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Technotheft part 6

Mon May 1, 2017, 3:29 PM

When we last left our group, Kiirga had almost finished removing the mind control device from Shamon. He resisted to the best of his ability, but was no match for the deer and her dragon. Kawai kept a close watch on the situation from the nearby destroyed radar tower. After exploring both floors of the lab, only the smaller administration building remains an unknown in the experimental compound. An inactivated humanoid android still sits upstairs.

 The afternoon has faded into a cool spring night. Clouds and rain finally blew east, but there is still the occasional rumble and flashes of blue light from the northwest. And still no sign of the rift containment device. It is evening, Friday, March 27.

Kiirga takes a deep breath, and removes her hoof from the back of Shamon's head, puffing out a short breath from her nose. "Okay... how's that?" Shamon breathes deeply, not responding. He's awake, just his head is slumped down and his body is limp. Kiirga stays quiet for a moment, watching Shamon as he re-acclimates to not having the thing working.

Shamon takes a few more breaths and then goes silent "... Should of let me blow my brains out back there.."

Kiirga smirks slightly. "Maybe. But I'm glad I didn't."

 "I'm not... Jesus, give me a shot of something already, the pains unbearable"

 "Ah. Yeah, I'll be right back." She lightly hops back up the mech and disappears inside for a few moments, before returning with a medkit held in her mouth. She places it down on the ground and rummages inside for something to help with the pain.

 Shamon moves his neck around "and let me go already, can barely breath you're gripping me so tight"

Several short concussive sounds roll in from the northwest.

 Kiirga smiles sheepishly as she pulls out a little auto-syringe from the pack. "Yeah, had to make sure you wouldn't try to blow yourself up again." Her ears flick at the sounds... that'll have to be dealt with soon, but first, this. She jabs it into him with one hoof, then her other one gestures to the dragon, commanding it to set Shamon down.

 Shamon bounces onto his feet as he is set down, and he rubs the spot she injected him to stop any bruising "was half expecting you to miss" he grins at her

"Pff. Not when something so important is on the line!" She grins right back at you, glad to hear you being less... insane.

 Kawai flips on the radio, " Kiirga, the tower is secured. I'm going to investigate the nexus."

 Shamon checks over himself quickly, then he turns to Kiirga with a smile "alright then, guess I'm stuck with you for now"

 Kiirga flicks an ear up towards the mech as she hears a little beeping from inside it, signalling an incoming message. She looks at Shamon, then nods at him. "Yeah, guess so! Lemme just..." She takes the medkit and climbs back up into the mech to listen to the message. She nods, and replies to Kawai, "Alright, I'll be right there with you, I just have one more thing I want to check out in here." She didn't succeed in keeping the building completely intact as she dislodged her juggernaut but it was close enough. She gingerly made sure the technician was safe when she left, putting aside a few chunks outside. Turning around she walks toward the testing ground.

 "Who is it?" Shamon asks.

Kiirga peeks her head back out of the mech. "Kawai. She's heading towards the rift. But, before you join her... you know anything about that android in there?" She nods off towards the entrance to the lab.

 Shamon scratches his head & winces "android?" He shakes his head, albeit softly

 "Hmm. Well, I'd still like you to come with me, I might need someone with CS clearance to get into it."

 "Have you got a spare gun then? Or did you get anything of mine before we left my stuff in the mud?"

   "Uhh... Not, really. But I could probably cobble something together out of the laser turret I disabled?"

Shamon rolls his eyes "sure, I guess" he reaches down to his boot and pulls the bottom of his pants up, revealing a sheath, where he pulls out a survival knife "but at least one of us came prepared~"

Kiirga chuckles softly. "That'll work, I guess?" She looks up at the catwalk, and then climbs into one of the mech's claws. "Hop on!" She gestures for Shamon to do the same. The far-off explosions continue.

Shamon follows suit, clambering up to the mechs claw.

 Kiirga raises her hoof, and as she does so, the claws of the mech raise the two up until they are at the catwalk. She hops off and onto the catwalk, then goes over to check out the disabled turret for anything she could use to make a gun out of. It's already got a laser weapon in it, so... should just need to make a way to fire it manually.

The unit was built to operate without external power, so it contains a battery for the sensor and a standard e-clip for the laser.

