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Kirby's 30th Anniversary!!

Kirby's Big Day! 30th Anniversary! by BlazingStarO, visual art

DB 9 Art - The Land of Mist
Borbs Unite!

Ethonian Love uwu


Sunset love by Void-Dreaming, visual art

Artist // Digital Art
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My Bio

✥●~"Keep moving forward, no matter what! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ"~●✥

♠︎ ENFP | Female | Ace ♠︎

The Ace of Spades, Jack of all Trades


The name's Tessa Wind! I'm a humble digital artist and writer looking to get my art out there into the world for everyone to enjoy! I specialize in my own unique anthropomorphic character style, along with various other styles that I can do- like Kirby!

While I've got loads of projects to keep myself occupied, there are other things that I enjoy doing besides drawing! Like chilling with my buds over Discord, playing video games, going out for a bike ride... So much I love to do, especially explore new places! Travel runs deep in my veins, and so venturing to new parts of my home country, and even beyond that truly excite me!

Of course, I venture into lands of fiction on a daily basis, exploring new worlds and ways to tell a story that is most impactful! Some say that I've got a Pixar-esque style to my writing where I'm always out of the box. In fact, where's the box? Hmm... I may have stuffed it with clothes or something, PFFFFF-

Anyhow, I'm fun-loving, and focus strongly on being positive and encouraging to others! My goal is to spread happiness and joy across the internet, and teach stories that touch on troubles of the heart!

Currently I'm working on a fan webcomic saga named "Dreams of the Stars", taking place in the universe of Kirby and featuring my own characters, and a few familiar faces too!

I hope you enjoy what I have to share! Until then, see ya around!

WJ | Pixel | Blaize in action!

(Pen) Name: Tessa Wind

DOB: February 17th, 1997 [Year of the Fire Ox | Aquarius]

Favorite color range: Cyan/Teal/Aqua Blue/Seafoam green

Fuel: Black Tea, Hot Cocoa, Strawberry soda, Dr. Pepper, Ginger Ale

Main Fandoms: Kirby

Some favorite VG franchises: Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, Pokémon (Main, PMD), Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Undertale, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, Sly Cooper, Ōkami, and many more!

Currently running series: Dreams of the Stars (ONGING) | World Jumpers (WIP)

Halted series: Falling Fates (overhaull)

The Traveler

Favourite Movies
Favourite TV Shows
Hoshi no Kaabii, InuYasha, DuckTales (OG & Reboot), Steven Universe, Voltron, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, The Mandalorian,and more!
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Imagine Dragons, Two Steps From Hell, Demon Hunter, and many indie artists across the internet!
Favourite Games
FRANCHISES: Kirby (given), Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, Sly Cooper, Uncharted, Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Kingdom Hearts, Spyro (original), Super Smash Brothers series, anD mORE
Favourite Gaming Platform
NinTEnDO SwITCH bAAYYYYBEEEEE! Oh and Playstation/ Nintendo consoles in general! D&D and PC <3
Tools of the Trade
Wacom Intous Comic tablet (medium; cyan). Currently using Clip Studio Paint EX!
Other Interests
Outdoors, biking, hiking, animals and animal rescue/rehabilitation <3

Which of the following are you most thankful for today?

33 votes
My family
My friends
My pet(s)
Having food/clean water always available
My favorite content creators
Breathable oxygen
Bread. Just bread
Video games maintaining my sanity/serotonin
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Your stuff looks interesting, and it seems we have some interests in common ^^ ( Especially R&C 👀)

Your art looks amazing as well! Watching your profile now ^,^

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Says you who started this drama in the first place. I didn't get involved until you involved my friends and family. Your mistake.

You got nothing on me, kid. Go find a real hobby, like maybe sewing or collecting bottlecaps. Maybe then your mother would approve of you.

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Well hi! Yes, you did indeed start this! What an amazing realization. Like, how on earth is Koku a "drama monarch" when you literally started this. Dude. XD

And, y'know, the drama would stop if you'd, I dunno, stop? Like please? I'd like a week without having to hear about you omg. I have better things to do, like live my life.

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At least my parents love me. Apparently yours don't love you enough to teach you proper manners.

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