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Existing ideas spark new ones.
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Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar Disorder
Rarely are all of these separate things.
Ready or not, the cycles start again.
Brittney King - 07 Dec 2018
:iconblazingfirebug:BlazingFireBug 1 7
Huge upward winds that rise,
Yearning to touch the sun,
Peek out from within.
Eagerly, they jump out
Raging on like a hurricane,
Manifesting bluntly
As an episode of raw, enraged anxiety.
Normal functions are a thing of the past
In this state of turmoil,
As life is set to warp speeds.
Brittney - 07 Dec 2018
:iconblazingfirebug:BlazingFireBug 2 0
Subtle little thoughts that
Ultimately cause catastrophic destruction
Infest the minds of those
Crazy people who have problems with their self image.
Infection like a cancer that becomes
Deeper and deeper
Embedded within those who are afflicted.
Brittney King - 07 Dec 2018
:iconblazingfirebug:BlazingFireBug 3 0
Around The Corner by BlazingFireBug Around The Corner :iconblazingfirebug:BlazingFireBug 7 7 Royal Diamonds by BlazingFireBug Royal Diamonds :iconblazingfirebug:BlazingFireBug 7 0
Never Ending
Never Ending
In the dark sat he
Who made no sound.
A maddened soul set free
From the chains that once bound.
A ghastly, ghoulish sight
Ever to behold.
As creature of the night,
His fate to grow old.
Consume the flesh,
Drink of the blood.
In the sun does he thresh,
In the moon does he bud.
He waits for the moment
To pounce on his prey.
A trove of bestowment,
That forced him to slay.
Soulless depression
In his eyes does rest.
A starving obsession
That he does detest.
A curse he once relished,
Now a burden he must bear,
Has left him embellished
In a deep state of despair.
Oh the thoughts we conceive
When children we be.
Immortality we believe
Will let us roam free.
Ah, but aging forever
To lose all that you love
Is a grievous endeavor
And a real hard shove.
Human he once was,
Painted with a smile.
Now he’s caked with blood,
Wicked, evil, and vile.
A curse’d man he is,
Never to reach his death.
A broken heart like this,
To never take his last breath.
Brittney King
28 Nov 2018
:iconblazingfirebug:BlazingFireBug 4 0
Down To Earth Diner by BlazingFireBug Down To Earth Diner :iconblazingfirebug:BlazingFireBug 11 0 A Hand In The Sky (v.2) by BlazingFireBug A Hand In The Sky (v.2) :iconblazingfirebug:BlazingFireBug 9 6 A Hand In The Sky (v.1) by BlazingFireBug A Hand In The Sky (v.1) :iconblazingfirebug:BlazingFireBug 27 9 Hungry Boys by BlazingFireBug Hungry Boys :iconblazingfirebug:BlazingFireBug 32 8 Peaceful Coloring Book - Circles Edition by BlazingFireBug Peaceful Coloring Book - Circles Edition :iconblazingfirebug:BlazingFireBug 14 10 Build Your Own Light Ray Brush Set by BlazingFireBug Build Your Own Light Ray Brush Set :iconblazingfirebug:BlazingFireBug 47 8
Neglect disguised as love and care,
A dead heart full of disdain.
Rage masquerading as a mother,
Cancer that rots your veins.
Scrutinizing all but herself.
Soliciting respect where none can be given.
Image of self extremely skewed.
Sabotage by broken perceptions, driven.
Terribly unbelievable.
Brittney King
13 April 2018
:iconblazingfirebug:BlazingFireBug 11 0
Add Some Light by BlazingFireBug Add Some Light :iconblazingfirebug:BlazingFireBug 16 17
Manic Depression
Manic Depression
Up in the clouds
With eagles I soar!
I can do all I want,
And even more!
Up in the vast sky,
I feel so energetic!
The sun pulls me in -
It’s almost magnetic!
But then it burns me,
And down I fall... fall... fall...
Deep into the darkness,
I can see nothing at all.
It’s cold here.
No feelings to be known.
Is this hell?
...Or just my own...?
Below in the silence,
I’m broken, in the pit.
In stillness and staleness,
Alone, here I sit.
I ponder my life, my choices,
And feel so... dead.
I’m numb and I’m tired...
I can’t escape my head.
In desperation,
I dig at the walls.
Dirt under my nails.
Can anyone hear my calls?
Just as I feel swallowed up,
I can see the sky again!
Sunshine on my face,
Warmth on my skin!
A smile slowly spreads
Across my face, into my eyes!
I spread my wings
And head for the skies!
Up in the air
With eagles I soar!
I have all I want;
I need no more!
Full of life I fly,
Happy as the days are long!
Should I touch the sun
:iconblazingfirebug:BlazingFireBug 10 2
The Times Are Changing
The Times Are Changing
Now are the times I never hoped to see,
People are changing and expect the same from me.
Logical foundations are not of their concern,
Emotion is the factor, that’s the best I can discern.
Their decisions should not affect the rest;
The population: a hive-mind mentality at best.
People, which is how I see them all,
Try to take my freedoms and push me up against a wall.
“You can’t” and “You shouldn’t” are messages I don’t hear.
Don’t tell me what I think, nor tell me what I fear.
This generation, and those who choose their path,
Are facing a mirror that consumes them with a wrath.
They don’t see the world in 4K quality,
As they walk around in their virtual reality.
They think everyone is out to cause them harm,
I’d like to take them by the hand and wrap them in my arm.
While I do understand what they feel inside,
I can’t say that I’m along for their ride.
I don’t agree, won’t
:iconblazingfirebug:BlazingFireBug 9 2
Here in this section, you'll find some of my newest works of art. I do appreciate and welcome constructive criticism. I want to better my abilities and learn all that I can! :D


