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How Could You

By BlazeRocket
Huwrgngnag. This drawing fought me the ENTIRE WAY. I really would have liked to spend more time on it, but unfortunately... I ran OUT of time.

I really would have liked to scuff up the room more, and bang them up some more, but- I have to pack >_>

Anywho. Contest entry for #TheBrotherhoodclub's Brawl contest. It also may be a sneak peak for EE... :evillaugh:
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SapphireStar24's avatar
Uh, yup. Cuz Pietro can do that.
What did Pietro do now (lol)
Superhero8101's avatar
Guess Pietro won't be bored for awhile... *snigger* FAVORITE! XD
jade-the-G's avatar
i will comment and not fave. I rarely see art for this show.
BlazeRocket's avatar
Really? Allow me to direct your attention this way, then ^_^ [link]
jade-the-G's avatar
they look good. thanks.
Mistypelt45's avatar
LOl, this made me laugh a little, Yeah I agree with all you guys,
what did he do now? Great pic. well done, how long did it take you to make? Its so descriptive
BlazeRocket's avatar
Longer than it should have. Wanda's position, and trying to get Pietro's Backflip/chair vault to look like was a bit of a challenge, so it took me about a week of on-off sketching of various poses.
Mistypelt45's avatar
It was really good! I loved the pic!
Rippershadow6116's avatar
oohhh, is Wanda tearing the very fabric of reality apart?
innocent-rebel's avatar
:clap: This is really cool! I like the perspective and angle you chose. The poses look great. They're both very dynamic and eye catching. And the coloring rocks!! Looks like Pietro is in for it!! He may need to run faster than is currently possible for him to escape! Awesome job!
Bluejayz40's avatar
oh poor Pietro...I wonder what he did this time?
thunder-dragon's avatar
Nice, but did you forget that she can glue him to the floor if she wanted too?
rainrach's avatar
Wow. Yeah. I'm sure she never even thought of that. Really. So observant. She couldn't possibly have made Wanda choose this course of hexing-action for any particular underlying purpose. No. Not at all. What a valuable comment. :sarcasm:
thunder-dragon's avatar
Are you being sarcastic? If you are, there are plenty of ways to not get me pissed! If you aren't then I'm sorry, but the underlying tone I'm getting from reading your comment is that you are... I was only making a simple observation, I know that she could have a certain PARTICULAR, reason for not doing what I had commented on, a mere speculation if you will! So you might wanna keep you sarcastic comments to yourself because you don't KNOW me, once again, if you are not being sarcastic, then I apologize!
RelwarcTheMighty's avatar
I gotta give you props on Pietros' pose! Very well executed!
xxeell's avatar
I wonder if Wanda can hurl Fred like that haha.

Very well done!
Gothicthundra's avatar
Oh my.... wonder how it started this time, lol..... Love the picture, good luck in the contest!!
My goodness he's flexible lol.
A sneak peak you say?? :iconlolwhutplz:
EddieSketti's avatar
Ackk Pietro, what've you gotten yourself into this time?? :no: lol

Love the angle you drew this at. :D Looks great!
CatalogCats's avatar
Pietro doesn't look very concerned to have Wanda flinging him and various furniture across the room. Must mean that he's been working on his dodging skills.

I can't bring myself to feel overly sorry for him though. Pietro is one of those people that can take any amount of damage and the audience is always like "Heh heh. He'll be fine."
neoPootling's avatar

the only thing that's not moving is like the room itself lol
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