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X-Men OC Template

The X-men OC template specially designed for the X-Men: Evolution OC Tournament. If your OC is wanting to be an X-men member, fill out the above template and SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT. No fear, no one is rejected for the first phase.

Your character's name should go at the top of the page. You have FOUR boxes with which to do whatever you want, swatches, their house, alternative clothing... ANYTHING YOU WANT. Do try to keep it focused on the OC though.

Please DO keep in mind that if joining the X-men, your OC DOES NOT get their own uniform. They get the basic New Recruit uniform all new X-men do.

You SHOULD BE ABLE TO LIST ALL POWERS ON THE TEMPLATE. We welcome the idea that you continue and elaborate on your characters "Profile" section down here in the artist comments, but power usage should be limited to the template above. Thanks! :D

If you have any questions, do let us know! We want you to have fun with this!

Also, remember that whatever you write for your character's bio is the ONLY information that other contestants will have on your character, and if they want to add your character to their challenge/comic, they'll only know anything about him/her from THIS BIO.

Need an example? Look at an example HERE

Brotherhood OC Template located HERE
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Can't decide what sounds better for a mutant with shadow abilities, Nightshade or NightOwl? 
whitewolfdreamer27's avatar
Can I use this for my X-Men OCs?  I'm currently writing a fanfiction, and this would be perfect to highlight the characters I created.
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I have some X-men ocs but there not exacly in the team X-men and there not aporprit for youthe like some one decided to sleep in dead bodies AND some one thought it was a good idea to basicly give over powered teen ager survival and murder lessons and knifes like thats NOT a good idea ok!
BlazeRocket's avatar
The X-Men: Evolution OC Tournament is over.
chicahomie's avatar
lol kk I still think mine are to goory
fantasyfan1999's avatar
I have some X-men OCs I want to draw, and this is a PERFECT template. Can I use it even though I'm not in the contest?
h-moss's avatar
is this tournament still on?
Queenofthedead2010's avatar
Is is okay if I don't use it for the group thing but still post it
BlazeRocket's avatar
How nice of you to ask! I don't see why not ^_^
Queenofthedead2010's avatar
thanks I allways try to ask before I do something I'm not sure about
GPhoenix's avatar
lool Mhm, I could shove Alyx (aka Quartz) into one of these... her and her brother Gaudi (aka Geist), my oldie OC X-Men kids... Can I make one, can iI? Can I I?? lol
OCimaginator's avatar
What program is used to put oc pics into the template? I've never done something like that before and I REALLY want to!
BlazeRocket's avatar
Any program can be used! From MS paint to photoshop... whatever you have can work! What program do you normally use, and I'll see if I can't talk you through it ^_^

Alternatively, you could draw USEING MS paint or whatever you have, but am I correct in assuming you want to scan (or photograph) your pics to insert?
OCimaginator's avatar
Yeah, I want to take my scanned hand made drawing (cause that's all I know how to draw, I have no idea how to draw with comp programs) and put it into the big box then copy and paste writing into the description box. But I don't know how to do that. X( Please help, I must be part of this OC stuff!!!
BlazeRocket's avatar
What program do you have? MS Paint? Photoshop? Something else?
OCimaginator's avatar
My system is called GIMP Photo Editor.
OCimaginator's avatar
Microsoft office picture manager but I'm thinking of getting photoshop cause manager takes a subscription or something before it can't be used anymore.
Dragonlover92's avatar
Oh yeah, my OC is going to sign up! :XD: Their powers could evolve during the contest, right?
BlazeRocket's avatar
Potentially, yep :B
Dragonlover92's avatar
Oh yeah, another thing: In the introduction comic, is it just about them discovering their powers or can they arrive at the institute as well?
BlazeRocket's avatar
It should be about JUST discovering their powers.
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