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Warframe [Clustrum - Energy Great Bow]

"A Tenno-made Great Bow based on the concept of using energy as the source of power instead of magnetic fields."
Clustrum is a great bow designed to shoot energy arrows that have immense punch-through. Anything one-hit by it will succumb to the energy disintegration effect. The foes who survive will be dragged along with the arrow until it hits a wall and fades away. Enemies do not become pinned, they are just knocked down from that point.


The Clustrum fires energy arrows. This does not require physical ammunition but, it requires the Tenno having a pool of energy to draw from. Each arrow would consume 10 energy. The quiver functions as a siphon to this energy pool and gives arrows their origin.  Upon inspection the quiver itself is empty and just had a steady stream of energy fading upwards.



The bow itself also uses energy to form the string. This energy is very unstable and would eat through anything else if it had the chance. The string is formed from the energy nodes located on each half of the bow. The size of the bow is roughly the same height as an Excalibur warframe.



In the center of the bow is a simple sliding part. The Tenno then places the bow over the part that the quiver clips onto the Tenno's back.



Using this bow requires you to draw the string for a short period of time. It would be longer than most normal bows.


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Clustrum Vandal when?
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This is almost a Corpus weapon... I want one. I love great bows!
what software is used to create this?
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With the name 'Clustrum' I assumed it would at least have a duel shot or something on it
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i believe "Long Bow" is what u're looking for?
nice Design btw
best make it 3D
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Pretty much Ivara's Artemis Bow. :P

And yes I know this was created before Ivara was released.
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Awesome! ... hope to see this on TennoGen soon.
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This is a high tech version of the 風邪の弓(Fujin bow)
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10 energy per shot? If you have a frame with 150 energy, that's only 15 shots and maybe add a few more for the siphon. Now using energy siphon on your frame as well would add a little more energy but that's like shooting 1 arrow per 3 or 4 seconds with a maxed energy siphon plus throwing in the drawing of the bow which would take some time like the Daikyu but that can be fixed with speed trigger and vile acceleration. I'd say if you were doing the energy = arrows then go with 2 or 3 energy per shot but then you'd still be missing out on your abilities, maybe make this energy bow an ability like the bow in Skyrim where you can conjure it then use it until the time runs out.

This idea is pretty amazing though man!
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i always liked energy bows, this is no exception. 
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I heard that energy bows/ guns don't need to charge.. BUT THIS IS COOL!!!
If the energy that formed the arrow is that powerful, why not come with a special pair of glove to touch the energy arrow? Or maybe have that glove to be the thing that actually draw power out from tenno in addition.
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remember me the bow fighter in Bleach, the one with the glasses
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