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:iconbellarayne: asked if Logan ever shaves using his claws.
:icontwofacetoo: asked Y MYSTIQUE NO HAVE NIPPLES.

I was a little silly when answering these two, I hope ~twofacetoo and *BellaRayne don't mind too much. ^__^;;;

Oh, and because I got a few notes correcting my "mistake" on the last comic-- Every X-men universe is known by a number. In my random and occasional chats with various creators, writers and employees of the show, I asked if Evo had such a number, and though nothing was ever made official, it was occasionally referred to by the number 3110. The "Marvel Database" wiki likes to use "11052." I have no idea where they got this number. Quite frankly, I think they made it up. >__> But hey, maybe they talked to different people than I did!

More questions answered next time!


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Comments (24)
PrincessKaori87's avatar
I nearly spit out what I was drinking while reading this one. Logan cutting his face off made me laugh louder than I probably should have.
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Maria-the-Fox's avatar
Oh I really like that last one.
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JarOfLooseScrews's avatar
JarOfLooseScrews|Professional Digital Artist
Logan slicing his face off has made my week.
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requiem527's avatar
I love these two responsessssssssssss :dies:

I'm so glad you're drawing again
Reply  ·  
N-I-V-E-K's avatar
This is ectremely well put together, and very funny! Nicely drawn!:)
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BellaRayne's avatar
BellaRayne|Student General Artist
Lmao. Oh, Logan. I guess it's a lesson well learned.

Absolutely hilarious.
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thunder-dragon's avatar
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an1mei3's avatar
Ohhh my god Logan's face (I imagine he was all, "Ehh it'll grow back in half an hour," when it happened. dfjhajshf.

And ffff Mystique - the way she's sitting all IDGAF and one-handed!cracking her knuckles(?) and shapeshifting dem fingers into claws!

This is my new favorite thing in the world.
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chaoswolf1982's avatar
chaoswolf1982|Hobbyist General Artist
When, and where, she wants. She could put two of them on her forehead like little devil-horns if she wanted.

...Oh god, now I'm picturing that happening as she's answering the question, and it's funny as hell.
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CassiePens's avatar
CassiePens|Student Digital Artist
pure genius. :clap:
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MrsVolv's avatar
MrsVolv|Professional General Artist
Wolverine... xDDDDDDDDDDD
"And that was a bad day"
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TheCheshireKat's avatar
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Hiddenfaithy's avatar
Hiddenfaithy|Hobbyist Digital Artist
:3 Mystique's reaction is far to funny! And what's happened with Logan. XD
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vitextwin's avatar
dose anyone consider how kurt feels when people ask his mum those questions. (i think he would be like "I m not hearing this ,i m not hearing this")
Reply  ·  
BlazeRocket's avatar
BlazeRocket|Professional Filmographer
Ohhhh, yes, it's been considered. I plan on having some moments like that in the future :3
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vitextwin's avatar
i would think that would be a priceless reaction :lol: (i love all your work :hug:)
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ThePast's avatar
Oh Mystique :heart: You should well use to being called that XD

I love how you have her leaning back all casual 'I don't want to f***ing be here' like. And Mag's little input ;)
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SparrowsFlame's avatar
SparrowsFlame|Hobbyist General Artist
:rofl: Love them!
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arkanan13's avatar
haha love
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CatalogCats's avatar
Ahahaha, Logan's face in panel four. XD
"Oh, I seem to have cut my jaw open. I'm gonna need an extra mug of coffee..."
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SableGhoste's avatar
SableGhoste|Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, Todd? Have you ever gotten your tongue suck to a lamp post in winter?
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TropicalFreckles's avatar
TropicalFreckles|Hobbyist General Artist
I think I snorted on both of these quesitons. XDDD

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anonymous's avatar
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