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X-Men OC Template



The X-men OC template specially designed for the X-Men: Evolution OC Tournament. If your OC is wanting to be an X-men member, fill out the above template and SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT. No fear, no one is rejected for the first phase.

Your character's name should go at the top of the page. You have FOUR boxes with which to do whatever you want, swatches, their house, alternative clothing... ANYTHING YOU WANT. Do try to keep it focused on the OC though.

Please DO keep in mind that if joining the X-men, your OC DOES NOT get their own uniform. They get the basic New Recruit uniform all new X-men do.

You SHOULD BE ABLE TO LIST ALL POWERS ON THE TEMPLATE. We welcome the idea that you continue and elaborate on your characters "Profile" section down here in the artist comments, but power usage should be limited to the template above. Thanks! :D

If you have any questions, do let us know! We want you to have fun with this!

Also, remember that whatever you write for your character's bio is the ONLY information that other contestants will have on your character, and if they want to add your character to their challenge/comic, they'll only know anything about him/her from THIS BIO.

Need an example? Look at an example HERE

Brotherhood OC Template located HERE
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Can't decide what sounds better for a mutant with shadow abilities, Nightshade or NightOwl?