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N.Seoul Tower

Creative title is creative. I'm still alive I swear.

This is just a shot from my Korea trip this year, went back up to N.Seoul Tower in Namsan on my own and had a pretty great time. Sitting up in the Observatory part at the top of the tower is breathtaking. I makes you realise how huge Seoul is, and I'm not even sure you can see the whole of it. Highly recommend making the trip if you ever visit South Korea! There's even a cable car that takes you up the mountain, which s pretty awesome too ;D

I have a FR commission that I've started that should hopefully be finished on the Weekend, so there's that. Just felt the need to upload something.
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Very beautiful shot! Thanks for the advice too; it'll come in handy if ever I do end up paying South Korea a visit in the future.
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Thank you! It's definitely something I suggest doing, if not for the food than anything else! There are so many things in S.Korea I would suggest doing. I've been twice now, and I still haven't crossed off everything on my list >.<
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Oh goodness, agreed on the food! If there's one thing that makes me happy to be Asian, it's the gamut of flavours to be experienced in each country's cuisine.
How long on average did your visits take? =o
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I've only really experienced Korean and Japanese food, the Chinese food we have where I live isn't ~really~ that great. I wish I could experience a lot more of it though! 
The first time I went, which was last year, I was there for 3 weeks, and this year I was there for 2 weeks. My best friend is in University with a lot of Korean people, so when we went we knew we'd have people who could show us around and take us to places we didn't know about! :D
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Haha, Chinese food seem to be more of an acquired taste. It seems to be a case where anything that isn't the authentic thing doesn't taste quite as good. I prefer Amoy cuisine as far as Chinese food go (than food from the other parts of the country.)

Wow, if even after a month, you weren't able to do everything yet, I worry about the time I decide to pay the country a visit.
South Korea does have some gems most travel guides don't tell you about -- I've heard a lot from my Korean classmates! :D
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Yeah the stuff we get in Chinese restaurants here is far from authentic. Usually just some chicken in batter with sweet and sour sauce slapped on top - not really the best of cuisine D8
Amoy is quite tasty stuff, the stuff I usually use to make my own is cheap supermarket brand stuff though. Dumb on my part but oh well D;

Yeah I was annoyed (maybe?) that I still haven't completed my Korea to-do list, but I guess it just gives me an excuse to go back for a third time!
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That's unfortunate. :C Probably because a sizeable amount of people here are Chinese/have strong Chinese ancestry, there's a gamut of Chinese cuisine, albeit mostly dominated by Fujian/Amoy.

What have you tried making? I didn't even know there were supermarket mixes for Amoy dishes, aha

Sorry for only getting to this now; I tend to work on my messages from the most recent to the oldest. :< Bad habit I need to rectify.
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