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Dian Hullett
United States
Personal Quote: "I am not evil because I like the color black."
My name is Dian and I started this fanclub. I know there are probably other ones for the same thing out there, but that's kind of a given on deviantART. Anyone is allowed to ask to have their pictures added to the gallery, and credit will be given where it is due. It can be any kind of fan art-- Drawings, Photography (good or bad!), Graphics, etc. Feel free to ask.

One of the main reasons I'm typing this now, is because I know people have a habit of being quick to judge when they see things like the word "Goth," or black lipstick, tattoos or piercings. I ask of you that, if you are going to come here telling us that we are evil, influenced by the devil/Satan/whatever, we are going to Hell just for having different taste and dressing different than you, just don't even bother saying anything. In the words of Toni, a great former employee at Bleeding Edge, "You can't tell me there is not something bad in every culture." Honestly, I know you people like to follow the stereotype that people who are into Gothic things are "evil" and "Satanic/devil-worshippers/whatever." You do not have to be Gothic to worship Satan or be evil, and you do not have to be evil or worship Satan to be Gothic. The same thing goes with tattoos, piercings and dark make-up. You do not have to be Gothic to wear them, and you do not have to wear them to be Gothic. In fact, I don't exactly like to label, but this goes for anyone who considers themselves Goth/Gothic or even simply has darker taste. It is not up to you to judge us like that. If you simply do not like what you see here, I am sorry you feel that way, but please do not bash, because really, if you don't like it, simply don't look. The comments will be deleted, anyway. Criticism on photography and art, things like that are alright, but please do not come here saying "LOLOLOLZ DEY SUX!!!!111one" because it's just rude and annoying. We don't go to your page saying we don't like your stuff, now do we?


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DeathProofKitty Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've got a drawing I did of Insanity A. Byss here [link]
doctor-butcher Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2009
Wow! This Place Is Starting To Rock!
blacklady666 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2009
MizSeri Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2009
Hi Dian!! How have you been?
I have been really great. And yourself?
doctor-butcher Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2009
This Is Wicked

Wicked Good.
Not Wicked Evil!
BleedingEdge-Fanclub Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2009
Hiiii, Doc!
doctor-butcher Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2009
Hey Now Dian!
Great Idea!Consolidate All The Cool Photos And Fan Art Of The Girls In One Place! Rock On! I Anticipate The Arrival Of Series 8! I Have Some Special Photographs Planned Just For Them!
Thanks! :D And I knew you'd be taking beautiful pictures of them! Would you mind if I gave you credit, if I could add them to the collection on here when they are posted?
(1 Reply)
angeltoni Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2009
This is awesome Dian! Thank you!![link]
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