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It's a good look for you, Hector by BlazingCoral It's a good look for you, Hector :iconblazingcoral:BlazingCoral 8 15 Glottis Plush by BlazingCoral Glottis Plush :iconblazingcoral:BlazingCoral 1 2 that's no way to say by BlazingCoral that's no way to say :iconblazingcoral:BlazingCoral 2 6 Lil Chipper by BlazingCoral Lil Chipper :iconblazingcoral:BlazingCoral 2 5
Neither Can You: Chapter 9
Chapter 9: The Write Thing

Sometimes, Héctor wished his room wasn't on the third floor. On one hand, it gave him a nice view of the surrounding neighborhood and towers—a significant upgrade from his shack back in Shantytown. But on the other hand… if anything went on downstairs, he couldn't hear it.
That could be a blessing at times—it meant that even during the usual morning commotion, he could sleep in if he wanted to. Other times it was a curse, like when Imelda held a family meeting without him.
Usually because it was about him.
Héctor huddled up on his bed, trying to make himself comfortable, a feat much easier said than done. He didn't feel any better than he had last night, aside from not being quite so exhausted. Even then, he hadn't slept well, and he'd had terrible nightmares about… well.
He rubbed his right arm.
At least Imelda had drawn him out of those nightmares. He would have preferred she not know about them at
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When he didn't come out of his shack for a day, no one could blame him.
When it had been a week since he'd stepped foot outside, even then, they could understand.
One week turned into two, and they wondered if he was even still there.
Three weeks rolled by with no sign of him, and while they worried, they would give him space. They knew he needed time to grieve.
But by the time a month had gone by, Chicharrón had decided he'd had enough.
People saw the old skeleton stomping a warpath around the rotten boardwalk, and there was no question as to where he was going.
"Chicharrón…" Prima Chelo stepped toward him, hands outstretched. "Leave him be. He's still—"
Chicharrón struck his cane against the board he stood on, knocking a chunk of the wood into the water below. "Grieving? A month later?"
"But his wife—"
"His wife, your husband, my sister—we've all been through the same thing," he growled, glaring at the old lady.
"You know what
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Neither Can You: Chapter 8
Chapter 8: A Family Meeting

The coffee in the mug she held had long since gone cold.
Mamá had told them everything—everything they knew, anyway. The realization that Papá had been hours late (and he'd never been late before), the flight from home to Shantytown to the alley… and finding Papá, sans one of his hands and with no knowledge of who attacked him—she recounted it all, with Julio hesitantly adding details here and there. The only thing they left out was how Papá had wept on Coco's shoulder, something she herself still recalled with confusion.
Now they stood in the living room in silence, Julio keeping one arm around her as they watched their family's reactions.
Tio Óscar and Tio Felipe kept glancing from each other to their sister, looking more and more horrified when Imelda's serious expression did not falter. Victoria's arms were folded tightly across her chest, her jaw set and her eyes narrowed. Finally, Rosita's han
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Neither Can You: Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Knock, Knock

Héctor wasn't the only one who had trouble sleeping.
Imelda lay awake in her bed, staring into the darkness of her room. The dense curtains hung over her windows, keeping any light from getting in. Whether her eyes were open or shut, all she saw was pitch black. But no matter what she did, her mind was too full to allow her to sleep.
She was no stranger to sleepless nights. She'd had many of them when she was alive, lying awake as she wondered why her husband was taking so long to send his next letter. Other times, she would be rocking Coco as the child sobbed and cried out for her father. Still others, she would be stooped over her desk, trying to figure out how to stretch her meager savings to feed both herself and her daughter as she got her business started.
Even in death, insomnia was her constant companion. Sometimes she would lay in bed, wondering if everything was all right with her living family during the year of silence between Dia de
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Neither Can You: Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Silence and Streetlamps

Even in the safety of his room, sitting amongst the sheets and pillows of the bed he'd been sleeping in for roughly two months now, Héctor felt… uncomfortable, to put it mildly.
Part of it was being alone. Yes, he normally slept by himself (Imelda had not asked him to share her room, and he would not push it), but after what happened tonight, he ached to be with someone else.
Not that no one had offered to be with him—Coco had begged it, in fact, but he'd shaken his head until it hurt. It was his fault he'd gotten into this mess in the first place, and he wouldn't have Coco staying up all night because of it. She had been up late as it was, having to rush out with Imelda and Julio and Pepita…
He supposed he shouldn't have been surprised they'd found him. While small part of him had even hoped that they would, most of him had just wanted to just crawl back to his old shack in Shantytown and stay there until he so
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Neither Can You: Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Found and Lost

