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So I've already said much of what I wanted to say here:

Net Neutrality by BlazingFire909

Here's some links if you would like to join the protest or contribute to the cause:

Sign the petition here!
Here's a petition!
The official protest page

We are just weeks away from an FCC vote tokill net neutrality. Only Congress can stop it.

The button above may not work, but it's on the official website. This is our country and our voice. We need them to make our decisions, not theirs.
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So I've been kind of playing around with everything (just a heads up if it looks like my art style is going through some sort of mid-life crisis), and I want some advice on some things.

First of all, I'm using an old Wacom Bamboo Fun (2010 model) that I got as a gift. However, I was wondering if I should upgrade to an Intuos Pro tablet. Is it very worth it? I've had people tell me to get the Intuos (which is $300 dollars) and others tell me to use the Huion (which is $80). I've also seen on the website right now that there's a sale going on where the Intuos tablet's much cheaper than normal. I was wondering if I should spring for it? A drawing tablet is not the only thing I'm trying to buy right now so price is a huge consideration for me.

I also have been wondering about animation programs for the computer? I have plenty of free drawing programs that I am happy with, but I was wondering what free animation programs there are that I can handle? I have Pencil 2D and Synfig right now but I haven't taken time to try and learn how to use them. Synfig seems kind of complicated so I want to know what other programs I can use to ease my way into animating?
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Nuu Nuu Nuu I know. I haven't been here since 2013. How's it going? Not that it matters since I don't have a presence on here yet, but I'm back again! (Sort of)

So at the moment, I have no clue how often I'll post something (probably not too often). No worries, I have been making art of course. In fact, I have more art on my Miiverse account if anyone wants to check that out (Which... also has a hiatus since I haven't been able to play the Wii U that often). I might put up some art I've done over the last few years. I have gotten so much better at drawing than 4 years ago, so it won't be super cringy (yay)!
:-? (Confused) 
What am I planning to do? As I've said before, I may put up some of my old art I made over my break from here. I may also put up some Miiverse work here too. However, right now I am swamped with art requests stemming from last December (whoops:shifty:) so who knows how much New newNew  art will be made. Will reboot my original fanfiction series? That's also a maybe. I'm less afraid of copyright problems, as I always credit of course, and I know Sega is pretty lax on fanmade stuff. I initially left because I was afraid that fan arts would have a high chance of being copyrighted (I'm not saying they're not of course). However, I do not do the illegal fanarts (such as tracing, etc.). I make original artworks, so I'm more confident about it. Finally, I'm redesigning my character, because I don't like her design. I mean it's not like I'm using her in any stories or anything, but it's just a fun little persona. Plus, my friend and I want to draw each other's OCs and I don't like mine AND I want her to be more original in design but still be in the Mobian-art style. So, yeah.

I probably still won't be super active, but maybe I will. Right now, I have things to draw, music sheets to make, and summer homework to be done! I think I've fainted. Screw homework :P 
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Y'know? Everyone talks about "fitting in". But, has anyone thought that NO ONE does?:| (Blank Stare)
Weeeelllll, there is no fitting in if you look at it.:shifty:Everyone has different clothes (unless it's a uniform, being a whole other subject!), different hair color and styles, unique styles, varying hand writting and signatures, different likes, dislikes, and a million other qualities! If there was a "fitting in", then everyone would look the same, feel the same,Stare ... O-okay you get it.

Life would be creepy if everyone was the same.Stare Living beings are all different! It makes life interesting! Of course, many, MANY people don't notice. =P (Razz)
Bullying just ticks me off soooooooooooooooo much. Rage They're just hurting inside! Bullies try to make themselves feel better. But it doesn't help when they learn what the victim does after. Isolation, not talking, and EVEN SUICIDE! Nuu How would it feel if you were the one who made someone commit suicide? Oh Noes! Yeah, makes it worse.

Everyone should know the Golden Rule. "Treat people the way you want to be treated." Well, if you feel down, don't spread it. Compliment someone! Confused Hug someone (As along as it's not weird.)Huggle!! Even a smile! You'll make someone else's day, and it'll even make you feel better. Or you could talk to an adult.

You know, if you don't report it, and let it continue, you're just making it worse.
Well, you know my Fantasy Land series, how I only have one chapter of one story? I'm not sure if I want to finish it.:( (Sad)  It's just that, my mood's been a bit uneasy, ever since I began posting things about my fan series. Yes, I've been bothered for a few days. So, I won't be making anything new, for a while. I might delete the first chapter even... So, I'll just be hanging out.:( (Sad) 
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HEY!! Okay, I give up on getting answers.Waaaah! Anyway, most of my art/stories will be about my perspective of the video game world, Fantasy Land! Me and my bro have had this idea since we were little. We'd make up little stories, but I will be putting up my own stories, only. The ones I put up will only be ones I have in my head (To me, they're that memorable!Love ). Look forward to the map I've made! You might not see it right away...:| (Blank Stare) 
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  • Watching: Pokemon Galactic Battles, and Disney Channel
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I'm new here, and some things were a bit confusing... Sweating a little... So please answer with a comment. PLEASE?

1.Can I post fan-stuff about Sonic as long as I mention the cannon characters belong to SEGA? (And  Pokemon to Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokemon Company)

2.Is there a size limit when writing fanfics? Lately my drafts have been long...

3.How do I create a group?

4.How do I sort artwork? (Once I post something...)

Actually, that's it. Huh. 
:| (Blank Stare)