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The Senses

By BlazeRocket
Irony is: Not having time to work on your #TheBrotherhoodclub contest entry because you're spending too much time with #TheBrotherhoodclub leader, :iconrainrach:. o.o

This comic's probably going to be... three or four pages long, all compiled into one image, but this is the only one that's even near scanning time. So. Y'know. >_>;; En... joy?

If you never watched this before, it'll help you figure out what the hell is going on up there.

I'll update this image as I get things more finished. THE REST IS COMING. And in a more finished form too. >.>;;

Yeah, so, I can't spell? Yeahhhh, I'm pretty sure I spelled "sense" wrong up there >_> So... just ignore it for now, and know it'll be fixed in the final image <_<.... I TEECH ENGLUSH GEWD!
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CampionSayn's avatar
OMG, I love this song. And now I love this.
Gambitgirl1974's avatar
am i sad for saying my fave part of this is Lance in only his boxers o.O
LaylaAlvedo's avatar
Poor Lance. Bet he does that alot.
Y'know you could do another song by the animaniacs! You could do a new version of 'Hello Nurse!' But about Wanda, with Toad,Blob, and Lance. And you can have Pietro shouting that's mysister and glaring at them! And maybe have Kurt sing a line and then grinning sheepishly after Pietro glares at himXD That would be hilarious!
morning-miracle's avatar
Is it just me or is 'tro up for beheading there in the end? I'd watch my neck better if I were him saying something like that to someone like Wanda o.o
Chamira's avatar
klsjdhfjadf *sticks on 3d glasses*
D: its not 3D! lol very nice *O*
BlazeRocket's avatar
Hah, no, sorry. I just use red and blue to draw with, because the blue doesn't scan so good, and the red helps me pick out the lines I actually want to ink. :B
kyokofoxruby's avatar
is it just me or does wanda keep getting curvier and curvier
BlazeRocket's avatar
It's just you. Now die in a fire.
kyokofoxruby's avatar
no saying i dont like it i just though it was amusing
neoPootling's avatar
the toe stubbing one is awesome lol
muffinelf's avatar
short and sweet . poor todd , though XD ...
BlazeRocket's avatar
"Short?" I wish! o.o
muffinelf's avatar
i meant in reguards to it being a one-shot XD but sorry
miraxterrik's avatar
What the heck? I've never heard about this song, me feels like stupid. But your comics is funny, esp. Toad:D
BlazeRocket's avatar
Heh, it's from a cartoon that was very popular with many of us when we were children in the 90's... maybe it never made it over to your part of the world? It was quite fun. ^_~
miraxterrik's avatar
Yeah, i guess so. And unfortunately I might be the oldest in the club:lol:
TheCheshireKat's avatar
it's a psychic connection inside of your brain so you can understand people like shirley maclaine... who wear crystals they bought at the mall, the mall, who wear crystals they bought at the mall!
valeriadgarcia's avatar
=D i like the sense of touch *wink wink* =D
Wierdrocks's avatar
...its a physic connection inside of your brain, so you can understand people like Sherly McLaaaaannnne! Who wear crystals they bought in the mall, the mall, who wear crystals they bought in the mall....
flamable77's avatar
i'd love to see this colored:love:
HawiianTiger's avatar
lol Pietro! Be nice to your sister!
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