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X-Men: EVOLUTION Original Character Tournament
Phase Two: Start!
November 6th - December 6th

Alright, gather round, those of you who submitted a New Recruit OC, as I have your character's roommate assignments, as well as their team assignments AND their first mission. Well. For now they're more like "lessons" or "chores," we'll work our way up to "mission" as the phases progress. ^_~

Your OC will be staying in a new building built on the X-mansion grounds, called the anneX. Each room comes with a bunk-bed, and one single twin, in addition to 3 desks and storage space enough for three people's clothing. It's up to you and your fellow contestants how you arrange your OCs within their rooms.

The anneX is separate from the main building of the mansion in order to facilitate stronger bonds between your OCs. They will likely only see the other X-men at meal times and during missions and lessons. Please remember: We are MUCH MORE INTERESTED in seeing your OC interact with the OTHER OCs. Please try to keep OC-Canon character interaction to a minimum.

Alright, with that, let's get on with the roommate situation, shall we?...
1. The Black Mage | Junk Room | Lionheart
2. Reckless Breath | Stratocaster | Faux
3. Ghost | Zero G | Clockwork
4. Mirage | Cuttlefish
5. Phantasma | Antimatter
6. Rook | The Onion | Click
7. Lightbreaker | Bliss | Shepheard
8. Amp | El Gato | Dynamism
9. Chimera | Kinetic

Please be sure to review your character's roommate's profile sheets and intro comics! (I will be linking to them later... sorry for the rush job)

And now... the part you've ALL been waiting for. Your TEAM ASSIGNMENTS, and your first mission. You are going to draw a comic, at least one page in length, about the mission I give your team. How YOU see the mission going does NOT HAVE TO MATCH UP WITH HOW THE OTHER CONTESTANTS DO. You can read more about that in the OFFICIAL RULES. Which you should be reading ANYWAY.

Team 1 (Beast)
Team 1 has PE with Hank. Yaaaaay! Today, they'll be playing Mutant ball. (You decide for your comic- Soccer? Basketball? Croquet? Bowling? Any sport with a ball, your choice!) Your team is in the middle of their PE lesson when Hank gets called away. While he's gone, you hear a strange rustling in the bushes. What could it be? Is it dangerous?! Will your team even investigate, or will they ignore it?
El Gato

Team 2 (Shadowcat)
Team 2 has water safety with Kitty. (Your choice- boating, swimming, Lifeguarding... anything to do with water!) Your team is in the middle of their water safety lesson, when Kitty gets called away. While she's gone, the pool suddenly starts overflowing. Oh crap! What's causing it? Can they fix it? Will try to fix it? What are they going to do?!

Team 3 (Cyclops)
Team 3 has Battle Tactics with Scott, in the DangerRoom. Ooooooh. Your team is in the middle of their lesson when Scott gets called away. Scott TELLS your team to wait outside ... but while he's gone, the DangerRoom suddenly starts up again, seemingly by itself. Will your team investigate? Will they head back into the DangerRoom to take on the simulation? Will they wait like Scott told them, or is this some sort of reverse psychology test, STARTED by Scott?
Zero G
Reckless Breath

Team 4 (Jean Grey)
Team 4 is on chore duty with Jean. This means you're GOING INTO TOWN to go grocery shopping for the mansion. This is a good time to practice your "looking normal" and "behaving human" skills. Hopefully everything goes smoothly... One can never be sure with all the recent anti-mutant sentiments out there.
The Onion

Team 5 (Professor X)
You lucky dogs, you- You get to have POWER TRAINING with Xavier himself, in his office. Xavier's going to be teaching you how to control your powers, in group settings. Yaaay! In the middle of the lesson, Xavier gets a mental call, and has to leave class early. After he's gone something your team had taken to be a paperweight on his desk starts flashing and beeping. What will your team do? Will you mess with the thing, and try and figure out what it does, or will you leave it alone, and hope it doesn't explode?

Team 6 (Storm)
Team 6 has meditation with Ororo in the garden. Mmm... peaceful. However, in the middle of the lesson, Storm is called away. Your team is SUPPOSED to continue meditating after she's gone... but SOMEHOW that new statue that was just installed gets knocked over and broken. Whups. Did it fall by itself, or is SOMEONE to blame? Can you put it back together before Ororo returns, or is it a lost cause? Will you stand together to take the blame, or single someone out? Is it even an IMPORTANT statue?
The Black Mage

Got it? Great! If not, please feel free to ask questions (after reading the rules, to make sure it's not already been answered)! We'll be happy to clarify. Also, please DO keep in mind... THIS IS AN ELIMINATION ROUND. This means that at the end of this phase, SIX New Recruit OCs will be cut from the contest. This doesn't necessarily mean these OCs are leaving the X-mansion, just that they're going to be more... spectator characters. If your character isn't eliminated, huzzuh! You get to go on to phase three, and make another comic. If you're not comfortable with your character being in the contest while YOU are not, please send us a note and we'll announce to the rest of the contestants that your character has left, and is to no longer appear in any comics.

This should go without stating, but if you DON'T turn in an comic for Phase two, you will be automatically eliminated. Don't make us do that, plz. It'll make us sad.