Pepita flew swiftly over the city, swooping around gondola tracks, balconies, and other flying alebrijes. Imelda barely noticed them, her mind focused entirely on finding a single skeleton.
Initially she'd flown off without a thought as to where they would start looking, only knowing that she had to find Héctor before anything happened to him—assuming nothing had already happened to him. It wasn't hard to imagine the circumstances. While the media had long since stopped coming to the Rivera zapateria (thanks to several dozen shoe projectiles and Imelda's impeccable aim), journalists would sometimes stalk Héctor as he walked through town, and pounce on him when he didn't expect it. While he managed to worm his way out of the situations at least half the time, more than once she'd had to come to his rescue, and occasionally Pepita would show up to drive the reporters away.
But for some journalists or reporters t
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Neither Can You: Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Late-Night Delivery

The gondola was near-empty at this time of night, carrying only five passengers in its car. One was a dozing young skeleton whom the other passengers suspected may have missed his stop. There was a security guard of some sort heading to her night shift, currently preoccupied with wiping at her uniform to try to rid it of a stain from a late-night snack. Another was a teenage soul who was quietly listening to her walkman at the far edge of the vehicle.
The last two were shoemakers, returning home from a last-minute delivery.
Coco sat backwards in her seat, watching the Land of the Dead pass by through the window. She would have rathered to stand on the back platform to get a better view, but Julio was understandably exhausted and wanted to sit down, and Coco was more than happy just to sit with her husband.
Well, mostly happy.
As she watched the many-colored lights dance around in the city below, she found herself heaving a sigh.
Feeling t
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Neither Can You: Chapter 3
Chapter 3: A Choice
(WARNING: Bad Things happen in this chapter. If you're the squeamish sort, prepare to skim.)

The room was dark, and that was the least alarming thing about it. The meager light from outside shone through a dusty window and the open door, and that was enough to make Ernesto's shimmering white bones stand starkly out from the darkness. (Héctor realized, now, what had bothered him so much about the man's appearance—his bones were clear of cracks. He had healed rapidly over the past few months, unlike Héctor, whose bones were still mending.) While his focus was trained on the man, Héctor was vaguely aware of the other crates and boxes that littered the room—some long-forgotten apartment that had been haphazardly converted into a storage unit, then forgotten again. He tried not to dwell on what might have become of the original owner.
Instead, Héctor continued to lock eyes with Ernesto, trying to keep a relaxed stance while
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Neither Can You: Chapter 2
Chapter 2: A Miserable Commiseration
"How long has it been, now?"
"Hmm… two months."
"Ay. It may as well be two years."
Héctor flopped back onto the bed and groaned at the way the action made his head swim. It had not been a good night—his homesickness was getting to him, and tonight he couldn't manage to sing and play with as much energy and enthusiasm as he normally could. Oh, they still got paid, but not as much as usual.
Less to send home to Imelda and Coco.
Though Héctor suspected that it wasn't the money Ernesto was upset about.
Still, they'd decided to commiserate over their partial failure over a few drinks. Héctor had been hoping it would help him forget his homesickness for a while, but the alcohol seemed to have the opposite effect. What was worse, now he could barely focus to re-read Imelda and Coco's letters, which usually brought him some comfort.
"Hah, if only,
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Neither Can You: Chapter 1
(This fic contains spoilers for Disney/Pixar's Coco!)
Chapter 1: Late
"So—so then what happened?"
"Well, I may have forgotten to wait for the paint to dry…"
"Hey, I was in a hurry! But of course, while my costume was quite convincing, the glowing hand and footprints I left behind were… less so."
"I bet they led security straight to you!"
"Sí. It was… not my proudest moment."
Laughter rang out over the pleasant crackling of the bonfire, around which a dozen or so residents of Shantytown sat. One or two souls slapped their kneecaps in mirth, while one was mopping the tears from her face between giggles. After a moment, the nearly-forgotten souls noticed that their guest was watching them patiently, not having finished his thought, and leaned in closer again.
"Nor was the moment shortly afterward when they had to strip me to the bone and hose me down."
That sent them howling, and Héctor, still grinning in a mix of amu
:iconblazingcoral:BlazingCoral 3 3
The Reaper's Bedtime Story
Salvador stared out the break room window, which stood twenty-seven stories over the city. It was sunny for once—the first sunny day all week. Part of him hoped it would do something to improve his mood, if whatever clients he got today didn't.
The thought made his tall frame droop. Three clients yesterday, and all of them were issued walking sticks. He would have thought that just being a reaper at all was hard enough, but having to tell soul after soul that they weren't good enough to afford any help on their journey, that they would have to travel alone through the underworld…
"Oh, am I too late?"
Sal gave a start, turning around to see a woman with an unfamiliar red wig. "Pardon?"
"The, uh, donuts." The woman gestured at the box sitting on the table.
Oh. He'd been so deep in thought that he hadn't even thought to check if anyone had brought food in today. "No, I don't believe so," he replied. Opening the box, he found thr
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Now You're Thinking with Real Science - Banner 11 by BlazingCoral Now You're Thinking with Real Science - Banner 11 :iconblazingcoral:BlazingCoral 4 6
I draw what I like. :U

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