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[Batman]: Binary/Bianca Neroni (NEW REEF 2018)
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Published: May 29, 2018
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For the past two weeks or so I've been working on the reboot of Bianca/Binary that I started on a few years ago. I never got to really wrapping it up, so now when I felt like I both had time and energy, I started to work on just putting it all down in text. Bianca's been a very dear character to me for almost a decade now, even when she just started off as a very Mary-sue type of character, all the way up to now. I always enjoyed drawing her and really wanted to see her grow into a bigger character than she once was. Therefor I felt like this reboot was very well needed after all these years of tweaking. Don't get me wrong, I love both versions. But I know that we all know as creators that it's good to feel that you've improved. Atleast, somewhat. :'D 

So here is Bianca's new sheet! BEWARE. THE BACKSTORY MAY CONTAIN SUBJECTS TRIGGERING TO SOME. If you are sensitive to descriptions of sexual assault, please be aware that the origin story will contain this. There is no details about it, but mentions of it. So yeah! 
Other than that, hope you dig it (for you who actually wants to read this x'D) and enjoy! 

Thank you to PossessedIron and SebvirartZ to helping me out with editing and adjusting the text! You guys saved me. :heart:

--- Basic Info ---

Name: Bianca Maria Neroni
Alias/Nicknames: Binary
Affiliations: Gotham Rogues / GrandTech
Mother Agnese Neroni
Father Lorenzo Neroni (Deceased)
(younger) Sister Sofia Neroni

Enemies: Gotham CPD/Batman Family/Falcone/Roy Heckland (GrandTech)
(Crime) Partners:
Gwenyth ”Belladonna” Luciano
Julian ”Foolish Pleasure” Matthews
Barbara ”Black Sheep” Woole

Base of Operations: Basement Apartment in Uptown Gotham City, South PT.
Personality: Reserved, Pessimistic, Moody, Organized, Apathetic, Dominant, Greedy, Independent, Distant.
Abilities: Bianca’s knowledge within coding, stock-market, and programming makes her a dangerous foe within the cyberspace world. She’s very keen on making her presence around the city known but yet keeps a steady low private profile. She’s a fairly good mathematician and student of the subject, seeing as she spent her first working years as a high profile IT consultant and assistant.

Strength:  Bianca is always the one to keep pushing herself to her limits, and always makes sure she does the same to her partners and friends whom she wishes to succeed. She knows a strong person when she sees one and always strives to see them reach their goal. She can definitely take a punch or two but in decent amounts, seeing as she’s just a regular human like the majority of the residents of Gotham City. The nerve damage and medicine taken to dull the pain after the accident makes her more resistant to pain.

Bianca struggles with her inability to trust anyone outside of her safe zone. She always keeps her close friends with her when out on missions outside of her hideout, even though this can cause more problems than good. With her depression, she has a hard time seeing the good things in life and lets everything negative affect her and provoke her into fits of rage and sadness.

Equipment: Bianca’s entire profession is built around her equipment and items in her possession. She lives out her work through her computers and machines, practically breathing the same air as them. She is completely unable to be alone without some kind of device with her, either it be a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet.

Transportation:  A Harley Davidson Night Rod or regular subway station.
Weapons:  A Glock 17 handgun, because Bianca prefers gun as she claims that melee weapons are just too messy to work with. Although Bianca will avoid killing anyone, if it came to it where she had no other choice, she wouldn’t hesitate. Killing is by all means necessary if it means that she will achieve her ultimate goal in the end.

--- Status ---

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Occupation: Unemployed/Hacker for Hire

--- Characteristics ---

Gender: She/Her pronouns
Birthday: December 15th 1983
Age: 32
Height: 5’2
Weight:114 lbs
Eyes: Chestnut Brown
Hair: Black in blue shades
Skin: Caucasian
Unusual Features:
Scars on the right side of her face, along with a septum piercing and several earrings on both of her ears. As well as a binary code tattoo on the inside of her right arm and a barcode tattoo on the low, inside part of her left arm.

