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Ask Evo 001

Welcome to the Ask Evo!
In a side pocket between two different universes, the characters of X-men: Evolution have been drawn into a panel where they will get to / have to answer questions from an audience. How very, very strange!


I will be posting a series of comics answering fan-questions to their favourite characters. The answers will mostly be pulled from previous conversations I've had with the show's various creators, or from the show's bible, though I freely admit a few are going to have to be off the top of my head, or from the heads of well-versed fans.

I will be trying to keep everyone In Character, though they might have to go a bit Out Of Character in order to get them to answer a few of the questions you've posed! Additionally: Don't expect the seating arrangements to remain the same from one comic to the next. I'll have people sitting next to whoever is most convenient for the comic, and it will definitely be changing around... a lot. ^_^;;


For this first comic, I addressed two questions:
:iconsakeke: asked Kurt if he needs to use shampoo and conditioner on his fur.
:iconsparrowsflame: asked if he lets his fur air dry or does he use a hair dryer.

More questions will be answered in the next comic (hopefully more than just two, I spent too much time setting the scene on this one). Starting with a question to Logan! Be sure to check out the next comic :3


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Meanwhile, if you still have a question, feel free to participate in our polls, located here:
I have a question for the X-men
I have a question for the Brotherhood
I have a question for the New Recruits
I have a question for the Acolytes
I have a question for a Morlock or HYDRA mutant
I have a question for an independent mutant
I have a question for one of the Humans
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I don't think I ever told you that I love you and your brain. And this, this I love, too.
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GAH! This is so freakin' fun to read!
an1mei3's avatar
Haha, this is cute! I lovelovelove Kurt's expression here ugh I just want to pick him up and squish him. Adorable~! <3

Also, this reminds me of the Ask [character] blogs that pop up around tumblr these days!
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Super groovy! Maybe I'll ask a question!
miraxterrik's avatar
Oh, what an idea!!! Can't wait for the others.
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Oh god, this makes me want to laugh for some reason. XD

Haha, animal shampoo...
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I'm in it! 8D Squee!

oh man I been so excited to see what you were going to do with those ask polls.
Can't wait to see the others!
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That's the emoticon you used! I'm... highly literal, apparently ^_^
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Haha, woah, I totally forgot I did! xD
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Let's admit it, we would ALL be in that line, wouldn't we? :D
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