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[Gorillaz]: Art Style Tutorial

I am by no means an expert on the Jamie Hewlett art style, but I got asked many times on Instagram to how to mimic the style and anatomy of Gorillaz characters so I thought I'd give it a go! Unfortunately the file is rather big, so I suggest downloading it to be able to read everything I wrote.
Take into consideration that this tutorial more go through details of the iconic Gorillaz style rather than actual anatomy, so don't take this to heart if you're looking to create something actually realistic! 

I had so much fun creating this tutorial that I really wanna do more, is there anything you'd like for me to see talk about? Leave a comment down below and let me know! :heart:
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Really appreciate this!!

FlamingoFlight's avatar

Now I can try to draw 2D a bit better :P

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Thanks, i love it!!

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sweeeet I need to do this for some of my own idols. Can you do one for Sergi Brosa's style? (borderlands 3, Fury Beats) that is if you're interested and if its compatible to your own stuff

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Thank you! this is so helpful!

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I think the most prominent feature is always the "jaw before nose" part, which in your tutorial here is not as prominent as in the actual art style.
It gives them this distinct "monkey" vibe/face which is kind of important? At least to me it's what makes this style. (And it's very consistent through all phases)
You did a very mild take on that for the side view of 2-D. It ticks me off and I don't like that about this "tutorial". It's otherwise well written.
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OmFg tydm for this! , i love the gorillaz style so now i can attempt to draw it ty!
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Don't know much about Gorillaz, but I'm going to have to give this a try.
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I don't know anything about Gorillaz, but I really like the art style and this will be useful for a reference. Thanks for making it!
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makes me realize how similar my art style is to theirs lol
i tend to draw bigger than normal hands and feet (im trying to size them down though)
maybe their eyes could help me with developing my style of eyes?
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Why not! :D We all borrow a little bit from every style that we dig to create our own. No fault in that~
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Awesome tutorial

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thank god for this post existiing
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Yup Im going to try this art style UwU
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im bothered you call it gorillaz art style and not jamie hewletts art style
BleedingHeartworks's avatar
I guess you didn't read the artist description where I called it both, then xD
neoDualism's avatar
i didnt see .. oops lol
BleedingHeartworks's avatar
No worries! It happens. :D 
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This is so useful for reference, thanks! :D (Big Grin) 
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I love this so much!
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