly clothes ! "

Red : " Sid, did you want to wear a Skirt ? "

Sid : shake his head no

Red : " see ? ... he doesn't like it. "

Deegee : " come on ! , what's the big deal ? , everyone does it these days ! "

Red : " not really an excuse to take away personal freedom -_- "

Deegee : " I wasn't trying to do that ! "

Red : " then why did you dress him like this if he didn't want to ? "

Deegee : " ............... I just wanted to see him in it , that's all ^^;"

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That sounds like what would be happening in the comic.


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