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[FNAF]: Jeremy Fitzgerald



Oh boy. How many sketches didn't this dude take before I finally settled down with just one. I went on and off on drawing Jeremy for almost a month, almost thinking I'd never get to finishing him up and moving to the third night guard of the series. (For the third game, if Fritz is requested then I will see what I can do.) Jeremy, oh Jeremy…Where do I even start with you?
I had a lot of fun thinking about him when I finally started coloring him. I somehow saw this guy with so many nervous breakdowns and fits that could barely manage in a single-day routine somehow ending up working as a night guard because it would 'suit' him better. Fazbear Entertainment is a pretty shitty company.
Anyway! I will try to move on to the night guard as soon as I have finished some commissions, but as always it's going pretty slow. I'm trying to produce as much content for you guys even though I study art for 9 hours each day anyway. Because hey, I love ya'll. 
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