 Shamon moves over with her, and looks at the turret "Hey, think I need to be compensating for something?" He smirks. He looks to see if it's got a cover. "If it's got a decent cover, maybe I could have a gun shield too" Excellent. Everything she needs! She unsheathes the sword from her back and uses it to pry loose the components she needs. The turret's old casing is laying on the ground nearby where she discarded it to get at its internals. "Sure, knock yourself out." She puts her hooves on the materials and begins working them into something a bit more useful. After some tinkering the weapon looks functional, if a bit unwieldy. It shouldn't kill its operator.

 Shamon frowns and flips his knife around, and then carves a face into the shield

Nov 13 19:22:43 <MikeM> The face might scare someone

Nov 13 19:23:08 <Kiirga>      Yeah, not going for something beautiful, we've only got so much time here. A few exposed parts, but at least the places that you have to hold it are wrapped up in pieces of plating. "Here you go. This should do for a temporary weapon." She holds it up to Shamon.

Nov 13 19:24:09 * Shamon holds the carved face up to Kiirga "what do you think? How about putting it on the front of your mech, brighten it up a bit?"

Nov 13 19:25:36 * Kiirga looks at the little face and chuckles. "Cute, but I don't think it would really fit very well."

Nov 13 19:27:24 * Shamon frowns and tosses it aside, then takes the gun she is offering him. He takes in where she says to hold it, and where the trigger is "okay, okay, looks good!"

Nov 13 19:28:33 <Kiirga>      "Awesome! Let's go, then." She starts off down the hall back towards the room where she had seen the android.

Nov 13 19:29:18 * Shamon follows along, checking his gun as they go

Nov 13 19:30:24 * Kiirga pushes open the door to the android's room.

Nov 13 19:33:05 <MikeM> It is dim, the android still sits partially completed and hooked to laptops. The torso and arms are connected, but its legs lay on a nearby table.

Nov 13 19:34:21 <Shamon>      "Interesting.. You want to keep this thing?"

Nov 13 19:34:52 <Kiirga>      "There, see? What did I tell ya?" She walks up to the laptops connected to them. "Yeah, I was thinking about it. Long as I can get it to be, like... friendly. Dunno what kind of programming it has."

Nov 13 19:38:06 <Zero>  ** Looks to be locked down.

Nov 13 19:39:25 <Shamon>      "Well, hurry up and program it then"

Nov 13 19:40:06 * Kiirga hmms softly, and she places her hoof on the laptop... again with the machines made for fingers. Dang CS tech... Her hoof glows as she taps the computer with her gem powers instead, working to get into it and see what exactly this thing is.

Nov 13 19:41:42 <MikeM> The laptop is password secured.

Nov 13 19:42:09 <Kiirga>      Password secured... "Hey, you happen to know the password to this thing?"

Nov 13 19:42:44 <Shamon>      "Let me take a look" he moves over and takes a look

Nov 13 19:44:18 <MikeM> The cursor blinks

Nov 13 19:45:57 * Kiirga looks around for any password clues while Shamon does his thing

Nov 13 19:47:04 * Shamon "all right, okay, let's try.." And he types in a password he knows "Pa$$word1"

Nov 13 19:48:54 <MikeM> The cursor blinks

Nov 13 19:49:13 <MikeM> "Access denied."

Nov 13 19:51:39 <Shamon>      "Hmm.. Maybe not. Maybe.. Uhh"

Nov 13 19:53:31 <Kiirga>      "Hmm. I'm not finding anything either," She says as she rummages through drawers and things for any scrap of paper that has the password on it.

Nov 13 19:54:47 * Shamon looks at the keys for which is worn more. Perhaps that may help

Nov 13 19:55:25 <MikeM> The keys are quite worn on the home row. "F" doesn't even have a little nub anymore.

Nov 13 19:58:33 <Shamon>      "Fad, fake, fed? Hmm.. Need something to go on badly"

Nov 13 19:59:42 <Kiirga>      "Yeah... Hm." She checks one more drawer, then goes back to take a look. "Alright, I should be able to find this if I go in."

Nov 13 20:01:06 <Shamon>      "Alright, take your best shot"

Nov 13 20:03:16 * Kiirga nods, and she places her hoof on the laptop. It glows in a magenta light as she projects herself into the machine, a literal machine ghost to explore the machine and find its password.

