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Mortal Kombat 11: Zacory Zakrei,Name: Zacory ZakreiGender: MaleFirst Appearance: Soul Reaper Family (Bleach AU) (2015)Voice Actor: Daniel SouthworthAlignment: Neutral GoodBiography: Zacory is top ranking member of 3rd Seat of Squad 7. He always has a good attitude when talking to friends and always fallows the rules. But can have a really bad temper if some does some that would be considered... dishonorable or dishonors him. But when he's in the heat of battle he's always sears but never loss his honor. He went to the world of the living with Rukia to help her if she need it. But that's when thing went south... very south. He was hit in the back of the head with a baseball bat by Karin witch did a number on him and was forced to give Yuzu and Karin Soul Reaper powers. The rest you’ll just have to read in Soul Reaper Family.Standard Appearance: Standard Soul Reaper uniform. Necklaces with a crystal on it. Leather back hand guards. Traditional Japanese sandals and socks. And the three Zanpakutōs.Alternate Costumes - Gigai Body: He is in his normal cloths, white tee, blue jeans, jean-jacket and sneakers, but still has three Zanpakutōs.- Halloween Special: He is wearing black Samurai armor, sense he is wandering samurai spirit.- Arabian Nights: He wears an open vest and Arabian pants, and has three Arabian swords instead of him normal Zanpakutōs.Intro Animations Intro 1: Senkaimon: A Senkaimon (Tunnel World Gate) appeared and opened. From it, Zacory walked out.Intro 2: Gigai Ejection: Zacory took a Gikon dispenser and pops one of the pills in his mouth, sallowing it. He then is ejected form his Gigai body.Intro 3: Soul Pager: Zacory is looking at his Soul Pager to see if there are any hollows or commands form the Soul Society. He then puts it away when he sees his opponent.Intro 4: Hollow Beaten: Zacory finished beating a random Hollow. After beating it, it starts to dissolve and Zacory turns to look at his opponent.Outro AnimationsOutro 1: Return to Soul Society: Zacory turns away from his opponent and pulled out one of his three Zanpakutōs. He then cuts in into the air, summoning the Senkaimon again. He then walks thought it and it vanishes into thin air.Outro 2: Back in the Gigai: The Gikon that was controlling his Gigai body returns and Zacory walks back into his body. The Gikon pill falls out of his mouth and puts it away. He then walksd off.Outro 3: New Orders: Zacory sheaths his Zanpakutōs away when he hears his Soul Pager beeping. He gets it and seeing he has a new task. He then uses flash step to leave the area.Outro 4: Duty Calls: Zacory breaths a sigh of relief. He then hears the cry of a Hollow. He shrugs, knowing that a Soul Reapers job was never done and ran off the screen.Gear Cosmetics Gear 1: NecklaceGear 2: Sash/BeltGear 3: ZanpakutōsStandard Variation NamesVariation Title 1: 3rd Seat of Squad 7Variation Title 2: The Three Sword ReaperVariation Title 3: The Honorable WarriorFatal Blow: Rain of Weapons: Zacory flashsteps at his opponent and slashes at them. He then summons his Zanpakutōs’ Shikai turning one of his swords into a giant blue dragon scaled sword (Seiryū(Blue Dragon)), one turning into burning sand that was floating around him (Akuzuna(Red Sand)), and five other weapons that are random (Gundan(Legion)). He hits with hits with his dragon sword, breaking the opponent’s ribs and sending them into the air. He then has the sand grab the opponent’s legs, burning them while they arm being slammed into the ground. He then finishes it by having four of the five summon swords pin the limbs of the opponent to the ground and slams the fifth in the head, breaking their skull or cut the head.