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You Blinked

By BlazeRocket
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Hooolycrap deadlines sneaked up on me. I would have gotten this more finished, but I neglected to realize that I would be rocking hardcore awesomeness at my friend's b-day celebration events. And quite frankly between the two, I chose her.

I may however, upload a coloured version tomorrow. There was supposed to be a background, but- haha. Nope. Huge Speech Bubbles are meant to cover up my laziness, but I think they only draw attention to it. XD

I like this because it works on two levels. One being that way that winter has of just showing up all of a sudden, Two being that Pietro's the sort of person who would grab snow from a freezer somewhere to dump on his sister. Just because. Either way, I smile. u.u

For ~TheBrotherhoodclub's Winter Wonderland Contest, not that it stands a chance against the other awesome entries so far. Hella last minute. Everyone does it for my contests, so I can do it tooooooooo..... >_>

Now 10% less lame with half-assed colour! *thumbsup*
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dancingsnowangels's avatar
This is pretty funny, I wonder why the snow fell on her that fast.
123noona's avatar
This is great I love ur artwork with the twins (also magneto)
TheCheshireKat's avatar
this reminds me of bone
SLKestrel's avatar
haha i loves them ^_^
Omnipotrent's avatar
Yeah, she blinked, and he screwed
MeltedPeep's avatar
Wouldn't that be crazy if we got all our precipitation for a given season in one localized spot all at once? A Winter's worth of snow piles on Wanda! A half ton of leaves flutters down onto that house! 47 inches of rain drown that hobo!

Personally, I think it's better for the environment if we assume Pietro's just a massive jerkwad.
JarOfLooseScrews's avatar
Haha, poor Wanda. I love the 'whu' lips.
chibiCharlie-chan's avatar
ahaha thats great XD
speep's avatar
oh man, good luck with the contest!! AND ALSO I love that wanda has enough of a hip-jut for a clump of snow to stay there. Damn I'm jealous of her womanly curves <3
BlazeRocket's avatar
Well- Wanda is nothing if not curvaceous. ^_^ And thanks!
speep's avatar
You have a point there <3 You're very welcome! :heart:
Valoofle's avatar
*snerk* This is so fabulous. xD One thing I really like about the last panel is Wanda's mouth. It's the perfect "whu?" mouth xD I really think that the lettering you used for the falling snow was awesome too--made it seem more snow-y and such. Hopefully Wanda will blink again so Pietro can get away safely xP Hee--I love this. :D
rainrach's avatar
LOfrikkinL. Blazey, you never fail me.
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