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Bleed Academy Cadets

Hello all watchers! New Founder/General of the Bleed-army, Sheezy speaking.
This here is big announcement/project for the group and considerably my first action as General! My attempt in admitting more people into the group and even more, actually learn bleed-style!

I am currently working on a project known as "Project: Bleed Academy".
The purpose of this new sanction to the group will be in not only admitting more members, but ready them to become actual bleed soldiers if they do wish!
Helping me with this project will be my right-hand-man and original apprentice, Che999. His goal in assistance mostly being for example reasons and partially having to do with addition to the group. Consider him the one whom enlists people to the Academy.
He will pretty much check for certain requirements needed to become a student.

Requirements being:
:bulletblack:Currently watching the group
:bulletblack:Their gallery consists of at least 75% bleedman-y-ish style
:bulletblack:Have or are able to outside (dA) contact to bigsheezy; Such as Skype or Google+.
         ^Requirement here being that these lessons are not meant for the public, just those of admission to the Bleed-army.
:bulletblack:Have the proper admission form.
         ^Requirement here being not that serious; The form just being a picture of your persona in the cadet uniform
          (example: soldier of bleedman by lilsheezy [Just a helmet infront of the orange flag] This differing from the full on soldier here-> General of the bleedman-Army by julif-art)


Soon once we have enough new students. we can get this Bleed academy off its feet! By the time I'm done, you can be an honorary Bleed soldier!
Hope all the new cadets are ready! And hopefully I can get help from my fellow commanders :iconjulif-art: and :icondasketcherz:.

And here are Rankings.
Bleed Acadomy Ranking Chart by bigsheezy
Hope the new students are gonna be ready.
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May I join?
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DevilCC Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
um this Looks kinda ... not good. what ya guys doing? seriously if they want to join and do the um ... flag Thing, they should at least fucking try to do some bleedstyle! some of those aren't even comming Close to bleedstyle. this is the bleedarmy right? they don't have to only do bleedstyle (gosh no, that would be boring), but for gods sake they should at least try. is this turning into a normal bleedman Group? i thought this was something more Special but look at that! this is an Insult to all the People that actually try their best at this and want to improve!

the bleedarcademy should be a Group on it's own, a co. Group to this if you like. this is the dleedarmy, therefor only really good bleedstyle should be in it so People that want to see some of that don't have to go through all the other Groups. this Group should only Focus on the best, and improve. hell why ya not making a Comic related to the bleedarmy (literally an army). making foulders for questions and all that stuff, so People have something to do here. it was once such an interesting site, where everyone tried their best and improved just to be a part of this.

the arcademy should be only taking People that are Close to bleedstyle already. People should work hard to get better, that's how life is. making everything easier for everyone is uninteresting and boring. we want a challenge and not babied. even if there are some People that will bitch their ass off cuz they can't get in, WHO CARES!!!! if they just want something to join without putting an single try in it then they should go to the other Groups, they are plenty. might Sound mean here but we can't spoil every whiner on this site, DA has to much shit in it anyway, we don't Need to encourage more.

so for fucks sake, will ya grow some balls!
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