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Whoo! It's finally time! Time for the gift exchange! Almost everyone powered on through, despite the chaos of the holiday season, and turned in a gift for their target. To the four who's partners didn't complete the challenge-- :iconmelinie17:, :iconreogun:, :iconmuffinelf: and :iconpaperice:, I will personally be doing gift art for you, so no one's going away empty handed!

Additionally, two fan fics were exchanged for this contest. While they're not a part of the voting, if you're intersted in them, be sure to check out Lucky Shot and Fake Smiles and Not!Party Girls.

Now then! On to the entires! We had, as expected, several last minute entries, so do be sure to check all the entries out before voting :D

First Entry by :iconlovemelacey: for ~musicsuperspaz
Second Entry by :iconreogun: for ~lyanth
Third Entry by :iconarger: for ~ThePast
Fourth Entry by :iconthepast: for ~an1mei3
Fifth Entry by :iconmusicsuperspaz: for ~lovemelacey
Sixth Entry by :iconrevenge-is-sweet17: for ~FinaTeh92
Seventh Entry by :iconfinateh92: for ~Ayaia-Moon
Eighth Entry by :iconan1mei3: for =TheRosePrince
Nineth Entry by :iconode2sokka: for ~Yami-Neko-Tsuki
Tenth Entry by :iconmelinie17: for ~BreezyWez
Eleventh Entry by :iconcrimsonreach: for ~SketchytheScribbler
Twelfth Entry by :iconmuffinelf: for ~AnagramRMX
Thirteenth Entry by :iconsketchythescribbler: for ~arger
Fourteenth Entry by :iconayaia-moon: for ~fleacollar999
Fifteenth Entry by :iconpaperice: for ~revenge-is-sweet17
Sixteenth Entry by :iconlyanth: for ~ode2sokka
Seventeenth Entry by :iconanagramrmx: for *CrimsonReach
Eighteenth Entry by :iconanagramrmx: for *CrimsonReach

Voting will last from January 8 until January 15. As per usual, you may vote by leaving a comment on this deviation, or by sending a note to the club.
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#9 if I can vote for myself :XD: . #13 if I can't.
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I ... I think I'll go with #9
It's so difficult to pick just one! D:
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#9 - so cute!

(Also, thank you for catching my entry(s) yourself. I just kinda assumed I was too late and didn't try to message you. Sorry. ^^;)
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Gosh, I am really torn! Everyone's is so cute!

Hmmm well, I think I'm going to have to go with #13. Wanda's face is priceless.
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#2 because Lancitty will have a special place in my heart forever:heart:
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