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OMG they are all so lovely.
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Very original. The design is great, love the cyber-insectoid mix going on. Perfect mix of details and great overall render.
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Thx dude this was really loose maybe 2 hours but using photobashing as well :]
how are u making this in 2 h? o.o

Do you have time lapsed creation videos on youtube or so?
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sorry not for this - but here some of my vids bit old :[…
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:] Thx much appreciated 
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Fantastic work!
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I like the blend between organic (but not too organic) and machine, I feel you have a really good handle on what looks good in 3d art.
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Incredible work! absolutely love the design, the organic bone structures mixed with the modern technology is genius! :D
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This is amazing! And I especially love the organic look of the mandibles, and the way you've made the texture look threedimensional, that's actually insane. Great work.
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Whoa. That's flippin cool! Nice!
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Awesome job! Love the effects! Fabulous Pewdiepie Emoticon 
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