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Ask Evo 005

:iconayaia-moon: asked Remy Why the horrible haircut? I get that for's kinda weird looking.
:iconthefearlesshobo: asked Remy WHAT WERE YOU THINKING WHEN YOU GOT THAT HAIR CUT!?!?!?
:iconnami14: asked Remy Y U NO HOOK UP WITH ROGUE?!
:iconsparrowsflame: asked Remy Why Rogue?? as well as Will you come home with me and be mine?
:iconlinx8489: asked Remy do you like rogue
:icongambitsobsession: asked Remy If you no hook up with Rogue, you hook up with me instead?

Soooo yeah. This turned into the ALL REMY ALL THE TIME Q'n'A this time, clearly. So many of the questions for him were the exact same question, just worded differently, I thought I'd try and get a bunch of them out of the way. I realize, now, that I've answered more than one of some people's questions, and none of others-- I keep a word document of just the questions, and who they're directed too, and don't look at who's asking until I do this write up at the end. In the future, though, I'll endeavor to answer more different people's questions ^_^

A special thanks to ~ThePast for helping me find Remy's voice for this comic. <3

More questions answered next time!


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PrincessKaori87's avatar
The bowl. OMG I cracked up! XD
Linx8489's avatar
omg after like the first 2-3 panles i burts out laughing and i still am
SparrowsFlame's avatar
Well, now, he would come home with me. ;)

LOL Love this! :giggle:
muffinelf's avatar
FinaTeh92's avatar
I love it! Though, yeah, I agree, what is up with that haircut? :XD:
Ayaia-Moon's avatar
I didn't even remember asking! And then I saw this girl, and I was like, "That sort of looks like me!" :iconderpplz:
BlazeRocket's avatar
Muwhahahah. Mission accomplished :evillaugh:
Ayaia-Moon's avatar
:lmao: I love these, though. :D I can't wait for some of the others. I do specifically remember asking about Paul...
an1mei3's avatar
I'm sitting right here you ass. - I started grinning like an idiot.

And damn right Rogue has a say in this!

I love that you don't have them flirting outrageously in this. I have a soft spot for Rogue/Remy because of the old 90's cartoon, but I can't see them happening in Evo, I'm afraid! Pretty much because of all those reasons Remy listed exactly, haha.

PS, Remy's last answer to those last two questions is perfect jsyk. Kudos to you and your friend for getting his voice down pat! :)
TerribleToadQueen's avatar
These are fantastic! What a great idea!
young-rain's avatar
lol its kind of funny since rogue and gambit is kind of canon, or at least in the comics.
TropicalFreckles's avatar
I don't know why, but, I love how you drew Rogue in the panel where she is answering about her relationship with Gambit.

Also LOL on the bowl haircut! XD Classic.
BlazeRocket's avatar
When I was drawing it, I referred to that panel as "Sassy Rogue Panel." :B
TropicalFreckles's avatar
She definitely was sassy! XD
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