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Rules, FAQ, story and explanation

Well, let's get things cleared up a bit, no?


Kah is a pure and honest being who creates life and lets flowers bloom. Azdul is the embodiment of darkness, he takes life when ones end is near and anything he touches will wither away. Both of these dragon gods created the world we live in.

This world bids a home to curious creatures in all shapes and sizes, but these creatures all have one thing in common; their beliefs. While the creatures look nothing alike, there's a strong resemblance that can be divided in two groups. The ones that look for their dreams, their hopes and their hearts and the ones that desire the world to change to their image.

Rumors go around that Kah and Azdul are among the creatures instead of sleeping for millions of years after they created the world. There's said that they influence the ones that look them in the eyes, changing their dreams and molding them into loyal followers.

Two large pairs of eyes look at you. The blue pair looks soft, motherly and warm. The red pair looks cold, hard and mighty. You hear a voice whispering to you; 'choose the path you will walk, choose wisely.'
Who will you follow?

Brief explanation:

This group is for roleplaying, meaning you have to act and react like your characters. You don't have to ask for joining, we'd love to have you!

In order to roleplay, you will need a character. you can sign them up by posting an artwork of them in our folders. Please post in the right folder, that'll save us a lot of time to sort things out.

If you have a reference of the character that isn't made by yourself, be aware that we may remove it if the artist didn't give you permission to use it. Fanbased characters are allowed, but please tell in the description where you based them on.

Please do not upload too much characters as it might get messy. If you're not sure about posting another character, feel free to ask it to our founder Light :iconlightnymfa: or co-founder Dark :icondarknymfa:.

The roleplay group will have you follow the storyline, we'll update on big events and will notify you trough submissions so please keep out an eye if you're interested in taking part in a roleplay.

Rules and FAQ

Overall rules:

-Do not post characters having mature content such as sexual themes or nudity without a mature filter! Any characters flagged mature have to be posted in the NSFW folder, and need a Mature tag (you can set this as you submit it on dA, it's in the rules of dA too)!

-Be original, fanbased OC's are fine as long as they are not a Mary-sue or resemble one of the characters from the fanbase too closely, recolors are not allowed!

-Do not create characters that may be harmful or unsettling to any of our members. If anyone has a problem with your characters, please contact our founder/co-founder or admins to help you in the matter.

-Make sure you have enough time to join this group actively, it'd be a shame if someone was paired with an inactive member.

-Do not insult other members for no reason, if there's a problem, please contact the admins and let them judge. If anyone acts inappropriate they will be removed from the group, end of story.

-If you are unsure where to place your characters, please place them in the 'Not sure where to post' folder so the other members can help you find the right folder.


Q: What's a Mary-sue?
A: A Mary-sue is a character that's overall too perfect to be real, it applies to characters that will negate any effects in battle, will win fights while picking their nose and shit rainbows or weird stuff like that. There are lots of Mary-sue tests and memes, so you could test your characters with those if you're not sure if your character applies. Or you could ask one of the founders or admins to help you.

Q: I'm not sure if my character is allowed to participate in this group.
A: Feel free to send us a link trough a comment so we can judge your character, we'll let you know if it applies or not and if not, what to change about it.

Q: Where did all the old folders and art go?
A: Our founder removed it in order to start over, the previous way the group handled things was too confusing and time consuming.

If you have any other questions, please ask them on the front page so our admins can help you answer them.

Gallery Folders

Application folder
Pretzel headshot by Lightnymfa
Rules and guidelines
NSFW mature only
Not sure where to post
I'll be starting this thing again but from a whole other perspective. Stay put till I sorted out everything, I'll post the rules, new ideas and application stuff soon~
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