--- Origin ---

Universe: Batman/DC Comics/Multiverse
Place of Birth: Gotham City


Born in Gotham on the 15th December of 1983, Bianca became the newest addition to the Neroni family. Her parents Lorenzo and Agnese were hardworking people, always working late hours to make a good living home for Bianca and her younger sister, Sofia. Being a working-class child, Bianca made an early decision in her life to aim for a high education and job to not end up like her parents.
From an early start, Bianca’s fascination with computers and programming had set off it’s mark within the Neroni home. Being the introvert she was, she would rather spend the evenings at the library, reading up on new and exciting computerized world. The day their family was finally able to buy their first thick-screen computer as her birthday gift, Bianca was thrilled beyond comprehension.

When she became 18, she decided to finally move across the country to attend college. Bianca was a good student, always making sure she put the study-time above interacting socially. But even with her deep  interest for the subject, studies proved difficult when she faced her own mental illness, due to the stress she fell into a deep depression. But even when things looked dark, Bianca struggled through college and finally made it to graduation. She felt more than proud over her own achievements.
With her college degree being her ticket into the working world, she started taking up jobs fit to her education. Jumping from company to company she finally ended up at GrandTech, a company dealing with technical communication between companies.  After years as an intern, she worked her way up to becoming the CTO, Roy Heckland’s, assistant and IT Consultant.
But with her growing success came obstacles.

The sexual harassment from her boss that had started on incoherent occasions, as a hand on her shoulder slowly became finger grasping a hold of her curves. Random encounters became a weekly happening, all until it became a daily routine.

Like many people who experience sexual harassment, Bianca simply brushed it all aside, thinking that it would finally end if she just waited it out. But the longer it kept on, the more it escalated. With each day that this passed, she grew more and more sick of seeing herself in the mirror.
She realized that she wasn’t happy and had a sick feeling in her stomach, as if there was nothing or nobody in the world to make it better. She had to do it all by herself.

Figuring out that blackmailing was the only way to put a stop to her boss from continuing what he did, she began scheming right away. After all, she had been his assistant for all these years and knew everything about him - from which place he enjoyed eating at, what was his favorite tv-show and who he enjoyed spending time with when his wife wasn’t looking. It was all a part of her job, and this time she would be the cause of the hurt.
Of course, It wouldn’t look very pretty if his family found out what he had done behind their back. It was a solid plan and she’d make sure she would come out winning out of this.
Blackmailing him would prove much harder than she imagined, however.
After weeks of gathering the evidence she needed she eventually confronted him. In response, he only laughed it aside and asked her to return to her work. Almost infuriated by his ignorance, she pressured it more, without improvement. She was excused from the spot and told to not come back until he called her back in.

Although her boss had seemed untouched by her claims, he knew that he couldn’t risk having someone like her having so much access to his life. Everything he had worked for was not worth going down the drain for someone like this.
With his connection to the Falcone family, he arranged to have Bianca end up in an accident:
From which, death would be the only outcome.

Bianca woke up in a hospital bed, with no memory of what had happened besides the flashbacks of her own screaming in the back of her head. She found out she had been driving her car when she had completely lost control, hitting an electrical pole and almost been electrocuted. The worst damage done was her face, where her hair had been burnt off and skin badly too, along with being blinded on one eye. Her boss’s plan had failed, but even with her survival she was now disfigured and left with several zero marks on her hospital bill.

After several months of staying in bed and being treated through therapy and surgery, She decided to confront the company she had once worked for. They rejected her accusations, telling her that her employment at the company had been terminated and she was under investigation for blackmailing her former boss.

In a complete burst of anger and panic, Bianca decided to disappear off the grid. With her remaining last paycheck from the company she once worked for, she bought the last equipment she needed to set herself up with a decent place to hide out at.

GrandTech needed to pay. If there was one thing that was for sure, it was that the company would hit rock-bottom in penance for what it had done to her.
And then, Binary was born.


Bianca - Gwen
Gwen is, without a doubt, Bianca’s closest friend and ally. Bianca likes to refer to Gwen as her soulmate in crime and in private, something that she makes quite clear when she’s around her. Gwen met Bianca through work when Bianca’s Binary self was trying to break through her company’s safeline, in which Gwen chased down the hacker and confronted her about it. She took a liking to the distant woman and her ability, so she took her in. The redheaded woman decided to teach Bianca how to wield a weapon and how to defend herself, should the occasion rise. Something that Bianca was quick to dismiss at first, but then to later appreciate.
Their relationship is hard to put down in words. While most days it’s mainly a platonic friendship, it wouldn’t raise a question if they would become romantically invested with each other the next day. While Bianca is more affectionate towards Gwen, Gwen doesn’t always respond with these emotions back unless Bianca begs for it.

