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By BlazenMonk
Demogorgon noodle from the other night, tribute to Stranger Things show, reminded me a lot of the movies I loved while growing up in the 80s
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With the mouth closed he looks like as if Slender Man went streaking.

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Kinda Looks Like Slender.
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Terrifying, but still a masterpiece
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Someone stole this and even added a watermark to it.
Demogorgon by RampageMeerkatx566
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thx for the heads up
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see, this would have been cooler
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This looks great :D
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The flower-faced angel :love:
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Such an amazing show.
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I binge-watched the series and loved it. Looks like something that'd belong in Silent Hill(then again its world bears a resemblance to it as well)
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I adored this show, and I love yer art.
Be safe man.
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O no a spoiler.
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I love this show too~ this looks so cool
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Awesome!! Very nice.
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Check out my fan group!
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Aint that a stranger thing
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looks like my Dad
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I actually just finished Stranger Things last night. Was really impressed with the amount of creativity that went into making everything feel so "80's".
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Slender man really let himself go
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