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Evo Everlasting 090
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Published: January 1, 2013
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90 pages, five years later, and I'm still going... Clearly, I don't know when to quit. ^_^ I'm tenacious. Or, as most people would put it, "Stubborn." :B

I always sort of wished we could have delved into these characters more, being the Bad Guy "girls"... sort of. Unfortunately, that never happened, for various reasons. Still, their attitudes towards their time at the Brotherhood are all very different from one another. They're very different characters, that have, at one time or another, all fulfilled the same role. It interests me. :shrug:

Also, Wanda? Don't ever say "Mystique's not here." YOU DON'T KNOW THAT, DO YOU. Bitch is sneaky as hell.

2013 is looking up for me. It looks like I'll be employed in my field of choice, and that's hella exciting. I've got some plans for the EOC, and plenty of Evo-comics to be working on. I hope everyone else has such a promising New Year ahead of them!

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I find it very interesting how you give Wanda that little bit of innocence. It always surprises me and it's perfect. And also I was 10% unsure if that girl was Rogue, glad to get that cleared up!
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BlazeRocketProfessional Filmographer
I like that you call it innocence. It's a good word for it! I usually just call her "dumb." It's how I balance out those crazy, over-the-top powers of hers. I figure it's due, mostly in part, from the mind wipe. :B
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BreezyWezHobbyist General Artist
can't wait 4 the next page! i bet sometimes u wish u had super speed or something so that way you can finish it :)
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I agree! if only you were Pietro :p
I pinned this tab so i could check back everyday! you've written so many pages, props to you
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BlazeRocketProfessional Filmographer
Oh my! I wish I was updating often enough to warrant checking back every day! ^_^;;;
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argerProfessional Digital Artist
awww~ is this the last page?? D:
I really can't stop reading hahaha~ I hope you submit another one soon I do truly enjoy your comic *A*
haha~ if it's ok to spamm you with comments then I shall wrote you more frequently hehe~ :D
thank you for drawin this!! 90 pages woha!! :D
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cant wait until the next page! and i wonder how capture the flag will go. i hope theres more lancitty later on. thank you for making these comics ^_^
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BlazeRocketProfessional Filmographer
You're welcome! Thank you for reading!

I'm relatively certain there's some more Lancitty later on >.9 I'd have to check my scripts to be certain though :B

Also: I can tell you how capture the flag will go. CHAOTICALLY :evillaugh:
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Okay , "mystique's not here" should come with an asterisk next to it , definately .

XD;;;; we ALL think she has better stuff to do than watch them get drunk , but ... Damn , Magneto doesn't give her shit to do these days!
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BlazeRocketProfessional Filmographer
How people in this universe (or any universe with Mystique) aren't just CONSTANTLY PARANOID, I don't even know.

I don't know. Maybe Mystique's gotten really, really petty or something. "Perform horrible experiments on my son as an infant, will you? FINE. I'M GONNA BOOZE UP YOUR TEENAGE DAUGHTER! HA HAH!"

Or something. :B
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They probably aren't naturally paranoid , in the same way that people know that they can die from ANYTHING at any time their whole lives ...It just kinda takes the flavor out of things if you're that careful all the damn time XD XD XD XD

I SO want bets on the drinky thing RIGHT NOW if that kinda not really happens to be true , though :whisper:
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