Bianca - Julian
 When Bianca turned her life into crime and illegal activity, she was unable to find a stable source of medication and drugs that would keep her on her feet. She located Foolish Pleasure, aka Julian Matthews, a drug-dealer in the the criminal parts of Gotham City. Bianca found herself quite fond of the man, sometimes even contacting him just to talk or ask for advice instead of just buying her usual supply from his stash. The two of them are close friends.

Bianca - Barbara
Barbara Woole is somewhat of a little sister to Bianca, a kind of substitute to the sister she once had but could never reconnect with after the accident took place. She always tries to be there for Barbara, despite their very different employers and positions in Gotham City. Despite the distance between them, Bianca always makes sure she’s there for Barbara, wether she needs a place to stay or just in need of a good friend.

Bianca- Gertrude
Bianca met Picasso when she was doing a small one-time job for Edward Nigma, also known as the Riddler. The two of them, to Bianca’s unwillingness of course, quickly connected on a deeper level and understanding for one another. Picasso proved to be really good at bringing Bianca out of her shell and motivate her to become more confident, while Bianca’s been there to loan her a place to stay if she needed one. Although they are a volatile pair if plotting together - They’re like fire and fuel.


Gwen/Belladonna belongs to counterfeit-placebo 
Julian/Foolish Pleasure belongs to Inuko913 
Barbara/Black Sheep belongs to Vixenated 
Gertrude/Picasso belongs to La-Mishi-Mish 

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Hey!  I'm really curious if I translated her tattoo correctly -- Evil Eye / 덖쵛 ?
(I hope this is not any kind of potentially spoilery thing! if so Ill delete, certainly. :> )
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Mikaslime|Hobbyist General Artist
i'm crazy so i tryied to write her binary code on a translate program
so her binary code means:
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QTcomics|Hobbyist Artist
I like it her scar looks like a dragon
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Mikaslime|Hobbyist General Artist


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QTcomics|Hobbyist Artist
her scar looks like a dragon
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DarkKnightJRK|Student Traditional Artist
Cool! I can definitely see this character working very well in Gotham. I think she would make for a great enemy for Batgirl in particular -- she send like a dark reflection of what Barbara could have become. 
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BleedingHeartworks|Student Digital Artist
Oh wow, I didn't even think of that! Thanks, man! That's an amazing suggestion. :D 
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suiyaoirui07|Hobbyist Artist
Seriously how long did you make this cos its very awesome and well detail there great job.

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BleedingHeartworks|Student Digital Artist
It took me roughly two weeks I think? :D And thanks!
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HondausMinaEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaaah! She looks absolutely amazing!! ;w;
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4eyes0soul|Hobbyist Writer
Oh how fun!
I smell delicious angst and the potential for an even tastier tragedy!

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YES! She's back baby!! :D
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BleedingHeartworks|Student Digital Artist
Yeeee! :D
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^^ She inspired my to make my own Batman OC. Still WIP though 
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I smashed that fave button with my face, this was that good.
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BleedingHeartworks|Student Digital Artist
Hah! Thank you again for helping me out, dude <3 
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Darkness-Beauty|Student Digital Artist
she look awedome i love her lot :3
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RealScared|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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AraghenXD|Student Digital Artist
I like her! :)

Good background as well. :) Tragic, sympathetic which makes you almost want to root for her if she truly hasn't gone off the deep end like the rest of Gotham's lunatics. 
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BleedingHeartworks|Student Digital Artist
OH my gosh, thanks!! I'm so glad I didn't go like, too far with that. xD
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AraghenXD|Student Digital Artist
You're welcome! :)

Going to far would be her targeting her old boss's kids....
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BleedingHeartworks|Student Digital Artist
Oh yeah! No, she wouldn't do that. Luckily she blames him only and not anybody else for what happened. 
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