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I'm not going to tell you how long it's been since our last contest... it's too embarrassing. The important part is- we've got our new contest, now! You all voted on what you wanted the next contest to be, and here it is! Whoo!

Mutant Musical eXtravaganza
... The full title wouldn't fit in the title bar >_>

But YES. It's time for the Mutant Musical eXtravaganza! For this contest, you are to draw characters from Evo gettin' their musicals on. There are a few stipulations- it DOES have to be a musical, or a movie version of a musical. This means: Romeo and Juliet or Charlie's Aunt or other stage productions that aren't musicals? Don't count. It has to be a musical.
Movie versions of musicals do count, so feel fee to use things like Hairspray, Little Shop of Horrors, Rent, or what have you (though know that, personally, if you use the movie version of Sweeney Todd, I will point and laugh at you, sooooo hard).
Things like the TV show Glee, or the movie "Across the Universe or Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog don't count. In order to count for this contest, it has to have been an official, sanctioned stage musical at some point. Yes, Glee uses songs that were once IN a musical occasionally, but it, itself, has never been performed officially as a show. Sorry.
And so long as we're talking about things that won't be accepted... I'm sorry, but I'm not going to take any entries based on Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Cats. I'm just not going to. It's not because I don't love Cats- I do. But- yeah. No. It's arbitrary, I know, but nothing from Cats, sorry.

THAT SAID- go Musical Mad! You want to do Magneto as the Man of La Mancha? I will love you for the rest of your life. Jean and the New Recruits as Maria and the children from The Sound of Music? Awesome. Xavier as Anthony Hendon in Lucky Stiff? HILARIOUS. Hank as Dr. Jekyll in Jekyll & Hyde? RIGHT ON. There are seriously HUNDREDS of these. It's not hard at allllll.

You can do this as if our Evo darlings ARE the characters from the show, or as if they're performing the rolls in a local production- either works!

Annnndd..... ACTION!

Contest Dates
July 15 - August 19th

1. Must Contain Evo characters! This is, after all, the Evo obsessed club!
2. Absolutely NO Original Characters (OCs).
3. The musical must have been on stage officially at some point in time.
5. The musical must actually be a musical, not just a show with music in it.
6. No Cats based entries will be accepted. :stinkeye:
7. Send a note to :iconevo-obsessed-club: with your entries.
8. All entries must be submitted before the end contest date.
9. For this contest, questions may be directed to this post, or to :iconblazerocket:.

derp, for those of you who are wondering, the promo image is from the musical "A Chorus Line"
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Lol, you did it in pairing form too :D (Big Grin) 
(No offense to popular opinion... but... I think you made Logan a little too short in this. If you remember he's about a full head taller than Kitty in Evo.)
BlazeRocket's avatar
Incorrect. In Evo, the top of Kitty's head lines up with the bottom of Logan's nose, putting him at about half a head taller than Kitty. That said-- yes, he is overly short in this. I don't even have the excuse of saying I was trying to line him up with Ororo, since the top of his head should come up to the middle of her nose.

There is a loooot wrong with this picture -_-
flash600's avatar
What. The. Hell
lemonedicecream's avatar
Nami14's avatar
I have no comment....
thedoortodarknezz's avatar
hey...i know i said i would do mamma mia for the contest but i cant get it right so i was wondering if i could do the nightmare before christmas......... please it is a musical
BlazeRocket's avatar
Nope, sorry, Nightmare is only a movie, never been a sanctioned stage play.

There are tons of shows to chose from, I'm sure you can find something. But don't worry too much about getting it "right"... just have fun with it!
arger's avatar
hum,... Moulin Rouge will be a good idea to use?
since this is only a moovie... but is a musical moovie inspired in Giuseppe Verdi and his song: La traviata
BlazeRocket's avatar
Moulin Rouge is unfortunately not available. But Cabaret is!
arger's avatar
oh... D:
I haven't seen Cabaret before hehe xD
and I will travel tomorrow... daww... I think I can't submit something for this contest ;A;
maybe the next one
BlazeRocket's avatar
Awww! There are so many shows! Thoroughly Modern Milly, Wicked, Tommy, Tick Tick Boom, The Producers, The Full Monty, The Boy From Oz, Sweeney Todd, Songs for a New World, Seussical, Ragtime, Pippin, Once on This Island, Nine, Spamalot, The Music Man, Miss Saigon, Man of LaMancha, Lucky Stiff, Little Shop of Horrors, Les Miserables, Joseph and the Amazing Technocolour Dreamcoat, Jesus Christ Superstar, Jekyll & Hyde, Into the Woods, Hairspray, Footloose, Fiddler on the Roof, Evita, Chess, Big, Avenue Q, Assassins, 1776, Annie Get your Gun, Aida... to name only a fraction of the few!

Take your pick! I have ideas for ALL of them XD
arger's avatar
hahaha oh wow! :D
I only heard hairspray and Sweeney Todd... hehe xD I don't know so much about musicals...
ok... I'll try my best to make something today ;D

because tomorrow is impossible ;A; and the sunday too... and monday sweet retur to school bleeeh! hehehe xD It needs to be today
BlazeRocket's avatar
arger's avatar
yay! ;D now my entry is done! hehe xD
GambitsObsession's avatar
Has my picture gone through yet? I sent it yesterday
BlueEyedFaye's avatar
Is it okay if it was a film first and then on stage? I was thinking of doing something from Calamity Jane.
BlazeRocket's avatar
Absolutely! Both Little Shop of Horrors and Hairspray started out as movies, before becoming stage-shows. Calamity Jane was made into a fully sanctioned stage production, so it is absolutely fair game :D
BlueEyedFaye's avatar
GambitsObsession's avatar
I'm allowed to do Sims 2 Digital Art, right? Because that's all I can do... and I have an awesome idea!
BlazeRocket's avatar
You know, we've never had anyone do any 3D art... Sure, why not. Let's see what you've got ^_~
Lodayphos's avatar
Okay I have a two questions:
1.) Does need to be colored?
2.) Can we use couples?
Thank you for your help I'm a little confused as this is my first contest.
BlazeRocket's avatar
It does not need to be coloured at all! Line art is perfectly acceptable ^_^ You can work in pencil, marker, MS Paint, Photoshop- however you're most comfortable.

You are free to use any couple you like. We here at the EOC do not discriminate on pairings be they hetro, homo, canon, or fanon. Of course, every single one of us has our own personal favourite pairings, so all we ask is that you are respectful of other people's pairings, and not start any wank over who people have chosen to show as a couple.

The only thing, really, we DON'T accept are OCs, or Canon Characters from the comics. ^_^
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