Nov 13 20:03:59 <MikeM> After probing the various directories, you find the correct folder for the password it is "password1234"

Nov 13 20:06:51 * Kiirga wanders the machine for a short time, before finding her goal. Password. Alright, that's... a really simple one. Wow. Well, while she's in here, what sort of information can she gather about the connected android?

Nov 13 20:07:47 <MikeM> The files indicate that the android is completely programmed. All that remains is attaching its legs.

Nov 13 20:08:11 <Kiirga>      Hmm... programmed with what?

Nov 13 20:09:25 <MikeM> Specific programs include forensics, photography, research, and other such things.

Nov 13 20:09:47 <MikeM> Or not. Some may not be loaded into the android.

Nov 13 20:10:07 <Kiirga>      Interesting... She follows her way back out into the real world once more, now that she has what she came here for.

Nov 13 20:11:47 * Shamon waits patiently for her to finish

Nov 13 20:12:34 * Kiirga blinks her eyes open, and a small smirk comes to her muzzle. "Got it."

Nov 13 20:13:48 <Shamon>      "Great. Just gotta get it out now, right?"

Nov 13 20:14:05 <Kiirga>      "Mmm." She types in the password.

Nov 13 20:15:24 <MikeM> The desktop appears. The screen is cluttered with folders, but the center is clear. Right in the middle of the screen is a folder labeled, "Android."

Nov 13 20:16:09 <Kiirga>      Geez, guys. Organization, sersiously. She moves to that folder and opens it.

Nov 13 20:17:09 <MikeM> Several other folders appear, along with an executable file labeled, "Activate."

Nov 13 20:18:06 * Shamon watches silently

Nov 13 20:18:15 <Kiirga>      Well, that's convenient. What kind of folders have we got?

Nov 13 20:19:24 <MikeM> Other folders are labeled "Locomotion" "Power Supply" "Intelligence" and "Accessories"

Nov 13 20:20:37 <Kiirga>      Locomotion... not really installed right now. She opens up intelligence, curious.

Nov 13 20:23:33 <MikeM> This includes the various programs you saw before. "Computer Operation" "Intelligence" "Prowl" "Weapons" and so on.

Nov 13 20:25:02 <Kiirga>      "Cool." She would totally dive in further... but time constraints. She moves back out and runs the activate program.

Nov 13 20:25:35 <Shamon>      "Sure that's safe? Smart, even?"

Nov 13 20:25:51 <MikeM> A loading screen shows, little wheel spinning and spinning. After a minute, the android begins minor twitches.

Nov 13 20:26:12 <Kiirga>      "Nope. Worst case, it tries to kill us. Best case? New ally."

Nov 13 20:27:44 <Shamon>      "No, worst case scenario is it walks out of here and we don't" he turns his attention to the android

Nov 13 20:28:35 * Zero 's eyes open and focus on Kiirga.

Nov 13 20:28:51 * Kiirga smiles softly at the android.

Nov 13 20:29:44 * Shamon raises his brow

Nov 13 20:32:27 <Zero>  "Hello." he hmms.

Nov 13 20:32:37 <Kiirga>      "Hello."

Nov 13 20:33:57 <Zero>  "Why was I activated?"

Nov 13 20:34:53 * Kiirga thinks for a moment. "To assist us." She replies, after a brief pause.

Nov 13 20:36:28 * Zero blinks. "Assist in what?"

Nov 13 20:37:34 <Kiirga>      "For now? We are looking for information on the rift containment here."

Nov 13 20:38:43 * Shamon just watches the two, keeping quiet

Nov 13 20:41:28 <Zero>  "Hm... According to records and sensors, such a device would be at the test site."

Nov 13 20:42:04 <Kiirga>      "If we install your legs, can you lead us to this?"

Nov 13 20:44:58 <Zero>  "... Perhaps." he looks at the two of you. "Are you two new consultants for CS?"

Nov 13 20:45:29 * Kiirga looks at Shamon

Nov 13 20:46:09 * Shamon shrugs "I.. Guess so"

Nov 13 20:48:44 <Zero>  "Your hesitation suggests deceit. And considering a magic user like you would be unlikely to ally herself with CS... You're lying."

Nov 13 20:50:25 <Kiirga>      "You're right. I don't work for CS. But he does, he's a soldier. And I'm his friend."

Nov 13 20:51:37 * Zero nods. "Hired help, then. Good to know. Yes, I know where the test site is. I've never been there but I am able to navigate."

