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10 old paper texture

Time for me to give another Resource.
This time these are old paper for your background (or everything else) needs.
You might say: "WTF? 10 Megabytes? I ain't downloading this!"
Well, you don't know what you're missing:
10 papers with average resolution of 1300x2300 pixels and 300dpi.
Yes, 300dpi, this means you may sell prints used this papers.
All I require is a credit and link to here, and I'd be happy if you send me a Note if you make dollarmillions out of my stuff. ;)

(This means, however, you may not redistribute, sell, or upload to any site or media these papers without any siginficant modification.)

~orchidee's icons were used for the preview image.

UPDATE: aug-21-2006: Several people were complaining that they were unable to open the .zip file.
The problem was that I zipped the pack with WinZip 9's new, Maximum: enhanced deflate compression for lowest filesize. This resulted that older compression programs couldn't open the file.
Today I replaced the file with a 'normal' Maximum compression, so now every problems should be solved. :)

Other resources by me:
Japanese brushes
Night of the Spirits
MAXIMUM Splash Set (2000+ size brush)

Now download and enjoy! :)
© 2006 - 2021 Bleeding-Dragon
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Thank you for this. Amazing papers! I was crazy behind that kind of stuff.

Great job, Thanx a lot..:)

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urrrmmm~mind if I use this as a background for a webtoon (' v')? 
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Thank you for the use of your stock.  I used it here:…

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I have use your stock here Nosferatu by Wimmeke63
Thanks for sharing
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Wonderful papers...thank you so much.
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Thanks for posting this. Great!
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Used here! Thank you so much.
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I love it..Thanks a lot ;0 ;) :)
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I used it here )
Thank you!)))
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Thank you very much!
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I wanted to say thank you for that.
I´ve used it in here…
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