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Back in the day, when the sun shone brighter and updates flowed like manna, I ran the first X-Games Contest. It was vury successful, so I thought I might try it again, only this time, with a twist!

X-Games II: Videogame Boogaloo
For this contest, we're having Evo cross over with games again, only this time, we've narrowed the field to just video games. But never fear, there's still plenty of room for fun in there. You can draw the characters playing games, or actually as the characters in the game. So Professor X playing the Sims? totally an option. Roberto as Link of Hyrule? Hilarious and also fair play! I've recently been drawing X-men characters as pokemon trainers, and then there's this train wreck of a prompt image, so I know there's LOTS of options out there. Have fun with it!

Contest Dates
July 14 - September 15

Contest Rules
1. Must Contain Evo characters! This is, after all, the Evo obsessed club!
2. Absolutely NO Original Characters (OCs).
3. Send a note to :iconevo-obsessed-club: with your entries. If you don't send a note, you cannot be sure I'll see your entry in time!
4. All entries must be submitted before the end contest date.
5. For this contest, questions may be directed to this post, or to :iconblazerocket:.
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Omg I love this soooooo much!
Ribbons-N-Rocks's avatar
How many entries are allowed per person?
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As many as you can submit, that fall within the rules of the contest! :D
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That... that fits almost too well XD
Kurtssingh's avatar
Pyro can be both Pyro and Sniper (since Sniper is Aussie :3)
What about...mask on-Pyro! mask off-Sniper xD
an1mei3's avatar
Haha oh man. This looks like fun in the worst way. I'll see if I can't participate this round! \o/
Squibley's avatar
When it comes to the characters,would it matter if it had only the Brotherhood or only the X-men?Or must it include all characters/at least a mixture of certain characters from both??(I'm making this more difficult than it may have to be jfc)
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So long as it's a character from X-men: Evolution, it doesn't matter who you include. You can have all X-men, a mix of X-men and Morlocks, Acolytes and humans-- We're the Evo Obsessed Club, so if it's Evo, we wanna see it :D
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