-Fatalities-Fatality 1: Seiryu: Shinsei Koenrin (Blue Dragon: Sacred Gleaming Flame Ring): Zacory releases the Bankai form on one of his three Zanpakutōs, summoning a giant flaming blue dragon of flames and now wearing a long blue scarf made out of blue flames that's linking it to the dragon. He then sends the dragon at the opponent, burning to the point where there’s only a blacken skeleton left. He then Konso’s the opponent’s spirit to the Soul Society.Fatality 2: Gunda-Gun (Legion Army): Zacory releases the Bankai form on one of his three Zanpakutōs, summoning hundreds of thousands of weapons behind him that were eather floating or on the ground. He then sends them at the opponent, turning them into a living pin cushion and having them pinned to the wall. He then turns his Zanpakutōs leaving the body to fall to pieces.Friendship: Zacory sheaths his Zanpakutōs away then walks away. The camera goes goes black then show Zacory having dinner with the Kurosakis and Rukia. He had a small smile on his face.Brutality Victory Pose 1: Zacory swings the blood off his Zanpakutōs and then sheaths it.Brutality Victory Pose 2: A Senkaimon opens behind Zacory, who walked into in. It then vanished when it closed.Brutality Victory Quote 1: “You fought honorably. May we meet in the Soul Society.”Brutality Victory Quote 2: “You fought well. You may have what it takes to be a Soul Reaper.”Mercy Animation: Zacory uses a Healing Kido to heal his opponent.Round Victory Taunts Taunt 1: Kido/Hado Spell: Zacory show a small spell, then waves it away.Taunt 2: Memories in a Crystal: Zacory hold’s his crystal around his nick, thinking of someone who was important to him.Taunt 3: Manga Read: Zacory takes a Manga out of his sleeve and Back-Away Taunt 1: Zacory uses flash step to disappear then reappear a few feet awayBack-Away Taunt 2: Zacory pulls out a novel of a best selling fantasy adventure while he walks back, he then puts it away and turns back around.Round-Loss Recovery: Uses Flash Step while he’s on the ground to vanish, the reappears a second later standing.Ending Narration:“Well this was a real mess... I was sent to investigate some weird activity in the Rukon District. When I got there, I saw the man know as Kano stealing items from the 12th Division. He went through a portal, that wasn’t Senkaimon, with a lot of dangerous and experimental soul technology. So I followed him though the portal he left through. Turns out, it lead me to a world that was like the living world, but not the living world I was use to. It turned out Kano took all that 12th Division materials to give to a Goddess Titan of Time named Kronika and a Soul Stealing Sorcerer named Shang Tsung. They wanted to to added the powers of Soul Reaper to make sure Kronika’s plans would succeed. It was one of the toughest fights of my life. I had to use all my Soul Reaper abilities, Bankai, Kido and Hado Spells, all of them, even the most dangerous ones. I had to hold nothing back. It was close, but I stopped her. But wouldn’t you know it, I gained Kronika’s powers, not only that I saw everything about my world’s was hiding with the Hourglass. So I chose to help stop some of the Soul Reaper’s darker past. Saved the Soul King from being imprisoned, had the Soul Reapers, Quincies and other Spiritual fighting beings work together to form a treaty. Gave the Quincy the power to cleans Hollows, made sure Aizen wouldn’t become the man he’d become, but I did make sure Ichigo, Yuzu And Karin were born. I don’t think I’d like a world where me and Rukia never met those three. I did offer them spots by my side with some of Eathrealm’s heroes and those of my universe. We made it so we’d make sure people in power would never again abuse that power that was given to them. It’s turns out, I chose a good group. We’re planning next to make contacts with my universe’s England. Turns out there’s a world there that has Witches and Wizards that fight Dragons that go out of control. Should be fun, but me and Lui Kang do wonder if we count as Dragons, sense we can summon them... Eh, we’ll figure it out when we get there.”
