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i had a show

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i hosted an art show in my home studio gallery it was poorly attended out of those invited but those who showed were true art appreciators i sold 22 paintings..... that makes me happy i will be cataloging  the sold pieces to post on here as well as documenting the whole artistic set up of my first apartment as i am moving out very soon i will notate pieces that have been sold and ones that are still for sale
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lots of

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over the next few weeks i will be uploading several pieces that i have not yet catalogued be prepared
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scenic paint class is over officially the hardest class I've ever taken seriously umm i have a lot of art thats not posted yet, but i'm back now, so you won't have long to wait semester over!!! only two more left and i'm outta here
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Hey, thanks for Dev watching my meshfreak account for so long. I’m deleting that account now but this is my new account [link] hope you like my new stuff and will keep watching me on this one. Thanks!
Hola chico.

You know, I get a real Matisse vibe from your gallery. That is actually a pretty cool thing. Some of his work eludes me but on the whole I think I get a sense of what he was driving toward, so yeah, that's a good thing.

Okay, glad you stopped by.
Over and out!
i enjoy your
even though expressionism/abstract isn't typically my thing.
OK so here it goes:
The 50th Deviant
This is a game. You start out from your own page and move randomly through friends of your friends of your friends (etc etc etc) pages on the watchlists 'til u reach The 50th Deviant. There u pass the game on to him/her.
In the end of your game you answer these questions:
1. From where (on which Deviant's page) did u start from?
2. Name the Deviants who/whose work you at a glance perceived as interesting and would like to recommend to the others.
3. You can "advertise" your own art by linking to your favorite works that you've made.

Rules of the Game:
1. you may choose the deviants you move through according to your own liking.
2. you may not go back a Deviant unless:
- the Deviant where you came from doesn't have any friends to proceed to.
- the Deviant only has one friend which is the Deviant where you previously came from.
3. That's all.

My answers:
1. I started out from ~karanua

2. i saw 4 Deviants whose work got me interested:
*Pygar ([link])
~EraserX ([link])
~Vertigo-Overdose ([link])
~aziroth ([link])

3. [link]

Congratulations! You are The 50th Deviant.

have fun.
hey, it's the werido from myspace.
the one with the bulliten about the pictures.


i seriously like your stuff.

it's cool looking.

ahoy... thank you for the fav on my painting of Mr. Wish... I'm glad you like it :D