Nov 13 20:52:51 * Kiirga nods. "Alright, then. Let's just get you your legs and we'll be off. I've got a friend who'll meet us there."

Nov 13 20:53:58 * Shamon stands up, ready to help get his legs on

Nov 13 20:54:45 * Jokerboxer is now known as Kawai

Nov 13 20:55:24 <Zero>  "A... friend."

Nov 13 20:56:29 <Kiirga>      "Yes. A friend." She picks up one of the legs... (oh gosh, that's kind of heavy) then she carries it over to start installing it.

Nov 13 20:57:04 * Shamon takes the other one and helps install it

Nov 13 21:00:16 * Zero lets them install his legs, watching them very carefully.

Nov 13 21:01:17 <Kiirga>      After a minute of work, she gives the leg one more pat. "Alright, that should do. Give it a try."

Nov 13 21:02:00 <Shamon>      "All. Done over here too"

Nov 13 21:02:34 * Zero bends his legs... or tries to anyway.

Nov 13 21:07:17 <MikeM> Everything appears to work so far.

Nov 13 21:07:41 <Shamon>      "Looking good"

Nov 13 21:07:55 * Kiirga nods in agreement

Nov 13 21:09:00 * Zero shrugs. "I suppose I do. Hm..." he looks around. Any suitable clothing?

Nov 13 21:14:14 <MikeM> There is an extra white lab coat hanging on a hook near the door.

Nov 13 21:15:58 <Zero>  "Wonderful. Seems the technicians here have misplaced my clothing."

Nov 13 21:16:32 <Kiirga>      "What clothing are you looking for?"

Nov 13 21:18:00 <Shamon>      "We could help you find it"

Nov 13 21:18:35 * Zero blinks. "Typical clothing, of course. After all, how else am I supposed to blend in."

Nov 13 21:19:36 <Kiirga>      "Mmmh. Well, I don't think anything of mine would fit you."

Nov 13 21:22:27 <Zero>  "Highly unlikely.

Nov 13 21:22:35 <Shamon>      "Hold on.. Blend in?"

Nov 13 21:23:25 * Zero smirks. "That's what we were built for."

Nov 13 21:24:27 <Kiirga>      "We can find you something later. For now, I don't think it'll matter too much?"

Nov 13 21:27:23 <Zero>  "Most likely, that coat should help..."

Nov 13 21:28:23 * Kiirga nods. "It'll do for now."

Nov 13 21:29:28 <Zero>  "Considering the company I will be with, yes."

Nov 13 21:30:30 <Kiirga>      "Then shall we go?"

Nov 13 21:31:00 <Shamon>      "That sounds like a plan"

Nov 13 21:32:16 <Zero>  "Yes." he stands and retrieves the coat, pulling it on.

Nov 13 21:37:25 * Kiirga nods to the two of them, then starts off back to the garage.

Nov 13 21:39:18 * Shamon motions for Zero to follow Kiirga

Nov 13 21:42:07 * Zero follows her, smirking.

Nov 13 21:43:20 * Kiirga has a big grin on her face. Oh gosh, this is so cool. She doesn't let the others see it, though, and it's gone when she hops up onto the mech's claw and turns around to look at the others.

Nov 13 21:44:22 * Shamon climbs up onto the claw when he reaches it, slinging his makeshift weapon

Nov 13 21:44:40 * Zero smiles a little. "Nice big toy, ma'am. "

Nov 13 21:45:34 <Kiirga>      "Thank you!" She grins at the compliment. "Modified it myself."

Nov 13 21:50:55 * Zero utilizes his sensors to determine some of Kiirga's mech's capabilities. (Wideband Transciever, Radar Detector, Bug Detector)

Nov 13 21:52:39 <Kiirga>      It has a built in radio that you can detect, and some sort of magical system that runs through the whole thing. No bugs are detected (hopefully!), and it certainly shows up on your radar. This thing isn't exactly built for stealth.

Nov 13 21:54:51 <Zero>  "What frequencies are you using for coordination? I could tune in and communicate with your team."

Nov 13 21:57:32 <Kiirga>      "Here, come on up and I'll show you."

Nov 13 21:57:54 * Zero climbs up with her.

Nov 13 21:59:36 * Kiirga gestures her hoof down, and a dull magenta glow can be seen through her flight suit. The mech lowers the claws with its three occupants safely down to the floor of the garage, then Kiirga hops off and climbs up the mech.

