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Ask Evo 002

By BlazeRocket
:iconbellarayne: asked if Logan ever shaves using his claws.
:icontwofacetoo: asked Y MYSTIQUE NO HAVE NIPPLES.

I was a little silly when answering these two, I hope ~twofacetoo and *BellaRayne don't mind too much. ^__^;;;

Oh, and because I got a few notes correcting my "mistake" on the last comic-- Every X-men universe is known by a number. In my random and occasional chats with various creators, writers and employees of the show, I asked if Evo had such a number, and though nothing was ever made official, it was occasionally referred to by the number 3110. The "Marvel Database" wiki likes to use "11052." I have no idea where they got this number. Quite frankly, I think they made it up. >__> But hey, maybe they talked to different people than I did!

More questions answered next time!


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PrincessKaori87's avatar
I nearly spit out what I was drinking while reading this one. Logan cutting his face off made me laugh louder than I probably should have.
Maria-the-Fox's avatar
Oh I really like that last one.
JarOfLooseScrews's avatar
Logan slicing his face off has made my week.
I love these two responsessssssssssss :dies:

I'm so glad you're drawing again
N-I-V-E-K's avatar
This is ectremely well put together, and very funny! Nicely drawn!:)
BellaRayne's avatar
Lmao. Oh, Logan. I guess it's a lesson well learned.

Absolutely hilarious.
thunder-dragon's avatar
an1mei3's avatar
Ohhh my god Logan's face (I imagine he was all, "Ehh it'll grow back in half an hour," when it happened. dfjhajshf.

And ffff Mystique - the way she's sitting all IDGAF and one-handed!cracking her knuckles(?) and shapeshifting dem fingers into claws!

This is my new favorite thing in the world.
chaoswolf1982's avatar
When, and where, she wants. She could put two of them on her forehead like little devil-horns if she wanted.

...Oh god, now I'm picturing that happening as she's answering the question, and it's funny as hell.
CassiePens's avatar
MrsVolv's avatar
Wolverine... xDDDDDDDDDDD
"And that was a bad day"
Hiddenfaithy's avatar
:3 Mystique's reaction is far to funny! And what's happened with Logan. XD
vitextwin's avatar
dose anyone consider how kurt feels when people ask his mum those questions. (i think he would be like "I m not hearing this ,i m not hearing this")
BlazeRocket's avatar
Ohhhh, yes, it's been considered. I plan on having some moments like that in the future :3
vitextwin's avatar
i would think that would be a priceless reaction :lol: (i love all your work :hug:)
ThePast's avatar
Oh Mystique :heart: You should well use to being called that XD

I love how you have her leaning back all casual 'I don't want to f***ing be here' like. And Mag's little input ;)
arkanan13's avatar
CatalogCats's avatar
Ahahaha, Logan's face in panel four. XD
"Oh, I seem to have cut my jaw open. I'm gonna need an extra mug of coffee..."
SableGhoste's avatar
Hey, Todd? Have you ever gotten your tongue suck to a lamp post in winter?
TropicalFreckles's avatar
I think I snorted on both of these quesitons. XDDD

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