Burn Out the Night by wytherwing
Mature content
Burn Out the Night :iconwytherwing:wytherwing 663 253
After Midnight by wytherwing
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After Midnight :iconwytherwing:wytherwing 2,778 934
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Hear No Evil :iconrobf4:RobF4 25 25
La solitudine by CharllieeArts La solitudine :iconcharllieearts:CharllieeArts 77 42 Kindred by FrostAlexis Kindred :iconfrostalexis:FrostAlexis 270 79 From Nav by nkyvi
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From Nav :iconnkyvi:nkyvi 23 6
Lighthouse by tatasz Lighthouse :icontatasz:tatasz 99 6 dimensions... by edinaB dimensions... :iconedinab:edinaB 186 19 Virus [Nr000282] by fotoperamore Virus [Nr000282] :iconfotoperamore:fotoperamore 24 1
I just love these works of art by my fellow DeviantArt members!



Bubble Gum by lpeters Bubble Gum :iconlpeters:lpeters 2,792 375 Sparkles in Space by MindStep Sparkles in Space :iconmindstep:MindStep 123 27 Space One by Walterpp Space One :iconwalterpp:Walterpp 50 13
Some of the things I want to buy when I get the chance! :D



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Brittney King
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hey, everyone! I'm Brittney. I have loved all kinds of art my entire life. As I grew up, like so many others, I was conditioned to believe art was simply the designated fine arts. Now, I believe that anything and everything is art in some way of its own, as my personal definition for what art is has grown. I search for beauty in all things and I appreciate every aspect of life. My lifelong dream is to be a respected, successful freelancer (and maybe instructor) in the world of art and design. I know I have a lot of work to do to get there, but I'm determined to, despite what may try to stand in my way. If I never do achieve my dream, that just means that I have something to work for until I expire, keeping me busy, entertained, and pushing my self to always improve. I really appreciate all the support I've received from everyone who has interacted with my profile or myself over the few years I've been here. It helps push me harder toward my goals.

Suspend it stamp by Aotar Spirit Day. by Hurricane-Hannah For Those in the Community or Those Supporting by endler :thumb556714294:

Let Your Colors Show by BlazingFireBug Happiness Is Free by BlazingFireBug

[Stamp] Gratitude by Creepiest Give a llama, get a llama by AskGooroo I Love My Watchers by BlazingFireBug

Canon User Stamp by iZgo


If anyone is missing me here, I'm sorry I've been a ghost for so long... I will eventually get back to the DeviantArt grind. I'm just dealing with some personal issues right now. 
I'm so sorry, everyone. I will eventually reply to everyone's comments and favorites and such. I am just really busy with helping my husband prepare for finals and dealing with business at the office of our apartment complex. I am not upset at anyone and I'm not running away. lol

Also, everyone can expect to see a new deviation in my gallery very soon! It's pretty great! It is a free "adult" coloring book with 20 different circular mandalas, all different! The coloring pages could be colored by older children, too. Nothing inappropriate! I'm just waiting on my sister to finish testing them and coloring a few for the "promotional" preview and examples. I have plans for other pages, too! I talk about that in the book! For anyone interested, just keep an eye out!
If anyone is missing me on here, I'm sorry I've been absent. I'm currently in the process of moving and super busy. I'll be back to posting and replying a little more often sometime next week, hopefully.
I can't believe it! I just checked my stats, and I have 101 watchers now! I never thought this day would come! (I know that's a relatively small number, but for me, it's a major accomplishment!) Thank you everyone who watches me! You are all awesome!
Today is my birthday, as such, it wasn't all bad. I've had some really good things happen. And for that, I am grateful.  I did, however, experience a very negative instance regarding someone who never fails to tell me Happy Birthday himself, but hasn't. It hurts badly, but I'm getting past it. (Birthdays are a very big deal and hold a lot of meaning for me.) I just wanted to say that everyone who has wished me a Happy Birthday and/or given me a cake badge has really helped me get through this difficult moment and feel appreciated! Thank you all so much! I really appreciate all of you, including those who may still say happy birthday after I post this. :D :squee: :happybounce: :love:


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