DWOAH: Byakuya Kuchiki vs Satsuki KiryuinDeadliest warriors of all historyByakuya Kuchiki vs Satsuki KiryuinKnow your place lower class scumByakuya Kuchiki info:Height: 5 foot 11Weight: 141lbsWeapons: Zanpakuto ‘Senbonzakura’, ReiatsuStrengths: As Captain of the 6th Division of Gotei 13 Byakuya is one of the most powerful Shinigami of the Bleach series, Superhuman strength (Easily overpowered early series Ichigo, Matched Ichigo’s Bankai with his own, Damaged Yammy when a Visored Ichigo could barely harm him, Destroyed Aaroniero’s Palace with the sheer shockwave of his Gokei attack), Superhuman durability (As a Shinigami attacks that would outright kill a mortal are considered minor wounds to him, Is unharmed by the shockwaves of his own attacks, Easily shrugged off attacks from both Ichigo’s Bankai and Hollowed form, Was only slightly injured by his fight with Yammy), FTL speeds (Can be considered to be one of the fastest Shinigami in the series, Considered Ichigo to be slow in combat before his use of Bankai, Effortlessly kept up with Zommari in combat, Can keep up with the likes of higher ranked Espada, Fullbringers and Quincy), Is extremely intelligent, The Cherry Blossom Petals brought on by his Bankai are powerful enough to be Weaponized and can even be used to block incoming attacks, Has roughly 150 years of experience.Weaknesses: Can be harmed by his own Bankai so he normally keeps a roughly 85cm space around him that is free of the Petals his Bankai brings, His pride and arrogance can be used against him.Satsuki Kiryuin info:Height: 5 foot 6Weight: 130lbsWeapons: Bakuzan Gako and Bakuzan KoryuStrengths: As Ryuko Matoi’s sister and a Life Fibre Hybrid Satsuki is one of the most powerful characters of the Kill La Kill series, Superhuman strength (Easily matched and bested early series Ryuko in combat, Her power is augmented the more insync she becomes with Junketsu, Was the most powerful student Honnouji Academy before Ryuko’s arrival, Her attacks can cause shockwaves and air pressure that spans several kilometres, Could one shot COVERs without her Junketsu), Superhuman durability (Tanked multiple hits from Ryuko in their fights, Survived the point blank detonation of Honnoji Academy although it nearly killed her, Survived an entire month of near endless torture), MFTL speeds (Effortlessly matched Ryuko in speed, Dodged Ryuko’s Scissor Blade Decapitation Mode at point blank range), Her fighting spirit is powerful enough to down 500 men, Is extremely intelligent, Bested and subjugated all of Japan with near ease.Weaknesses: If the Banshi Threads of her Junketsu she becomes more vulnerable to attack.Battle begin!“How can Rukia stomach using a Gigai? So untasteful” Byakuya scoffed as he walked the streets of Honno City wearing a bespoke suit, the Kuchiki having told Urahara that if he had to wear a Gigai that he would only do so whilst wearing the best clothing humans could offer.Walking down another street taking in what the human world had to offer Byakuya found himself stood in front of a huge Academy, the sign in front of it reading ‘Honnouji Academy’ to which he scoffed again “so this is where humans are taught and trained”.As he turned to walk away he stopped as a sudden rush of Students surrounded him at both sides in two long lines before they all bowed, the sight lightening his mood slightly “at least some humans know how to show respect”.“They bow for me scum!”.Turning to the sound of the voice Byakuya found a Student standing proudly at the end of the bowing line, Satsuki glaring coldly at the Shinigami who simply looked back with disdain in his eyes, Byakuya then huffing and taking a step forward to push through the line of bowing students in front of him only to stop as he even the sharp edge of a Sword against his throat.“You dare try to walk away from me?” the Student President hissed to which Byakuya just continued to look down at her in disdain.“Do not think to threaten me human” Byakuya stated back, a simple warning and the only one she was going to get.Not gracing him with a response, Satsuki decided to make an example of him, simply gripping the hilt of Gako tighter before reeling it back and swinging it forward to behead him.Before the Blade could meet his throat however, Byakuya's Gigai suddenly fell limp and lifeless, falling to the ground as Gako was suddenly stopped midair with the sound of clashing metal “what?” she gasped as she was then suddenly forced back, the Student President quickly activating her Junketsu transforming her uniform into her Life Fibers suit to fully ready herself drawing Koryu as she did so.