Hey, guys!

I've had to reject a handful of gallery submissions recently, but I guess it's our fault for having guidelines that were buried in a journal entry. I've rewritten them to be more clear and posted them to the front of the dA group, and they are appended below as well. They are pretty basic and simple, so please keep them in mind before submitting. ^^

Remember also that if you've commissioned artwork from a non-member, you may submit their work to the "Commissioned Art" folder. Art commissioned from another member would still go in the "Member Artwork" folder.

There is no longer a per-week submission limit for the galleries, but there is a 5 per day limit for the group favorites. Not there's really been a problem there. O: Anyway, hope the clarification helps! If anything's weird or you randomly don't have permission to do something, lemme know! dA groups are weird. :B


Artwork to all galleries and favorites must be related to 'Souls RPG. :3

Member Artwork Guidelines

:bulletblue: Artist must be a past or current member of 'Souls
:bulletblue: Original work only (no modified or colored templates)
:bulletblue: Finished pieces only (no sketches or basic linework)

Commissioned Artwork Guidelines

:bulletblue: Original work only
:bulletblue: Finished pieces only

Favorites Guidelines

:bulletblue: Must be relevant to 'Souls RPG
:bulletblue: Sketches and linework allowed
:bulletblue: Blank resources (templates, lineart) are allowed
:bulletblue: Colored resources are allowed
Hey, guys!

Since I think it makes a lot more sense for members' artwork to be displayed in the main gallery than just in the favorites, I've opened up member contributions to the "Member Artwork" folder. This way, member contributions will actually show up in your inbox for your viewing pleasure!

Members can submit up to five pieces a week, but please only submit FINISHED pieces that are specific to 'Souls and 'Souls characters, rather than sketches and doodles. Those can continue to be submitted into the favorites, along with resources such as templates and free lineart, but please only submit finished pieces to the gallery.

I'll be going through the current favorites to add qualifying pieces into the gallery, so please excuse the initial flood of deviations. Things shouldn't be as crazy moving forward. :3

Please share your stuff! Thanks!
Hey all! Kiriska and I have updated with our newer skins, but we still have to add our most recent map (it's coming soon!)

If you know of any 'Souls-related art, please mention it to either one of us or post a link on the group page (here!) We've found a lot of art already, but there is probably more out there! : )

You can also make suggestions for future layouts here, on our formspring (formspring.me/soulsrpg formspring.me/soulsrpg) or by messaging an Administrator.

You can still join or watch this group if you haven't yet!

Whooh! Tammi out!
Hey! So I finally got around to converting this dA group to an official group thing as per some of deviantART's recent (or not so recent) upgrades! This means that anyone can officially join and leave the group rather than having us tediously maintain a journal that links everyone.

We're still going to use this group as an archive of board layouts and maps, but if there's enough interest, I think running some sort of art contest sometime would be pretty cool?

We'll see! In the meantime, please continue sending us any 'Souls-related art so we can favorite it!
'Souls, formerly Bleeding Souls, is an online, text-based, message board roleplay game established on November 18th, 2001. All of its members are capable writers and many are capable artists as well. This directory will serve as a listing of the deviantART accounts of 'Souls members. If you want to be added to the listing, please note Kiriska with your dA account and who you play at 'Souls. :]

This account will also serve as an archive of the layouts, maps, and other graphics the board has seen over the years. Each submission will have its creator linked if they have a deviantART account. The scraps currently has a selection of banners and pack pride junk.

Staff (Admins)
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