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DotL: Brent vs Drathspeak

Lyra's like: "What the heck, Brent? Where this come from?"

I've finally done DotL fanart! SQUEEEEEEE!

For MegSyv

This is the page I reference, but you really have to have read the whole thing to get it anyway. Which is totally worth it! De page:…

My little sister was watching me draw this, and she had theories about Thistle:
"I think she wears the coat because she's really pretty. And she doesn't want the boys to force her. And then it would be hard for her to pick one.
... I also think she wears gloves because she has really pretty hands. And she covers her feet with her boots because she has very pretty feet. Like, very clean."
-I couldn't get the eyelashes right until she showed me how! XD

Commissions of any kind open at all times! (And requests if I like them)
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I was there too. :) 
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There as
 I am having trouble figuring out what you mean by "there" 😬
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I meant I was thinking the same thing too when I saw that panel. :) 

I was there in that same way of thinking, for that same thing. :)
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Cute idea, love it.
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This is unbelievably adorable. D'awww.
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I'm pretty sure Brent had the same theory about Thistle as your sister.

This is adorbs.
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Hehe yas! :3

Clean feet are always a great plus 😆
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Never underestimate the power of Orc Rage (tm)
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All the yes!!!

Best Fanart comic!
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No way really? 😅
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Yes, really!!!
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Thanks so much!
I'm dying over being noticed by Senpai
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