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You know, I've taken stock and... 90% of the time, when I draw Ray, I draw him in profile. I have no idea why. I guess I just really like his profile ^_^; Anywhozzle!

If you don't remember, a while back I did a poll on what sort of contests you, my darling members, would like to see here at the club. One of the front runners of this poll was the contest idea of signing up, and then having me tell you which character to draw. I've taken this idea, and put a bit of a seasonal spin on it, to give us all the...

Gift eXchange
Yes, that's right! It's the holidays, which, among other things, mean it's time for presents. And who doesn't love presents?

For this contest, things are going to run a little bit different than normal. This contest will have two phases. FOR THE FIRST PHASE, On this deviation, you should comment with your top three (or so) favourite Evo characters. Next, you'll need to list a few actions or situations you'd like to see one of your favourite characters performing.

For example, I could comment thusly:
"I love Pietro, Wanda and Kurt the most! And I adore pictures of these characters sleeping, fencing, or dancing (club, formal, whatever. Bring the music!)."

As you can see. I listed some characters, and some pictures subjects I enjoy.

Phase one will last two weeks. I worry that maybe I'm not giving enough time for phase two, but I'm confident in your abilities to blow me out of the (frozen) water.

Phase two will commence when I gather up the names of everyone who enters, mix them around, and then randomly distribute one name to each participant. Upon receiving a name, you then will draw a picture that you think that person would like. Hopefully using at least one of the characters they mentioned in their comments, but really, it's just an excuse for community, evo drawing, and gift giving. I'm a big fan of all those things.

Of course, there will still be voting at the end of all this, but really, we'll ALL be winners at the end of THIS contest (so long as no one losers out and doesn't hold up their end of the gift eXchange -_O).

1)Comment to enter. Tell us what kind of Evo stuff you like.
2)Receive a name.
3)Draw that person a picture of something Evo-y that THEY would like.

Oh, I almost forgot-- do try to keep your requests PG13 and under. I can't accept anything too sexy into the contest, and not everyone might be into drawing such things. ^_^;;

Contest Dates
December 1 - January 5

1. Must Contain Evo characters! This is, after all, the Evo obsessed club!
2. Absolutely NO Original Characters (OCs).
3. Send a note to :iconevo-obsessed-club: with your entries. If you don't send a note, you cannot be sure I'll see your entry in time!
4. All entries must be submitted before the end contest date.
5. For this contest, questions may be directed to this post, or to :iconblazerocket:.
6. Don't loser out. If you enter your name into the exchange, please try Try TRY to get your entry in. I don't want anyone going gift-less T^ T
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Entries are now closed! Unfortunately, anyone who comments after this post will not be eligible to enter the contest. Thank you for your interest, though!