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Arthas: ''Any spot for the 5th Horseman?''

By BlckFeatHeR
Initially , this Concept should only compose of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse (War, Death, Fury, and Strife) from the Darksiders Games (by Vigil Games, THQ, and newly acquired by Nordic Games), but a sudden spark in my head gives me another idea and instead I put a character, which seems to be look-alike/related somehow.

In this situation, Arthas Menethil (from Warcraft~by Blizzard Entertainment) asking War (from Darksiders 1) a question..
(I guess it will be nice, because~War, Death, Fury, Strife, and raising back the Dead.... that is total apocalypse)

*I'm really reluctant, on puting some shades of Blue, on Arthas, since everytime I review the Cinematic from the old Warcraft 3 (on his Betrayal, such a tragic event fallen to him).. his Cloak, only have shades of Black (I guess only as Game Avatar)

*I did not play any Darksiders Game or WoW... only Warcraft 3

NOTE: "why is it evertime, I review the HTML on some of my Post, It has generated a random/nuisance HTML codes added, which I originally did not put?"
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MS Paint


*If ever, please don't use this image without my permission..
(please give respect to your fellow Deviant Artists, who submit there OWN Work/Concepts/Style)


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