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I was just kidding

By BlazeRocket
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For the Junk Food Junkie Contest over at ::iconwandaclub::.

There was originally speech bubbles for this, but I didn't have time to put them in. It works without them though, too. Heee! Done around Halloween, hence the fun outfits.
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Yep. Recognize Pietro's costume from anywhere?
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Yep. Recognize Pietro's costume from anywhere?
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yup! That outfit is Impulse's!
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heeeeeeeey, isn't that the outfit wanda wore in House of M?
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I fail at replying XD. See my double posted comment bellow ^_^;;
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you didn't answer my question.
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Look.... bellow.... You're going to have to actually make sure the image is open again, not just the comment thread.
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Great reference to the comics:) The costumes are brilliant! Also love your sense of humor!
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xD Run Pietro! lol awesome job!
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Awesome. ^_^ I love Pietro's Impluse costume. XD My third favorite speedster dressed at my favorite speedster.
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Speedsters for the win.
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The expressions are fantastic, and I love the coloring on Wanda's legs/tights. I think they're tights, they look like tights to me. Anyway, they're cool, and this makes me smile.
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Yep, tights. Thanks!
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Lol, I think Doushinigami pointed out everything about this picture that I love too. Wanda does look mighty sexy, and Pietro is cute, especially in that pose.
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I loved it the first time I saw and I still love it now when I have finally come back to comment on it.
Those poses and expression are especially good. I love Pietro leaning overon the couch, that is just too perfect, too awesome, too great! I also find it a little bit hilarious!
Wanda's costume is sexy and I am in love with your color choices. She is shiney and beautiful and everything nice. And the evil pumpkin is perfection--as is Pietro's running away pose. Nice job!
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I'm going to totally ignore the clever comic reference here and pretend that Wanda has a lampshade on her head. Because Wanda would be the coolest drunken lamp ever. Also, the candy pail in the last panel just cracks me up, probably because it's actively attacking Pietro instead of just being thrown at him. Oh, those wacky reality-warping mutant powered kids. We probably shouldn't give them sugar.

Your work with markers is amazing. o___o I'm gonna come out right here and admit that I've long harbored this bizarre urge to lick your marker art. If they made flavored markers, you would be using them, m'dear.

...Marker marker marker. Now I don't know what that word means anymore!
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Hehe, I really do love their expressions. Run, Pietro!
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Whoa, did Pietro call her fat? XD Love it. I've always been enamored with your drawing style, but it's at the point where it's so very beautiful. You rock, my dear. <3
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Aww, thank you! Also, we have another winner! The origional text was something like
P: You better be careful. Eat that and you might lose your girlish figure.
W: ....
P: ....!!
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Makes no sense whatsover, but I like it.


Cool costumes....


She looks angry though.

Great job!
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