“I gave you a warning and you failed to heed it, what happens next is of your own doing” she then heard Byakuya’s voice seemingly out of nowhere before he suddenly faded into sight in front of her, his body now clad in Shinigami robes with his Zanpakuto drawn, cherry blossoms falling seemingly from nowhere around him as his eyes pierced hers “be grateful that I allow a lowly human to lay eyes upon me” he stated coldly as he then pointed his Sword forward in challenge.Gritting her teeth in a fury Satsuki surged forward with lightning speed, the sheer force of her kicking off of the ground sending the bowing Students around her flying as she slammed her Weapons against Byakuya’s, the sheer impact of their collision causing the Students behind the Shinigami to go flying as well whilst every window of the Academy shattered.Sparks flying from their Swords both Warriors pushed against each other with enough force to start to crack the concrete beneath them before they both pushed away at the same time, Satsuki jumping a few metres back before suddenly flinching as Byakuya flash stepped in front of her to point his index finger at her forehead to fire a Hado #4: Bakurai.As the Lightning based Hado was fired Satsuki just barely managed to dodge it, turning her head to the side just in time to simply lose a few hairs rather than get the attack point blank between the eyes, the Student immediately retaliating with a whirlwind flurry of her own Blades to which Byakuya sidestepped every swipe showing off his own blinding speed.“Tsk, slow and sloppy” he scoffed as he then flash stepped by her and swung his Zanpakuto single handed at the back of her neck only for Satsuki to suddenly jump back over the Katana, landing deftly behind him and swinging both of her Swords down to which Byakuya spun around to block both of them between his fingers.With her Swords clasped tightly between his fingers he then pointed his digits towards Satsuki “Kido #1: Sho” he stated coldly as a sudden burst of Kinetic Energy shot from his fingers to strike Satsuki hard in the chest, winding her and sending her sliding back on her heels with her eyes wide in surprise.The moment she came to a stop Satsuki then felt her movements being forcefully halted as Byakuya used Bakuyo #61, the Kido Spell forcefully restraining her to which the Shinigami began to casually walk towards her with his Weapon drawn “truly pathetic”.“SILENCE!!!” Satsuki shrieked back as she pushed full force against the Kido Spell, stopping Byakuya in his tracks as his eyes widened in surprise as her sheer fighting spirit began to overwhelm the restraints until the Spell was inevitably shattered, allowing the Kiryuin to surge forward faster than Byakuya could expect leaving him open to her attack.Raking her Blades upwards Satsuki carved them across Byakuya’s chest drawing a heavy spray of blood with both strikes making the Shinigami stare down at Satsuki in sheer surprise “who’s slow now?!” Satsuki snapped as she then raked her Swords downwards only for Byakuya to just barely block them this time causing sparks to fly again, the sheer impact of their Weapons creating a small crater beneath them in the concrete and sending everything around them back several feet.“It appears I may have momentarily misjudged you” the Shinigami replied simply before using another Sho to force Satsuki back away, Byakuya then holding his left arm out towards the Kiryuin to utilize Hado #33: Sokatsui.Within a split second a torrent of blue Flames erupted from the Kuchiki’s hand to wash over everything in front of him, Satsuki gasping in shock at the sheer speed of the attack preventing her from jumping out of the way so instead she decided to take it head on.Gripping the hilts of her Swords tighter she then rushed towards the Flames and started to spin, turning herself into a whirling twister of Blades and death she cut through the Sokatsui, gritting her teeth at the blazing heat of it as her own attack whipped the Flames up, making a twister