Nov 13 22:02:42 <Zero>  "... Fascinating."

Nov 13 22:04:47 * Zero begins to climb a similar path, though it's a bit harder for his bipedal form.

Nov 13 22:05:43 * Shamon climbs up after them

Nov 13 22:05:46 * Kiirga waves her hoof at the hatch on the mech's back, and it hisses with a hydraulic lock before popping open. She then hops down inside, where several seats and screens are.

Nov 13 22:07:47 * Zero looks. "Should I enter?"

Nov 13 22:08:33 <Kiirga>      "You may."

Nov 13 22:09:54 * Zero enters, finding a suitable seat...

Nov 13 22:11:06 <Kiirga>      There are four seats in the mech, each for a different position. Pilot, where Kiirga is, main and secondary weapons, and communications/radar/co-pilot.

Nov 13 22:11:41 * Zero goes for the seat that appears best for a technically minded operator... which is likely Communications/Radar/Copilot

Nov 13 22:14:00 * Shamon just sits down in any seat

Nov 13 22:16:59 <Kiirga>      "Alright, let's get going then!" Her hooves glow, resting on the armrests of the pilot seat. The hatch hisses and closes, and the mech turns in place, heading off towards the rift.

Nov 13 22:18:31 * Zero starts to look through his menus to grab the communication frequencies.

Nov 13 22:26:25 <MikeM> As you leave the building, several streaks of light approach from the northwest. You can see missile and gunfire between the streaking objects.

Nov 13 22:26:48 <Zero>  "I... Hm. I don't know your names yet..." he checks the Mech's screens for radar information, using his own ping detector as well.

Nov 13 22:27:26 <Shamon>      "Name Shamon"

Nov 13 22:27:33 <Kiirga>      "And I'm Kiirga."

Nov 13 22:28:12 <Zero>  "Zero." he hmms.

Nov 13 22:32:07 * Kiirga looks ahead through the mech's screen. What's going on up there...?

Nov 13 22:34:46 <MikeM> The targets are closing on the lab with incredible speed. Around 6 miles per minute, if your sensors are correct.

Nov 13 22:38:48 <Zero>  "Kiirga, multiple high velocity targets inbound to our location."

Nov 13 22:39:11 <Kiirga>      "What are they? Missiles?"

Nov 13 22:40:48 <Shamon>      "What else could they be?"

Nov 13 22:42:44 <Zero>  "Multiple powered suits and a... very large... Dragon."

Nov 13 22:44:21 <Kiirga>      "A dragon." Her ears fold down a little.

Nov 13 22:46:13 <Zero>  "... Yes. I am tracking them with both your and my radar."

Nov 13 22:47:27 <Kiirga>      "What are they doing?"

Nov 13 22:48:03 <Zero>  "approaching very rapidly while engaged in combat... with each other, it seems."

Nov 13 22:48:19 <Zero>  "I'm also tracking smaller targets within them. Presumably missiles."

Nov 13 22:49:43 <Kiirga>      "Right... let's see if they'll just go on by."

Nov 13 22:50:29 <Zero>  "I would advise you prepare defenses."

Nov 13 22:51:05 * Kiirga nods. "Alright, Shamon, you keep an eye on weapons."

Nov 13 22:51:57 <Shamon>      "Roger, will do"

Nov 13 22:52:51 <Zero>  "What optical systems are you equipped with?"

Nov 13 22:53:21 <Kiirga>      "I can see from UV to IR."

Nov 13 22:53:37 <Zero>  "Hm... any magnification options?"

Nov 13 22:54:17 * Kiirga changes the main screen, zooming it in on the little blips that were visible on it.

Nov 13 22:56:46 * Zero tries to link the cameras to the dragon's radar signature.

Nov 13 22:58:40 * Kawai is latched onto a cube that a SAMAS is holding. They are in freefall for the earth.

Nov 13 23:03:29 <MikeM> The dragon is very close now.

Nov 13 23:03:49 <MikeM> Only a little over a mile away.

Nov 13 23:05:21 * Kawai they pull up, she veers left and right to try to shake the poor fool off.

Nov 13 23:05:26 <MikeM> This dragon looks surprisingly familiar.

Nov 13 23:06:04 <Zero>  "Friends of yours?"

Nov 13 23:06:38 <Kiirga>      "Uh, I sure hope so."

Nov 13 23:07:13 <MikeM> The box is wrested from control of the carrier.

