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About Digital Art / Artist Tessa Wind21/Female/United States Groups :iconwoodlandsofthebrave: WoodlandsOfTheBrave
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Free to use: Togekiss Icon ! by Akane-Churi
Just a bit of what I enjoy. C:
Inside my favorites gallery is a folder titled "Handy-How-To's"; in there you'll find a bunch of helpful tutorials on various drawing techniques, coding magic, as well as basics such as anatomy. I hope it will assist you on your journey through artistry! :dummy:
Kicky Kirby by art4aliens


  • Listening to: Kirby Fighters: Big Forest (Kirby: TD) Extended
  • Watching: Various dumb videos on YouTube
  • Playing: Kirby: Planet Robobot, SSB4 Wii U
  • Eating: Spicy Chicken Ramen
  • Drinking: Vanilla Chai tea


Aaaaah, you all should drop by her page and wish her a good one! :dummy:
Heheeee, I'm plotting something special for ya, Mitchie. :3c THERE IS NO STOPPING ME, AHAHAHA! Stay tuned for that!

Ahhh man... it's been so long, my twinsie! We've known each other for many long years now, and that's only going to continue onward! What will life have in store for you throughout this next year of your life? Exciting new adventures, new people, perhaps... even a new place to stick your roots into? We shall see! A new year in one's life is a new chapter, a new wave of memories to be made, a new adventure yet to be told. This is going to be a wonderful chapter of your story, I swear it! Keep on braving the storm, and you will emerge stronger than a hurricane. Most importantly, stay true to yourself and do not let anything change or twist you into something you're not. Stress can really bring out the darker sides of oneself-- I know from experience. Don't let it consume you like it nearly did me, okay? I love you so much, Mitchie! Stay strong, and always remember that I've got your back! You are never alone. :heart::heart:

In other news, today is also my sixth year anniversary here on dA! Despite being gone for a while, I'm making my grand comeback today, and with something new, mysterious, and exciting! I'm proud to present to you an entirely finished prologue to my new comic series! But first... I must introduce you to some of the main characters, of course! :dummy: Prepare for a flood of art!

Enjoy, and best of wishes to my twin, Mitchie, on this lovely summer day! :heart:
-Tessa Wind


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Tessa Wind
Artist | Digital Art
United States
Free to use: Togekiss Icon ! by Akane-Churi
Gift: Ryuichi Fluffbutt Walk Cycle by FayeleneFyre
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BlazingStarO's Weasyl BlazingStarO's Wattpad BlazingStarO's YouTube BlazingStarO's Instagram BlazingStarO's Twitter World Jumpers' Tumblr BlazingStarO's Livestream BlazingStarO's Etsy

"Keep moving forward, no matter what!"


— Tessa Wind (BlazingStarO) February 17, 2017

FIXED SIlver Idle by LucarioShirona
Hiya! I'm Tessa Wind! Welcome to my page!

I'm a multi-medium artist who likes geeky things and drawing dumb, hilarious stuff with my large variety of characters! In addition I'm a writer and aspiring author of an incredibly large saga project I call "World Jumpers." In my gallery you'll find all kinds of fandom art, primarily Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Undertale, Ratchet & Clank, with bits of Kingdom Hearts and of course... a lot of Kirby! :dummy:

Along with my long spurts of fandom art, I primarily draw original art and characters! :heart:

Anywho, I hope you enjoy my works! Should you comment often, I look forward to getting to know you!

May winds of favor blow at your back!
-Tessa Wind

Kirby Spining GIF Animation by Num-Kirby
Silver Snap Finger by LucarioShirona

CUSTOM | Pokeball bullet- Togekiss by BlazingStarO A big gaming nerd!
CUSTOM | Pokeball bullet- Togekiss by BlazingStarO Enjoys Undertale, Pokémon, Ratchet & Clank, Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, and most certainly Kirby.
CUSTOM | Pokeball bullet- Togekiss by BlazingStarO Finally, the singlest pringle in the Single Pringle Club.

Nebby by f-sonic

(FREE) strawberry battlefields forever by SqdPxl

:CO: BlazingstarO by taigress ::P.Com:: Blaze Blinky by Libra-Dragoness P.Com: Tora Chibi Pixel Doll by Libra-Dragoness comission chibi pixel icon : ace by HuatayFoxy
Com: Iko Walk Cycle by FayeleneFyre MANIACAL SWORD SWING OF JUSTICE by FayeleneFyre

Where else you may find me!

Pokeball bullet- Ultra Ball by BlazingStarO :iconblazingstaro: CUSTOM | Pokeball bullet- Togekiss by BlazingStarO :iconblazingstaroftime: CUSTOM | Pokeball bullet- Togekiss by BlazingStarO Ren | Bouncy pixel animation! by BlazingStarOfTime Pokeball bullet- Ultra Ball by BlazingStarO

Some of my buddies!

Bottle- Red Fairy by BlazingStarO:iconm1tchi3du5k::iconbluecean::iconfayelenefyre::iconbrenny-girl::iconrancidire: Bottle- Red Fairy by BlazingStarO
Bottle- Blue Fairy by BlazingStarO:iconshadowwolf14::iconaxe-cell::iconstr-lite::icondefenderseven: Bottle- Blue Fairy by BlazingStarO
Bottle- Red Fairy by BlazingStarO:iconblackdawngaming::iconevantheeevee::iconbellofvictory::iconmushroommelons: Bottle- Red Fairy by BlazingStarO


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