of supernatural FIre that proceeded to set everything around the Academy ablaze, the students and residents of the area having long since fled since the beginning of the fight leaving the empty buildings and cars to burn.As Satsuki cut through his attack Byakuya flash stepped out of the way feeling the intense heat of the Kiryuin’s Swords now that they were bathed in supernatural Flame, the edges of his robes smouldering as they were narrowly skimmed by both halves of Bakuzan making him tense his jaw in annoyance as he then used Sho several more times to keep Satsuki away.As his Kido Spells kept the Kiryuin at bay Byakuya held his Zanpakuto out with the Blade aimed towards the ground before slowly releasing his grip on the hilt “Scatter Senbonzakura” he uttered as his Blade fell to the ground.Instead of bouncing off of the concrete however the Zanpakuto melted through it as if sinking into water, the ground rippling in a wide circle around Byakuya before thousands of cherry blossoms suddenly erupted from the ground blanketing both him and Satsuki.Then the blossoms began to whirl around mimicking a torrential storm of vibration pink and as they washed over her body Satsuki realised that they were as sharp as Knives, suffering dozens of small shallow cuts along her body and Junketsu making her gasp and exclaim in pain before starting to hack and slash at the blossoms, cutting them out of the air before they could reach her.Watching the woman wildly hacking at his flowers, Byakuya simply closed his eyes and exhaled “Senbonzakura Kageyoshi”.With that the ground below them both began to glow an ethereal blue as dozens if not hundreds of huge Katana Blades then rose from the earth, the Swords levitating up before starting to circle Byakuya in a dome like structure of his Sekei.“You fought valiantly...for a human” the Shinigami stated in a backhanded compliment “but this has gone on for long enough, perish” he then stated coldly as he then began to launch his Sekei Blades at her.Reacting as the Blades came sailing at her Satsuki expertly cut the first few dozen away sending them flying harmlessly behind her before the volley of them picked up speed, forcing her to react and intercept faster and faster, sparks flying as her Blades met his until finally one got through to impale her through the left thigh making her scream in pain.With that moment of faltering Satsuki was left open for the rest of Byakuya’s attack, the Sekei Blades cutting through her body along with her Junketsu’s Banshi Threads, most of the Blades cutting deep into her as they passed by whilst some impaled her through her abdomen, one even severing her left arm leaving the Kiryuin a bloody mess when the attack finally stopped.Despite her grave and obviously fatal wounds Satsuki still refused to fall, slowly raising Koryu with her remaining arm to point it at Byakuya refusing to back down drawing a small amount of respect from the Shinigami, Byakuya giving her a small smirk before suddenly flash stepping behind her, his Zanpakuto reforming in his hand to which he then slowly sheathed.The moment the Blades scabbard met the sheath several slash lines appeared all over Satsuki’s body, the Kiryuin not even having chance to gasp as she was suddenly cut to pieces, the pieces falling to the floor in a gorey pile to which Byakuya simply scoffed and opened a portal to return to Soul Society.Winner: Byakuya KuchikiOk I’m kinda surprised as to how long it’s taken me to touch upon Kill La Kill and it actually took Death Battle’s Ryuko vs Shadow to made me remember that I had a fight for Satsuki ready and waiting with a thumbnail and all.Anyway, why does Byakuya beat Satsuki?Well when it comes to strength and speed Satsuki surprisingly takes the advantage when it comes to raw physical force and outright speed but despite this Byakuya’s arguably greater skill in combat, use of Kido Spells and over a century of experience over the Kiryuin helped him match Satuki’s superior strength and speed.Plus the fact that as a Shinigami wounds that would be debilitating and outright fatal to Satsuki would be either an annoyance or at most a week or so of recovery for Byakuya meaning that even with her superior strength and speed any hits she landed on the Shinigami wouldn’t mean much giving the Kuchiki the win.
