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Ask Evo 004

By BlazeRocket
:iconkokikoik: asked Lance if he is the leader of the Brotherhood boys?
:icondivinedesserts: asked Lance why he really left the X-men.

Just two questions this time-- I REALLY felt like drawing the Brotherhood, so I snagged two Brotherhood Questions, and smashed them together :D

In other news: after having gone to college, graduating, becoming a teacher, then deciding I don't like teaching and going back to college to get another degree-- I am FINALLY done with school! I'm graduated, and FREE TO DRAW AS MUCH X-MEN FAN ART AS I WANT.


More questions answered next time!


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an1mei3's avatar
Christ, I love how you draw Pietro like he's a smug motherf*cker. I don't even like him all that much. (I love him as a character but if I ever met him on the street I would punch him in the face, sigh.)

Mystique, too. I like the way you draw her hands in these, specifically. Hot!

PS, I hear you, Lance. You're better off being a lackey of SHIELD's. Still a lackey, but they'll treat you right!
JarOfLooseScrews's avatar
Todd is treading dangerous, I see. Btw, late congrats on graduating.
muffinelf's avatar
Crap , I wish I had this for referance material , before I started drawing the page with Pie and Lance in the kitchen XC

Ah well ... The poses are fantastic though ^^ you always make bodylanguage so natural <3

Hope you're surviving ! :wave: text me !
Hiddenfaithy's avatar
XD Can't stop laughing

And on another note, congrats on school!
DivineDesserts's avatar
I hate to be blamed too, still you got to stand up for it.
CatalogCats's avatar
Yay fan art!
I mean, congrats on being done with school. =D
TropicalFreckles's avatar
Acolytes next? I like the sound of that! :D

Haha... Toad has a point, Mystique! Loving these Q&A's! ^^
Linx8489's avatar
Can u do 1 about the acolytes next please?!???!??!?!!?
BlazeRocket's avatar
Sure! I'll go through the Acolyte questions and make sure at least one of them is in the next comic ^_^
Linx8489's avatar
Yyyeeeaaa Im pretty sure I left some ? 4 them there somewhere awhile ago
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