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Published: February 24, 2013
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Kitty to the rescue! I feel like I should have foreshadowed her appearance, maybe in panel one. I did want her to just sort of suddenly appear, but I'm not sure if this is TOO abrupt. Learning! Lessons for the future :d

I am actually... really really pleased with how Wanda's hair looks in panel two. I think that's the best Wanda!Hair I've ever drawn, maybe.

I can't tell how I feel about this page. I want to really like it, but something about it is nagging me, visually. I feel like things are out of proportion, but I'm not sure how, or where. I'm sure it'll come to me eventually. :B

Someday I am going to learn to write an action sequence that lasts longer than a single page.


Ohhh, that's funny. "Someday I am going to learn to write" INDEED.

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WOOOOOO!! a fight? how juicy :P i cant wait to see how this scene plays out!
i love kitty, trying to stop a fight seems like something she would do. CRAZY artwork, it amazes me how much talent some people have :')
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That middle panel is awesome, I love the way Rogue's glove looks! I imagine that Kitty just phased out of the floor haha.
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Just because someone is supposedly "cured" of Schitzophrenia , I STILL wouldn't go around taunting them ^_^;;; there's bound to be some 'aftereffects' no matter HOW hard they're trying...

I KNEW it wouldn't be Tabby , though XD though Rogue is surprisingly just as disasterous ...GGGGGGRRRUUUDDGGGEEE!
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Panel 1: Love how Tabitha is holding Amara's shoulder like "Whoa! Fight brewing, don't want you hurt."
Panel 3: Strong profile on Rogue and nice wrinkling on her gloves as she's taking them off. You love Wanda's hair, I love the fold in her waist as she bends forward.
Panel 5: I just realized from seeing Rogue's torso that you wrinkled the clothes so it looked like they were actually made of fabric that stretches over flesh. YOU WRINKLED THE CLOTHES! It's the little touches...
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BlazeRocketProfessional Filmographer
It's always very tempting to just give characters a smooth, or carefully angled waist line, when they're moving around... but I don't think that's necessarily accurate to how bodies work, so I do try to represent that, by giving them folds in their flesh, when necessary. I don't always succeed, but I'm glad I did here :D

I DO wrincle the clothes! Again, not always successfully, but practice makes perfect and all that! ^0^
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You're right, that is good Wanda hair.
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BlazeRocketProfessional Filmographer
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BlazeRocketProfessional Filmographer
Thanks ^_^
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can't wait for the boy's bit
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BlazeRocketProfessional Filmographer
You won't have to wait very long at all, at least in number of pages. That's coming up very, very soon :B

ehehehehe. "boy bit" :giggle: I'm mature!
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X3 i didn't even realise i put it like that
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