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Ask Evo 006

By BlazeRocket
:iconsketchythescribbler: asked Paul Who -are- you exactly? We see you, like, four times. You never talk more than a word or two. Just... How do I even know who you are?!
:iconthepast: asked Ororo Admit it, how much did you enjoy kicking Wolvie's ass in his 'break into the mansion' trial?

Very short Ask Evo this time, only five panels. Ahh well. Sometimes they come naturally, sometimes they come naturally short. I'll try to do more panels next time :B

More questions answered next time!


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Emar4art's avatar
Not going to lie but when she asked Storm that question I was dying 😭😭
TheArtistdesigner's avatar
Hahaha... Poor Evan, sounds like he was just scarred... Too bad he doesn't have Logan's healing factor...:lol: 
godoftoddxkurtlover's avatar
i have a question for hank, did kurt scream  when he saw you for the first time or just straight up hug and you and say, I'M NOT ALONE ANYMORE  XD lol 
RoseAnDarkholm's avatar
may i ask a question please?
BlazeRocket's avatar
Of course! The best place to ask, though, is in the comment sections on the links in the description of this deviation :3
RoseAnDarkholm's avatar
this is a kinda question for everyone and like i didnt see a link for that ^^;
BlazeRocket's avatar
Lots of people have addressed their question to "Everyone", so that's totally fine. ^_^
RoseAnDarkholm's avatar
ok i just put my question on the x men link :)
muffinelf's avatar
poor paul XD

Missed the hell out of Auntie Storm though . Sooooo Elegant :heart:
BlazeRocket's avatar
Everybody loves Storm. She's a classy lady ^___________^
muffinelf's avatar
an1mei3's avatar
Oh god from the thumbnail I thought the one in the mohawk was Storm (no complaints here nope!)

That said, A+ answers as usual!

lmao poor Evan. he so didn't need to hear that...
BlazeRocket's avatar
Evan wants to erase the last 3 minutes from his memory. Where's Mastermind when you need him?!
RelwarcTheMighty's avatar
BlazeRocket's avatar
Paul cannot catch a break!
Chamira's avatar
Lol, who IS paul!? I don't remember him D: You drew Storm so well
BlazeRocket's avatar
Paul--> [link]

~ThePast is correct, Paul is Scott's bestie from Bayville High.
ThePast's avatar
Paul is Scott's friend from school, don't really see him too much after the X-Men are outed as mutants. Look him up, he has some mad milk pouring skills ;)
ThePast's avatar
If only I was that awesome in real life. :shakefist:
BlazeRocket's avatar
You... you AREN'T? WAS IT ALL AN ACT? I have been LIED to! Aboohoohoohoooooo :cry:
Water-Earth-Fire-Air's avatar
Bahahaha! Classic, having Paul cut off like that. :XD: :thumbsup:
BlazeRocket's avatar
Well, he never got to talk much in the show, so it seemed appropriate :B
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