Love and Illusions Ch 4 Part 2Disclaimer: I do not own One piece, Naruto, Bleach and Mortal KombatChapter Four: Battle of the ThreeOn the Samurai bridge Sasuke was getting pissed even more than before."I'll crush all of you and the Konoha. Everything!" Sasuke shouted as Kakashi began to realize that Sasuke had became stronger but he sees Sakura was about to kill Sasuke."Sakura don't!" Kakashi shouted as Sakura charges towards Sasuke ready to kill him. She realized she can't due to that fact that Sakura like Sasuke three years ago.Sasuke turns back and grabs Sakura."Sasuke don't!" Kakashi shouted.Suddenly a beam of lighting and a magical staff flew towards Sasuke which he jumps back, while Naruto grabs Sakura which Sasuke sees Jade, Naruto and Aizen."Jade. Naruto." Sakura replied as Naruto puts Sakura down while Aizen and Jade are in front of the two and the magical staff flew back towards Jade which she caught it in her hand. He approaches towards the magical warrior and the traitor."You're timing is better I expected but you guys saved her." Kakashi replied."Sasuke. You need to Naruto is going say to you." Jade replied."Thanks Jade. Sasuke. You and Sakura are both members of team 7." Naruto replied."Former member. In my case." Sasuke replied."You must realize Naruto now. He's not the Sasuke you know. Not anymore." Kakashi replied."Sasuke. Madara told me the about Itachi. I don't know if he was lying but it doesn't matter. What you're been doing. I get it." Naruto replied as Jade and Aizen looks at him."What could you possibly understand. What can you know that any family members know about it. Why don't you just shut up!" Sasuke shouted.'He went completely insane.' Jade thought to herself."I did it just a while ago. I finally revenge on Itachi and mostly Danzo." Sasuke replied.'What. He got Danzo too' Kakashi thought to himself."I never felt this before. I can feel the tainted Uchiha blood flowing through me which is becoming cleansed. Becoming free from this world. Isn't exactly what you three wanted all along. You had always repudiated the Uchiha. I'll help erase the Uchiha from your memories by crushing all of you and destroying both Konoha and Mahō village itself.'This guy is ten times worse than me in the past.' Aizen thought."The severing of all bonds is the ultimate purification. And that shall leaf to the Uchiha's true restoration." Sasuke replied.'Hatred. It is a history of repeated. Which Fennikusu had held but now created Sasuke before us.' Kakashi thought.'Jade. Naruto. Sasuke' Sakura thought."Jade. Naruto. Aizen. Leave this to me." Kakashi replied as Naruto, Jade and Aizen approaches towards Sasuke."Just a little more and I'll know the answer. I can feel it. Kakashi sensei please let me, and Jade along with Aizen do this. I'm almost there and I almost got it." Naruto replied as Sasuke took out his Katana."So you three are next." Sasuke replied."Jade be careful. Don't die on me this time." Fennikusu replied."Aizen. You need to use your Zanpakuto and Hados for this fight." Jade replied."I'll find the answer in this fight." Naruto replied as Sasuke smirked evilly and was ready to attack the trio."I'm going make sure that traitor goes first before you or Jade will be next." Sasuke replied as Jade used her magical staff to summon fire which Sasuke dodged it."Raikohou!" Aizen shouted as he shoots lighting from his hand. While Naruto keeps fighting Sasuke while Jade and Aizen are supporting him.The three flew back with their weapons in their hands and Sasuke took out his Katana to fight them.Jade charges at Sasuke first with her magical staff which she attacks him first."So You're protecting that monster who tried to destroy Katakura Town and Soul Society in the past." Sasuke replied."The monster who you. Sasuke. You killed Dagger's lover Itachi who is your brother. And you killed Danzo. Aizen is not a monster unlike you." Jade answered."I see so you're in love with him. After the things he did to you in the past. Did you forget that he tried controlling you trying to make you kill your friends." Sasuke replied."Yeah. But I ended up breaking Aizen's spell that he put on his zanpakuto Kyoka Suigetsu. I did defeated him but I let him live that Ichigo can fight him off due to the Hyogoku in Aizen. Somewhere later Aizen will change after encountering him. After years of training for three years the me and Naruto completed. Sasuke no matter you talk about vengeance. No matter how hard you try to leave us. That the bond that took so hard to put on. Is isn't something you can't server that easily." Jade replied as she began fighting Sasuke along with Naruto and Aizen."I still don't get why you do this. That Snake Bastard is using you as a puppet just like Fennikusu is doing is to me." Jade replied as Sasuke is about to Chidori on Jade but Naruto came in to use Rasengan which wounded Sasuke a little."You two are going to become Hokage and Mahoukage. If you two got me chasing around. You should use it on your training instead. Right. Jade Naruto." Sasuke replied as Jade uses her magical staff to use Dark flames on him with steel feathers combined on him."You think either me or Jade can save a friend could ever becoming Hokage and Mahoukage. Do you Sasuke." Naruto