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Ask Evo 003

By BlazeRocket
:iconaurorafox: asked Kurt if he'd quote Stitch in his alien language. "Meega nala kweesta!"
:iconnami14: asked Kurt if he would teach her German?
:iconfelinefairy100: asked Freddy why a mohawk?

I'm pretty busy, but I definitely want to keep doing this series. I'm going to be INSANELY busy for the next month and a half, but after that, I should be able to do a BUNCH more work on this, AND Evo Everlasting. I'm looking forward to it like woah :D

More questions answered next time!


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JarOfLooseScrews's avatar
Props for Freddy's humor. Much love.
Linx8489's avatar
lol awwwww poor wanda she dont get it
besides laughing, I think I'm having the most fun looking at your sketchwork!
purpletiger's avatar
For some reason, my favorite part is Pietro's "Hah!" in the last panel.
Ayaia-Moon's avatar
So Kurt taught us the Vater Unser. Glorious. :XD:
muffinelf's avatar
ooohh.....badddd bad puns :no::no:

Freddy looks positively adorable here , though :heart:
vitextwin's avatar
poor kurt dont worry we still love you
Commaki's avatar
was the puppet Stich?
MetaLatias5's avatar
oh god, he teached them the "Vater unser" XD Christian alert
ah well... we all know how much of a christian he is, at least he's not that much of a christian as in the movies
an1mei3's avatar
Oh, Fred. ♥

Your Kurt is fantastic, as usual. Nice touch with The Lord's Prayer in German there.
CatalogCats's avatar
Haha, nice pun.
rklover13's avatar
I like the german lord's prayer. This is very funny
TropicalFreckles's avatar
Haha! XDD Kurt, Kitty, and Rogue's reactions to Mystique's answer is just flippin' priceless.

...if only I could understand German. >__> Or... um... I think it's also called Deustch.
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