Nov 13 23:08:16 <MikeM> Once again, the tailing suits are too slow and too far back to engage.

Nov 13 23:08:17 * Kawai once she has control she twirls in the air.

Nov 13 23:09:50 <MikeM> Suit LT fires her last two missiles.

Nov 13 23:11:58 <MikeM> The remaining gap to Novgorod goes quickly, but S1 and CPT are not far behind.

Nov 13 23:12:08 * Kawai aerial stomp!

Nov 13 23:12:46 <Zero>  "Standing by to lock on any target."

Nov 13 23:13:35 <Kiirga>      "Ooookay. That's not friends. They're shooting at my friend!" She moves in towards them a bit faster to get into range.

Nov 13 23:14:49 * Shamon prepares the weapon systems "bringing weapons online and getting them warm"

Nov 13 23:16:00 <Zero>  "Which is the friend?" he targets the suits handly.

 While Kawai is busy stomping at the SAMAS suit, a pair of suits arrives on the scene. One is larger than the other, but carries no missiles. It is S1. The other suit resembles Kawai's toy, and is called CPT.

Nov 13 23:19:10 * Kiirga marks Kawai's suit on the screen. "That one."

Nov 13 23:20:21 <Zero>  "Got it." he makes the IFF tag on his own radar as well.

 The whole fighting party is now in energy weapon/missile range of the lab. CPT and S1 are furthest away, having just arrived from the Northwest. Kawai holds the box and a SAMAS in her claws. "The Box" being the rift containment device.

Nov 13 23:28:05 * Shamon has the weapons online and prepped!

Nov 13 23:28:40 * Kiirga gets a little notification on her screen that they're in weapons range, and so does Shamon. "Alright, Shamon. Fire when ready."

Nov 13 23:28:51 <MikeM> (Just need Shamon and Kiirga's initiative and we can get this going if y'all are good with the setup.)

Nov 13 23:29:58 <Shamon>      "It suddenly occurs to me I've never used any if this before, Kiirga!"

Nov 13 23:30:30 * Zero ensures the radar tracks remain distinct and separate. He glances over at Shamon. "Kiirga, may I link in to your mech's systems directly?"

Nov 13 23:32:57 * Kiirga exhales softly. "What for?" She gestures her hoof towards the gunnery controls, and they hum to life.

Nov 13 23:34:13 <Zero>  "One, more efficient command of your radar system. Two, so I can try and aid Shamon."

Nov 13 23:34:38 <Kiirga>      "Go for it, then."

Nov 13 23:35:47 <MikeM> The CPT and S1 suits fly above the area at a speed of 250 mph.

Nov 13 23:36:05 <MikeM> Altitude varies with their maneuvers.

Nov 13 23:36:35 * Zero uses a data cable to link in, establishing a two-way link with her mech.

Nov 13 23:38:10 <Kiirga>      The system is a bit odd, certainly not run entirely off of machinery. The whole thing is rebuilt from the ground up to be able to work flawlessly with Kiirga's gem magic.

Nov 13 23:38:59 * Zero uses the somewhat more direct link to try and establish radar locks for Shamon. (Init start?)

Nov 13 23:39:23 <MikeM> Kiirga's up first.

Nov 13 23:41:28 * Kiirga moves the mech in towards the fight to get them in range. For now, nothing more.

Nov 13 23:43:49 <MikeM> The larger of the suits, S1, makes a laser run against Kawai.

Nov 13 23:44:51 <MikeM> The coherent light makes minimal impact, and S1 continues flying

Nov 13 23:45:38 <MikeM> LT, the former box carrier, fires a burst of rail gun fire at Kawai.

Nov 13 23:46:12 <MikeM> The short range helps matters.

Nov 13 23:48:35 <Shamon>      "All right, let's try some missiles, eh? Missiles are always good"

Nov 13 23:52:37 * Shamon fires some missiles after a few presses at the controls

Nov 14 00:15:17 <MikeM> As you prepare for battle, the blue light in the distance dims, and no further rumble sounds are heard. It is now fully dark.

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Art by: kaiyuan
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You're welcome.
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thanks for the llama
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You're welcome. Thanks for visiting my DA profile.
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thanks for the watch.
i typed those words
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You're welcome! I would love to see my character in your design.
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Thanks for the llama o3o
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You're welcome. Thanks for the llama badge, too.
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