replied as Aizen uses his Zanpakuto Kyoka Suigetsu on Sasuke."Last time. I spared both of your lives but this time. I'll kill you two along with Aizen." Sasuke replied.The trio stands and faces Sasuke after the fighting. Which they began charging at Sasuke using their weapons on Sasuke which he clashes his katana at them. Sasuke began fighting Naruto along with Jade who is tag teaming with him when Jade jumps back that Sasuke uses his fire breathing jutsu on her Aizen switches places with Jade and began fighting Sasuke. The Uchiha kicks Aizen in the face causing him to flew back but Aizen landed on his feet. Sasuke came behind Aizen which Aizen dodges his attacks from Sasuke's sword."Aizen!" Jade shouted as Sasuke makes his katana turned into a lighting sword which he tries to cut Aizen but the traitor uses his hands to stop the blade from cutting him."Aizen Now!" Jade shouted as Aizen uses his abilities. Which he pushes Sasuke back and tries to attack him.Sasuke slices Aizen but he realized Aizen used Kyoka Suigetsu on him."Hado # 99 Goryūtenmetsu!" Aizen shouted as he summons a large purple dragon and hits Sasuke with great power. Causing the Uchiha to fell on the second floor of the river which Jade, Aizen and Naruto landed on the river.Sasuke shields his katana back and use Chidori."It's time to end this." Sasuke replied as Naruto began using Rasengan, Jade uses her dark flames power and Aizen using his kido.They began charging at Sasuke."You know Sasuke. Me, Jade and I. Our roles could of been reversed." Naruto replied as the powers combined into one to defeat Sasuke.Which Naruto and Jade began talking to Sasuke."Sasuke. Do you remember? Konoha and Jade's village hated me and Jade. Which we hated them back. If that happens me and Jade would of end up like you and Fennikusu." Naruto replied."Especially Aizen the most since he betrayed Soul Society." Jade replied."I was alone just like Jade but I felt there was someone like me and Jade. I was happy. I wanted to be your friend be around you but I didn't. I was jealous of you. You were good at everything. So I decided you'll be my rival. You were my goal. You were always have been. I had nothing but I built bonds which. Jade became my friend that she had a similar past like mine. Even though she hated you from the beginning. And then in our missions as team 7. I kept chasing after you. I wanted to be like you. So Sasuke so I never actually said it before but. But me and Jade are happy for you." Naruto replied."Naruto no matter what you said. I'm not changing. I'm still going to destroy each and every person in Konoha and Maho including You two and Aizen. Either defeat me and become the heroes who saved the village or fall to me and just to be known as a pitiful loser. Those are your only choices." Sasuke replied."We're not going to be losers or the heroes who defeated you. Me and Naruto won't let that happen." Jade replied.Sasuke was wounded due the battle along with Jade, Naruto and Aizen.Sasuke completely used his sharingan too much after the fight he had. Jade can felt pain and her magical powers drained and Aizen used huge amount of kido that drained his soul reaper powers.Suddenly a masked man appeared in front of Sasuke."I thought I told you to get some rest." Tobi replied."Madara." Aizen replied."Nine tails, Dark Phoenix. Aizen. I'll make sure you guys can fight properly later. For now retreat." Tobi replied as he approaches to Sasuke."Wait. Before you go. There is something I need to you." Aizen replied as he stands up and approaches."The battle you Jade had with Jade and Naruto. They were trying to save you from Orochimaru before turning you in his puppet. You killed Danzo and try to destroy both of the villages. I did the same thing in the past after fusing myself with the Hyogoku when I try to destroy Katakura town. If you try to destroy both of the villages you have fight me along with Jade. I will use my Zanpakuto against you if you try." Aizen replied as Sasuke got angry that Aizen said to him."Why do you care so much now?" Sasuke asked."Because I used to be like you in the past. After all the things I did in the past that I'm trying to redeem myself from doing that I completely understand you. The reason why I know that because Jade and Naruto told me about you. No matter what Naruto will never give up on you yet." Aizen answered"I won't change and I don't want to understand you either and I don't plan on being killed. You, Jade and Naruto will be able to die." Sasuke replied."Aizen. Stop. I'll take of Sasuke. You are trying to redeem yourself after the things you did in the past. There's no need for you to go down on Sasuke." Kakashi replied."How can I be redeemed if I'm trying save someone who almost killed by Sasuke. This time I'm going to fight him." Aizen replied."Fine. You'll be the first to be killed." Sasuke replied."Since I know you don't have respect me you did you the same thing with Naruto and Jade." Aizen replied."The conversation is over let's go Sasuke." Tobi replied as he and Sasuke began vanishing."Madara. I'll talk to you later." Sasuke replied as the two disappeared."I will defeat you. Sasuke." Aizen replied as He, Jade, Sakura and Kakashi headed back to the Konoha.
