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Crane Hollow and Odin

By bleedman
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Created by :iconminionking:

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XDXDXD funny and cute

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Not knowing anything about this two Characters, I'll be putting my interpretation on who they are. Tell me if I'm wrong or close if you want.

Crane Hollow is a Dullahan aka a type of Demi-Human who have their head separated from their body and rarely sees one who doesn't have a Spiritual Fire or have a neck. She's a type of person who causes trouble unknowingly and have a strong sense of justice and as well as a person who loves scaring others, on which she's annoyed whenever people fakingly freaks out and calling her or her friends an abomination to the point of her unconsciously throws her head and causes her a headache.

Odin is an aspiring inventor and probably a Dwarf. He loves inventing stuff that can be useful or just plainly for decoration that acts as some sort of power source or something that attracts a certain creature knowingly and unknowingly. He isn't the type who likes to show off, but he is the type to always bring random tools or parts for a just-in-case scenario on which did happen. Most adults, even teachers sees him more as a helper like an engineer, plumber, and so on. He's no fighter, but he sometimes use his high intellect to outsmart or even embarrassed his bullies in one way or another. He rarely gets in trouble, and most of the troubles he's in us mostly because of Crane Hollow, on which he did try to help her to get her head attach to her body but with no luck via not knowing much about her kind and the mysteries behind it.

Oh, and I'm doing this so I can ask your opinion if I make a story and publish it, will it be interesting and popular in a way at all. Since one of my OCs is a guesser who have nearly most of his guess to be accurate like on what happen to a person or who they are via the clothes and body. Like Conan Edogawa aka Shinichi Kudo aka from Detective Conan on which only have a few of their episodes English Dubbed and have it called Cased Closed. Via most of the episodes are focuses on Japanese Puns and Locations in Japan that won't make sense for some people. Anyway, that OC of mine just guess so he's no detective, since my story mostly focuses on multiple Genre. On which I was Planning to add all Genre in it if possible. Both Main Genre and Pre-Genre. I think that's that where a called.
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I hate that I love your art, but only because I never get a lot of your references. Still, love your art man :)

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"GONNA HEADBUTT'CHA!!" *slams own head into target's face*

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That's one way to get a head in life.

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Always nice to see new monster art this time of year :D

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A real crane in the neck!

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Wow, they look amazing.

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Now that's sexually spooky!

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Wow. I love MinionKing and his characters! You did so awesome on the two, especially Crane! She’s so adorable!
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She may be a Dullahan, but who knows, she could be wholly based on that Sleepy Hollow story.
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It's a weird thing for one's mind to jump to, but the first thing I thought was 'It's gotta take really good balance to run with your head in your hand like that.' Life as a dullahan's gotta be interesting. (Well, "life", I suppose.)

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this looks great

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You really did an awesome job man! I love this piece so much! Thank you! XD
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