Oh! One last thing... my apologies to those four OC's who I couldn't squeeze into the promo. Mea culpa, mea culpa! ;___; I ran out of space Y_Y

:iconstarplz:PHASE TWO RULES:iconstarplz:
Rule 1: No relationships with canon characters. Though this is a rule that's already been stated in the OFFICIAL RULES I felt it need restating. There are NO RELATIONSHIPS with canon characters. They cannot be the child, sibling, parent, friend, or lover of a canon character. They can't have gone to school with them, have seen them once in a book store, their uncle can't know your character's father... NO INVOLVEMENT. IN ANY. WAY. They don't even know the canon characters EXIST until they meet them at the mansion/boarding house. There is NO BUDDING ROMANCE. This is NO PLACE for your OCxCanon love, you WILL be disqualified. Can they TALK to your character, yes. Compliment them? On SKILL and personality only. I don't want, "You're so hot!" or "I've never met ANYONE like you." or "You have such gorgeous hair." All compliments should be based on skill. Canon characters and OCs have a boss-employee relationship only, acquaintances at most. Your piece should FOCUS on your OC and the ones in your group.

Rule 2: No addition of more canon characters. Other mutants or non, you can't include any more canon characters we haven't established. No Gambit, Jubilee, Magneto, Duncan Matthews, no one. You can only work with the canon characters we've mentioned are around. If you want to insert canon characters in background, fine. If you MUST, but you CANNOT interact with them.

Rule 3: No outside OCs. We got to meet your OC's friends, enemies, family, dog, etc., in their intro comic. WE DO NOT SEE THOSE CHARACTERS AGAIN. No family members, old boyfriends, friends from before, etc. coming to visit. This is about YOUR OC and not about THEIR family. Can they think/talk about their family? Sure. You just can't go into a two page flashback about them. You can have your character getting off the phone with their aunt, just not have seven pages of them talking on the phone. NOTE: If your character brought a PET with them, they may interact with the pet. But be sure to react to the situation and to your teammates/roommates/others as well if not MORE SO.

Rule 4: Be kind to other contestants Don't cuss out other contestants and call their character's "lame" or "stupid" or whatever. If you want YOUR character to fight THEIR character, that's another story, but there's no attacking the creator or their idea of the character. This also means no killing off teammates...unless it's okay with the creator and this information is sent to Blaze and myself before the comic is drawn. We will need a note from the creator stating that it is okay if so-and-so kills off their character.

Rule 5: No interaction with opposing team members. Hoodlings, don't mess with the New Recruits. New Recruits, don't mess with the Hoodlings. Later ON opposing teams will meet, but for Phase 2, STAY ON YOUR OWN SIDE!

Rule 6: Comics must be at least one page in length. You can do more than one page but no less. There should be at LEAST two panels on a comic page.

Rule 7: There should be minimal involvement from canon leaders. Each team is given a canon character leader. You CAN draw them in your comic. However, we have set up the prompts to focus on OC interaction with limited to no leader involvement. This is so that you can work with other contestants. If you WANT to have your leader interact with your team or OC, that's fine. Just don't make their involvement a focus and keep Rule 1 in mind.

Rule 8: You can make your OC teammates react however you want. That's right! You don't have to ask for the creator's permission to draw their character. Your story does NOT have to match up with any other member of your team's story. If you want OC #1 to go run away from the problem, sure. It's YOUR comic! We encourage that you try and stick with the personalities of your teammates as best you can. Read their bios and intro comics to get a better feel for the character. REMEMBER: Your story is your own, it does NOT have to match up with other stories and you CAN control other OCs within your story (just try and make their personalities match up with the bios).

Rule 9: You do NOT have to include other OCs in your comic. We ENCOURAGE that you include your teammates in your comic, but if you'd rather have your OC solve the problem on your own, that's your choice. Including your teammates in your comic is NOT a requirement.

Rule 10: Stick within your own prompt. If you're in Team 1 there's no seeing what Team 2 is up to. Stick with your team and within the perimeters of your situation. If you want to have a small tidbit of your OC talking to their roommate BEFORE they start on their mission, that's okay. Just remember that once the assignment starts, you stick with it.

Rule 11: Submit all comic pages WHEN THE COMIC IS COMPLETED. Do NOT submit comic pages one at a time as you complete them. Note the entire comic to the club all together. You can submit the comic without an ending if you're running late, but keep in mind that we're judging based on STORY.

Rule 12: Your piece will be judged on creativity, clarity, and conformity. This means that not only will your piece be judged on how interestingly and conservatively you complete your assignment, but also on how CLEAR the storytelling is and how well it remains within the parameters of the prompt. If we don't know what's going on in the story, that's a problem. Please make sure what's going on is obvious. We'll be judging you on it this round. Also, stick within your prompt and work with what we've given you. If you make aliens come land and rescue you, that might be frowned upon. We're not judging on artistic skill. As a few round one entries demonstrated, you can draw stick figures, and STILL have it clear what's going on in the story. DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED by your artistic level.

Rule 13: Note your comic entries to the correct club. New Recruits (X-Men) are to be submitted to the #Evo-Obsessed-Club. Hoodlings (Brotherhood) are to be submitted to #TheBrotherhoodclub. Send your comic pages in a NOTE to the clubs. A NOTE.

Rule 14: Link your comic pages together Okay this isn't a RULE per say, more or less a pet peeve of mine. If you make a multi-paged comic...FOR THE LOVE OF MAGNETO, link to the next comic page in the artist's comments of your piece. This makes it MUCH easier for teammates, other contestants, and judges (WINKWINK) to navigate through your comics. Okay, it's not a REQUIREMENT, but if you DON'T do're going to frustrate me. And I'm going to make this face >(. A lot. Yeah.

Rule 15: This is a VISUAL ART tournament. Sorry writers! We need to keep the medium consistent and comics is a great way of marrying two popular media, visual and written. Writers, you can team up with artists if you want! Artists, you can team up with writers! It's part of what this tournament is about, bringing our Evo Community together.

Rule 16: Have fun! This is a FUN competition! Don't take it so seriously or stress too much. It's supposed to be fun and help you bond with others. Go out there and talk to creators, make friends! Enemies! Go on you scamps, enjoy. :D
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