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Undertember 3- Napstablook by BlazingFire909 Undertember 3- Napstablook by BlazingFire909
Napstablook Napstablook Icon :napstablook: Dancablook Icon Napstablook *Here comes Napstablook. [Transparent]It's mah Blooky! Awe!Blooky-animated-27 I love Blooky. I probably relate to him a little too hard, but eh. He's adorable.

I haven't drawn much in a while, but I whipped this up in about 20 minutes in FireAlpaca (LOL). In my defense though, he's really easy to draw sooo. Instead of giving him a setting as a background, I made a soundwave type thing, so I guess he could pass as an icon? I love this background, and I feel I made the right decision so here we are.

Lately I've been experimenting with different art programs (if you can't tell by the differences in all my drawings) and so far, FireAlpaca and SAI are my favorites of them all. I've played around with Sketchbook (autodesk), Medibang, FireAlpaca, SAI, Krita, and GIMP. I really want to learn how to use Krita, but it's kinda complicated for me so I'll be a while on that program. To be honest, I love all of these programs (except GIMP), and I'll probably still use all of them. I have yet to decide which one I'll use to make comics though. I'm still new to drawing on a computer versus a 3DS, so stay tuned. I REALLY want to make a digital comic so I'll be playing around with a few of these.

#undertember2017 is a 20 day drawing challenge, drawing an Undertale character each day in the order they appear in the game.

Napstablook belongs to Undertale, Toby Fox

1. Flowey 
2. Toriel
3. Napstablook [Oh... uh... am I in your way? Oh...]
4. Sans
5. Papyrus
6. Annoying Dog
7. Monster Kid
8. Mad Dummy
9. Temmie
10. Undyne
11. Alphys
12. Gaster
13. Muffet
14. Mettaton
15. Mettaton EX
16. Asgore
17. Asriel God of Hyperdeath
18. Asriel
19. Chara
20. Frisk
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Thank you!
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You are welcome 
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Yay Napstablook!
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UnderTaleSpeedPaint - napstablook Napstablook Icon/Emote 
CyrusTheIceWing Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2017   Traditional Artist
Cool! I'm also doing this too :)…
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November 12, 2017
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