Not Dead Fish headSummary: Jade aka Scarletokami75 takes her friends to a sushi restaurant to celebrate that school is finally out. They got a platter of sushi and Sashimi but Jafar got something on his plate that grossed him out.Disclaimer: I do not ownI do not own Batman vs Dracula, Total Drama Island, Bleach, JJBA, Hercules and Aladdin.Warnings: This story is rated PG due to some language.Jade, Dracula, Leshawna, Gwen, Aizen, Kars, Marceline, Jafar, and Hades were in the sushi restaurant to celebrate that school is finally out for the entire summer. Which they order a sushi and Sashimi platter with a couple of drinks.When the waitress brings out a food they ordered. Which they were happy but Jafar the eighteen year old who has black long hair, facial hair and wore casual clothes has a bowl of sashimi with a fish head on it."Um... Guys I think I don't want to eat now." Jafar replied."Why is that. Jafar?" Hades asked."Because I got a dead fish head on my bowl!" Jafar answered as Jade, Dracula and her friends sees his food on the bowl. It was Sashimi with a fish head on it."Geez Jafar did u order something wrong?" Hades asked."No. It was probably miscommunication. I never been in a sushi restaurant" Jafar answered as the fish head began to breathe which it freaked Jafar completely."Oh my God.!" Jafar screamed."Oh don't be such a sissy. The fish is probably breathing due to the salt that it got put on." Hades answered as the fish head continues to breathe again which Jafar screamed again while Jade, Dracula, Leshawna, Gwen and Marceline laughed at this while Kars and Aizen watched as entertainment."Is the fish still alive?" Jafar asked as the fish head breath again which he got scared again. The waitress came over to see the communication."I can't do this." Jafar replied as he grabs the bowl with a fish head on it."Please take it. I don't want anymore."Jafar begged as the waitress grabs the fish head bowl from him and walks away with it.Jade still snickers at him that Jafar freaked out that the fish head scared him."That's not funny." Jafar replied."Yes it is." Jade replied."I agree with her. The fish did freaked you out." Aizen replied as he drinks his tea.Jafar got over it but at least he can celebrate with Jade and her friends.Owari
Shirosaki Viking AU for Shadow Thorne by blackstorm
BLEACH : The Bet by blackstorm
BLEACH: Gangsta Grimmjow commission by blackstorm
BLEACH: Abarai Renji -How do I look?- by blackstorm
Greetings from the seashore - Orihime by Jeanette-Black
Somebody to Love by Jeanette-Black
Rukia Bankai by chiyaransu
Girl like you by Jeanette-Black
Doujinshi, Fan Manga and overall comics 3
Pokemon Fusion by swirlheart
Close Shave by swirlheart
Spot On Solution by swirlheart
Laundry 2nd Attempt by swirlheart
OTHER No Naruto or other anime shows here

Mature Content

Apricos x King Vegeta x Melona by BlueGraves7

Mature Content

Zangya - TIME RESORT HAVEN (blue skin) by BlueGraves7

Mature Content

Haineko x Rangiku - TIME RESORT HAVEN by BlueGraves7
[CM]: Rangiku Matsumoto and Katen Kyokotsu by KrazyKamikaze44
Manga Colorings
Lilynette (manga coloring) by Rinka-tyan
Bleach - No Breathes For Hell by SilverCore94
Kuchiki Byakuya / Scatter Senbonzakura! by DrawQuesito
Neliel Bleach by davidlineart
Inktober2k16: Yachiru's Halloween! by RammsteinManson

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